Wizard Add-A-Cabana Review


Notable features


The SUV Tent Add-A-Cabana might just as well be the best car tent for the money as it is remarkably affordable and won’t have you spending a fortune on it. It is true that might seem a little less versatile compared to other products on the line, but it still manages to do its job as it is supposed to do. After all, this is among the most versatile options out there considering that it can be used as a surfing accessories, a changing room or as an actual car tent.

1.2 Wizard Add-A-Cabana


Convenience is at the core of this product, as it is both durable and lightweight and can be taken on the road with little to no hassle. The model is packaged in a tote bag that comes with the product itself. There’s a variety of ways this tent can be attached to a car, as it can be either attached with snap buckles to the roof rack system or positioned to the sides of the vehicle by using some magnets. What’s more, the product is relatively easy to anchor either by utilizing stakes or weights. The bottom of this product comes with a set of loops so that the user can choose the way he or she prefers to set it up.

Some people who have reviewed the SUB Tent Add-A-Cabana say that it’s the perfect tailgating accessory as it is exceptionally easy to install and takes little to no experience on the part of the owner. Moreover, the loops on the bottom can be used to stake the product so that it doesn’t go running around when it’s windy outside. According to several reviewers, the side magnets are top-quality and manage to keep the tent in place along the car.


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Intended use


The neat thing about this unit is that it can be utilized for virtually any kind of SUV or van, regardless of the car model or the year it was produced in. For example, some have used it with a 2005 Ford Freestar Van, while others have gotten the most of it by attaching it to a 2002 Astro Van. This detail gives a lot of freedom to buyers in terms of compatibility, as even if they find that the model does not fit their car perfectly, all they have to do is use some additional magnets and resolve the issue.

While it might not be an excellent alternative for serious campers, the product is known for sticking to its claims. The fabric is light but does great when it comes to putting up with the occasional nasty elements. In addition, it fits in the storage bag perfectly and can be thus transported conveniently.

1.1 Wizard Add-A-Cabana


Known issues


It seems that the tent is a bit hard to fold when it’s wet, but that was to be expected considering it is so lightweight and requires hardly any maintenance.

The unit is not capable of keeping insects out, which might be a bit of a nuisance for people that plan to use it for sleeping.


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