Winterial SUV Heavy-Duty Review


Notable features


This air mattress from Winterial is constructed from a durable material that is resistant to rips and tears, and it is even able to prevent cold air from seeping through. This allows you to sleep comfortably outside in a tent or inside your SUV or minivan in almost any season.

Since this air mattress comes in three pieces it can easily fit inside most minivans and SUVs, and this unique design also allows you to use it as an outdoor recliner at sporting events or on camping trips. Each section is designed with individual air pockets for comfort, and to make it easier to fit the mattress exactly where you need it to go.

1.1 Winterial SUV Heavy-duty Backseat

Winterial understands that you don’t want to spend a lot of time trying to inflate or deflate an air mattress, which is why this model comes with a 12v pump. This allows you to plug the pump into your vehicle’s outlet so you can inflate it almost anywhere. It also comes with a convenient case so you can easily store the air mattress and pump when it is not being used.


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Intended use


Winterial designed this air mattress to be compatible with most SUVs and minivans. Since it comes in three pieces that can be conveniently folded, storage is a breeze and this also makes it easier to arrange the air mattress for a perfect fit. Use it for camping trips or for safety naps on long trips, the mattress can even be inflated and used as a comfortable chair.

It comes with a durable construction that can withstand the rugged conditions commonly associated with camping, and it is also resistant to cooler temperatures so you can stay warm at night even when it is chilly outside. Designed to be the perfect traveling air mattress, this might be exactly what you need in your minivan or SUV.

1.2 Winterial SUV Heavy-duty Backseat


Known issues


While it is hard to find anything negative about this air mattress some consumers have mentioned that it can be little difficult to inflate it the first couple of times. In most cases it is simply a matter of becoming familiar with the steps and it will become easier after practicing a few times.


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