Why buy a truck tent?


A truck tent is a tent, designed to fit the back of your truck. It looks like a classical tent, only it can be fitted for a truck.

Impossible to conceal, the first advantage of being the owner of a truck tent is that they can be installed in your truck, meaning that you won’t be forced to sleep on the cold ground anymore, being exposed to colder temperatures or to the attacks of insects.

2.Why get a truck tent

The installation method is not as different from that of classical tents. Once you’ve inserted the poles into the color matching sleeves, thus setting the tent up, you need to attach the black strap on the lowered tailgate of the truck, and attach security outer straps on the ground with hooks. To anchor the tent to the truck bed, go inside it and fix the red and green straps to the cargo cleats. The installation process is quite simple, so it should be over in about 20 minutes, no more. You can even access the cab of the truck by a special zip up window, if by any chance you have forgotten something essential inside it.

For those buying a truck tent for the first time, keep in mind that most tents are designed to fit in a pre-designed shape – that of the truck. So, when you install it, you need to adapt it to your vehicle.

In case of bad weather: rainy or windy, you will have an extra advantage if you set the truck tent and not like all the others on the ground. At least the lower part will be given more protection against the wind, and thus will be more stable, being defended by the walls of the truck.

You can turn your truck into an even bigger advantage, if you set the tent with the entry facing the back of the truck, to prevent rain and wind to penetrate it. You will enjoy a more comfortable temperature and thus, your tent will become your cozy shelter, untouched by the harsh weather.

In case of strong rain, you can add to the security of your tent by attaching the rain fly, easily fixed at the base of the poles.

To make your night in the tent all the more pleasant, you can easily add an air mattress inside the tent.

Even if the number of the companies producing these tents is reduced compared to those fabricating classic tents, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to shape and characteristics.

Your tent can act as a semi-mobile house. Of course, you cannot drive your truck with the installed tent on the street, as the danger exists that you tear it down the tent and trees. But you can transport it on smaller distances, while completely prepared – all the more fun for the children.

And, if your time doesn’t allow you to go to a proper camping place or your backyard doesn’t provide you with enough space to set up a ground tent, you can always profit from the space your truck offers. In a hot summer night, you can give yourself the opportunity of camping at home.


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