What truck tent accessories do you need?


Truck tents producers always try to improve their merchandise by equipping tents with small fixtures to offer you the camping experience of a lifetime. Rainflies, tent pockets, lantern hooks to keep lights handy and even glow-in-the-dark zip pulls, in case you forget where the entrance of the tent is are all great additions. But, to organize a perfect camping experience, taking with you a set of much needed in camping trips objects, is to be done without questioning.

You can always improve your camping-in the-truck experience by adding practical or ambiance enhancing accessories to it. One of the main truck tent accessories you should purchase is the inflatable mattress. Sleeping without on can be uncomfortable and, in cold nights you can end up catching a cold and ruin your holidays.

1.The best truck tent accessories you need to get

Check for available models in specialized stores. You will notice that most of them are shaped so that they fit the particular size of the truck. Measure the dimensions of your trailer, and then check those of the product and see if they match. If your camping trip takes more than 2 or3 days, auxiliary sleeping gear may come in handy, for the trips with your kids, but also for the ladies, who have a hard-time adapting to the tent’s sleeping conditions.

Mattresses will keep you warmer during the night, but to avoid gear overloading, you can rely on the quality and comfort provided by sleeping pads, easy to roll up and store. During a hot summer night, sleeping bags can overheat and prevent you from getting a good night sleep, so that you are energized the next morning, making them a less fitted option.

Firstly, search for soft pillows, you can find them in small sizes, to occupy the least space possible, or air pillows, to minimize the space they need to be deposited inside a bag. Don’t think that the pillows will only be useful to you when you sleep. If you want to read a book, while lying down on a blanket in the sun, a pillow will keep your head in a comfortable position. If the distance separating your place of departure and the camping spot is long, taking you a few hours to get there, your kids can rest on the same pillows. Nevertheless, being crowded with lots of camping gear can transform unpacking into a nightmare. But not if you have matching colours (with the equipment stored inside them) stuffing sacks, to bag everything inside them and to facilitate your access to the necessary items.


Of course, during the night it may still be difficult to spot the right stuffing sack, but not if you buy yourself a lightweight lantern, with excellent brightness and long-lasting batteries that you can find in all shapes and sizes, designed uniquely to light camping nights when the moon doesn’t shine brightly enough.

And talking about next morning, the coffee crisis is one of the most difficult tests you need to pass, to prove you are a top camper. Not anymore, since you can purchase camping coffee makers that will even prepare crème espresso. And who says coffee is not a tent accessory, if the morning’s too early to leave the nest?


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