West Coast camping locations


The West Coasts is filled with campgrounds that you can visit with your truck and your truck tent as well. However, it is hard to take your pick, precisely because of the variety.

The Pacific Beach state park is the spot to set your tent, if you are in love with the ocean. Situated on the beach, the camp, though not of big sizes (and that is why it is highly recommended you made a reservation), is great if you want to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, have fun with friends on the beach, play the guitar or admire the sun go down into the ocean. The best place to visit the camp is the summer season.

1.The best destinations to visit on the US West coast

A spot of nature and amazing views is the Tillamook state forest where, guess what, you can place your tent.  Though you can find several campgrounds, the most recommended to visit is the one near the Nehalem River. As the camp includes 14 drive-in sites, you can also set your truck tent there. The most well-known natural attraction on the site are the Nehalem falls – an exquisite corner of nature surrounded by old cedars, where you will want to stay forever, once you’ve got there. However, to be able to do so, reservations are mandatory, since places are limited. Besides visiting the falls, the camp offers a hiking trail and fishing amenities.

But, if you can’t get enough of visiting falls, the Lower Falls campground, in the Gifford Pinchot national forest, offers an equally fantastic view of some of the most important falls on the Lewis River. However, another determinant factor to visit the place is the Lewis river trail, a spectacular hiking route. The trail is quite dangerous, thus recommended only for those who have good hiking skills and. For those less inclined towards dangerous activities, you can follow other trails available in the area, ride a bike or practice horseback riding.

Laird Lake campground, Oregon is more suitable for those looking for peace of mind and loneliness. Situated near the Elk River, the camp is quite small though, and, with 4 camp sites it can accommodate only 8 people. The good news is you can drive inside the camp. It is perfect for a fishing trip with your best friends, or just for a weekend spent in the calm and wild scenery. It is mandatory that you are well informed and ready with all the necessary equipment before going to the camp, as there is nobody hosting at the lake.


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