Truck tents – Q&A


What is a truck tent?


If you wander around with no idea what you should choose to replace your old tent, maybe you should try a truck tent. They are similar to classical tents, meaning they are made from the same materials, they include typical tent features and have resembling installation process, but they come with the wonderful quality of being placed in the back of your truck.


How does a truck tent work?

Sometimes, truck tents are fixed with hooks to the ground, to enhance their stability, but mostly a number of hooks and clamps attach them to the bed of the truck, while they are also strapped to the tailgate of the vehicle. Some models are strapped in various places around the truck. The poles are either sliding in especially designed sleeves or are attached on the surface of the tent. There are plenty of options to choose from when talking about truck tents, but you must firstly calculate the dimensions of your truck and those of your tent to see if they are a match, and if there is plenty of space in the back of your vehicle to set the chosen product. Once you are done, your truck should look more or less like an old covered wagon.


How much do truck tents cost?

The price of a truck tent can vary. It depends on a lot of criteria: the size, the material, the brand, the features included, etc. That being said, you can buy a tent with 100 dollars or one with 1000 or more. But if you want a simple and resistant tent to set up easily and that offers you plenty of space and safety, you can invest 200 or 300 dollars, and with proper care it can last up to ten years guaranteed.


Are truck tents worth it?

There are a couple of advantages that make truck tents more appropriate for various camping locations. For example, if you camp in humid places or if it happens to rain, you will most definitely enjoy not sleeping on the ground. While truck tents do not offer the same comfort because they have smaller dimensions than ground tents do, they will definitely give you more cover from wind, being installed between the walls of your truck.

Maybe you have a lifetime of camping experience but your children do not, so if you want to keep them safe from insect bites and coming down with the flu, you can easily do that by acquiring a truck tent for them.

In case of strong winds, if you haven’t installed your tent solidly, you can end up running after your tent in pajamas or, at least with extra ventilation inside the tent. Not only due to their strapping system, but also because they are installed in your truck that can be moved to protect the tent from the wind, your truck tent is assured to stand up even in such circumstances.

If you don’t like the camping spot you have chosen, you can freely move the vehicle while the tent remains as it is, and you don’t have to uninstall it and set it up again. These features make truck tents quite useful in many situations and they will keep you safer than a classic tent will ever be able to.


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