The coolest ways to travel


Setting up camp in the wild top escape the urban life is a fantastic way to spend a hard-earned vacation. However, even if money’s no object but you just have no idea where to head out, knowing about the coolest ways to travel can make planning a bit easier.

Say you have a small car or even a motorcycle. Get yourself a compact gear trailer that makes those vehicles able to haul tools and sports gear. This type of gear offers the best overnighting capabilities when outfitted with a flip-top tent camper, which can feature underbody storage. If a tent is not needed, you simply have to remove the canvas sides and foam mattress in order to fashion a gear box out of the two-person clamshell structure. Premium models of the compact gear/camping trailer even have shower features plus solar power systems.


An aluminum trailer or international expedition vehicle can be in the 4×4 and 4×2 drive options. A modern exterior is created by the aluminum skin. The interior carries the warmth of mahogany wood material. This type of vehicle is designed without the RV’s liquid propane system and offers greater autonomy off-grid by employing an auxiliary diesel tank and roof-mounted solar panels. This type of vehicle features onboard equipment including a stove, refrigerator and lighting, or even air conditioning, and the amenities of comfortable living including a sink and shower plus a cassette toilet.

A penthouse trailer is a military-grade type featuring a small trailer form. A pop-up truck tent or roof top tent is located high above the cargo box. The shelter uses an elevated rack system to support it. If you need more space in the cargo box, the height can be adjusted easily to make way for an all-terrain vehicle. This setup also enables easy access to what is in the cargo box. This type of configuration is perfect for use in the warmer seasons. Just make sure to get a really heavy sleeping pad or mattress for the roof top or truck tent when the days are colder.

If you’d rather use leg power instead of motor, and you’d rather not buy a camping trailer, there’s a bicycle camper on the market that you could check out. Providing adequate sleeping space for two adults plus a child, this kind of gear features a basic yet functional interior. The interior comes with convertible bed/seats, a folding table and more than enough storage capacity for your camping and travel essentials on the go. You could augment the basic configuration with some more essentials such as a portable toilet and a propane stove to travel in style in a fully functioning mobile home that you simply latch onto your bike.


A car camper is an innovative fusion of a truck tent and a car in one product. Although some models feature inflatable tent technology, you can easily outfit your car with a truck tent.

No matter how you travel to escape your urban existence, it pays to know about the many excellent ways that even the top vehicle manufacturers are making it more convenient for people like you.


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