SportZ 84000 Review


Notable features


It is always a good idea to have enough room for the entire family or when you want to bring your friends along for a longer trip. Accommodations may not be readily available in the area you are traveling to and this can be a real issue. So, a great solution to this problem is the Sportz, a SUV tent capable of housing 5 to 6 people while offering plenty of headroom. No fewer than 7 feet of headroom are provided and the screen room is 7 by 6 feet. With such a roomy solution at your fingertips, there is no wonder why you can get enough space for everyone, and that without having to travel for miles until you can find lodging that will also be more expensive than camping inside such a tent.

1.1 Sportz SUV Blue Grey Tent with Screen Room

The ease of installation adds many points to a product that is already a winner in many people’s book. You will find that many owners talk about this model as the best SUV tent, because only one person is needed for the setup. So, in case you travel with a group of children, and there is no one else to help you with the installation, you can rest assured that you will find it really easy to figure it out. Through a sleeve attachment, you will be able to connect the tent to the SUV for great sleeping space, without having to do much. The steel and fiberglass poles are easy to move around, so you can setup your tent without any extra help. The extra durability makes this model a great choice for travelers who love long trips with an entire crew on tow.

When you need to store away the tent, you do not have to worry about it taking too much space, because it comes with its own carrying bag. This means that you will still have enough room in the trunk for your other supplies.

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Intended use


You will love the convenience of a car tent, once you see how easy it is to setup the tent over the cargo area of your car. This means that you will have complete access to your SUV, and you will be able to go in and out without having to go out of the tent. This is particularly a good solution when the weather is not that great, but not only then. You will have easy access to a charger for your mobile devices, and everyone will be able to have a good time in the ad-hoc sleeping area, while enjoying the added safety offered by such a tent compared to a standard model. In case something bad happens, like wild animals approaching, you can haul everyone inside to safety.

Convenience and extra safety make the Sportz a solution for any family with kids traveling to the woods.

1.2 Sportz SUV Blue Grey Tent with Screen Room


Known issues

Owners are very pleased with this product and praise its ease of installation. However, some say that an added shade would have made it even better. If you need extra shade, you can do what these owners did, and get an extra windshield shade that works just fine.


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