Sportz 82000 Review


Notable features


Many people love SUVs because of the great amount of space available, which can be used, when the need arises, as sleeping space. However, you do not have to cramp yourself, along with your spouse and kids in the back of the SUV. Now you have the option of greatly enhancing the sleeping area offered by your vehicle with the help of the Sportz, a model named the best SUV truck tent by many SUV owners who love long trips into the wild. The tent is very spacious and it ensures 9 by 9 feet of sleeping space, which is enough for 4 to 5 people who will also enjoy having 7 feet of headroom, ideal for taller individuals.

1.1 Sportz SUV Blue Tan Tent

Versatility is very important when getting such a tent. While many people use it as an SUV truck tent, there are some who still prefer having a regular on the ground tent. If you belong to a third category that prefers having both, you are in luck, as this specific model can be turned into a ground tent by simply removing the sleeve that connects it to the vehicle. It is really that simple to enjoy all the benefits of having a versatile tent that works both ways, no headaches required.

While you may think of this model as of a big tent, which is true, only one person is needed for setting it up. This may come as a surprise, but the truth is the Sportz comes with a steel and fiberglass pole structure that is easy to figure out, so there is no need for two or more adults to fumble with the frame in order to get it on the ground. Ease of installation is the third notable benefit of this tent that has to be mentioned.


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Intended use


While this is a model created for SUVs, you should know that it works just fine with CUVs and minivans. Now you do not have to purchase an expensive RV so you can enjoy the benefits of having a roof above your head. This tent is versatile and it is quick to setup, so you will never want to part with it when you are going on a trip. The great part about it is that the vehicle sleeve it comes with is easy to adjust to fit different vehicles, so you do not have to call in advance and see if this is an option for your particular SUV or minivan.

The bathtub style floor will keep moisture away and the rain protection system it comes with will make sure that you will not have to care about bad weather. A car tent for the entire family, this one is a great choice.

1.3 Sportz SUV Blue Tan Tent


Known issues

The only notable complaint that must be mentioned here is that a few owners say that this model sets up on the driver’s part of the vehicle, which can be a bit inconvenient when you need to move around and get items needed for the setup that are located inside the vehicle.


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