Smittybilt 2788 Tent Annex Review


Notable features


One of the first features of this product that catches everybody’s eye is the fact that it provides its users with plenty of space and options. This product has a complex structure that includes not only the tent but also an additional annex that creates a space for the much sought out privacy one needs while out in the wild.

The annex is also equipped with a ladder that makes reaching the tent area easier. The spacious appended area can be used as a place for cooking or changing as it is protected from the outside medium, a very practical feature in case of bad weather.

A closer look at the materials used in making this product reflects the reliability and durability of this particular model. This is an entirely waterproofed product due to the fact that it is polyurethane impregnated, a feature that also ensures great protection against the UV rays.

To make the experience of living in it even more comfortable, the zippered windows are rigged with mosquito nets that keep away any unwanted visitors. Moreover, highly dependable, the hinges, the ladder and the tent frame poles are made from aluminum, yielding the fact that this product is a practical, long term investment.

Last but not least, this model is a Smittybilt, a much-appreciated car equipment brand by the camping enthusiasts. Therefore, it is recommended by the high standards of quality it holds. The one year warranty for this product reflects that, by following a 50-year line of tradition, this manufacturer stands by its products and aims to provide the best for its buyers.

Because it is a product that has been designed to withstand the roughest possible treatment and the changing meteorological changes, the warranty features limited lifetime coverage for all the steel-based components.


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Intended use


Designed to fit the needs of any camping enthusiast that is in search for both quality and comfort, this product is by far one of the most intuitive and accommodating on the market. By complementing the tent, the annex extends the degree of comfort by adding features that make camping trips even more convenient as it offers more than just protection in any type of weather.

However, it should be mentioned that this product stands out especially due to the high-quality materials that make it extremely durable in harsh conditions.

Perfect for your Jeep, you can use the model during any family or friends outing without having to worry about its reliability. As it is relatively easy to put together, although it might seem voluminous, the structure of the model is thought out to be as practical as it gets.

Known issues


A common issue with all camping materials that need putting together, there have been voices that complained about the difficulty of assembling the model. However, as expected, there have also been users that expressed their satisfaction in relation to the practicality of the clear instructions provided by the manufacturers.


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