Rooftop tents – a cheaper way to travel


If you like connecting with people while staying in different places in your home on wheels, roof top tents make the best way to travel. Imagine being able to observe wild animals at close range as they gather around their water holes, while you stay virtually unseen or unobserved with the roof top tent’s mosquito netting and not have to sit outside to spook those lovely creatures in their natural setting. Yes, a rooftop tent is a great way to see the world without ever leaving home.

Before setting off on an endless outdoor adventure, one of your most important purchases is definitely a roof top tent.



What is a roof top tent?


A roof top tent is a collapsible tent fastened to the roof of a vehicle by a steel framework. Barely a foot high, this compact unit provides sleeping quarters for campers and tourists. It unfolds into a comfortable shelter with enough room for a specific number of sleepers. Steadied by the front frame, the roof top tent also uses the frame as a ladder used for entering and leaving the tent. To ensure sufficient ventilation, the front side of the typically canvas shelter features an adjustable flap. According to users, this type of shelter can be set up and ready for use in just minutes.



How to ensure that you are really traveling cheap with a roof top tent


Many entry-level models are made from 100 percent polyester. This material is lightweight but is not breathable. During the warmer months of the year, these types of tents tend to heat up. On the other hand, it is not true that the heavier or thicker the canvas is, the more waterproof the tent becomes. The thickness of the canvas doesn’t have anything to do with the shelter’s waterproofing capabilities. Just check out how perfectly waterproof ultra-thin umbrella material is. All the heavy canvas material adds to the tent is price– and extra weight, especially when wet. Since the roof top tent raises the center of gravity of your vehicle, and consequently, its handling, you will want to keep the weight on top of your vehicle to a minimum.

When buying rooftop tents, make sure the material is breathable, strong AND lightweight so as not to defeat the purpose of cheaper travel. This will ensure longevity for the vehicle and the shelter. Go for roof top tents of poly cotton canvas, which has the durability and breathability of cotton and the lightness of polyester.

Make sure the mattress you get has high density. Compare specifications first before parting with your hard-earned money. A top quality mattress can withstand years of usage while providing comfortable nights of sleep away from home, easily beating having to check into expensive hotels and lodging houses, if you can even find one.


This also beats setting up a tent on the ground, where all sorts of creatures could be crawling underneath the tent floor. With a roof top tent, you are high up in your vehicle and away from elements that could cause all sorts of diseases that could mean hospitals and medicines and all sorts of expenses.

With a roof top tent, you have the comfort of home and the natural breeze. When camping for extended periods, you won’t need to clean the mess up inside the vehicle every day in order to make room for the bed.

The roof top tent also provides a unique vantage point for observing wildlife, much better than having to sit outside amidst all the flying insects and bugs.


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