Rightline Gear 110907 Review


Notable features


The Rightline Gear 110907 is possibly the best car tent for the money, as it offers a remarkable value for the price and it has gathered the appreciation of many American customers over time. If you were to ask yourself why this model is among the popular ones on the current market, the answer’s rather simple. For one, it works with virtually any type of SUV, wagon, or minivan, thus giving a lot of freedom to owners.

1.1 Rightline Gear 110907

As is the case with other models we’ve come across during our research, the Rightline Gear 110907 makes it impossible for people sleeping in the tent to ever suffer from excessive moisture. The fact of the matter is that this unit is completely water resistant, which means that you won’t have to worry about how well you’ll be sleeping during rainy nights.

Another detail that might be worth mentioning if you ever plan on using the Rightline Gear model is that it features large windows and doors, which means that you’ll have plenty of room to look at the stars. What’s more, the tent can comfortably accommodate as many as four people at a time, which means that it’s among the best alternatives to consider if you plan to go camping with your family.

In addition, the design of this unit is actually remarkable, considering that it has both gear pockets and glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls. Furthermore, the use of any type of extra tarp material is not really necessary with this model, as you’ll have the surprise of realizing that it comes with a PE Bathtub Floor. It goes without saying that the Rightline Gear 110907 makes quite a convenient option, since it can even be stored in the carry bag that’s provided in the package.


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Intended use


As mentioned earlier on, the main advantage of choosing this product is that it works with a large variety of automobiles, ranging from trucks and minivans to SUVs and crossovers. While the matter of compatibility might not be an issue with the Rightline Gear 110907, it’s worth mentioning that the people who are prospecting this unit need to know how to set it up once they’re its owners.

This tent can be used either separately or attached to a vehicle. Since it resembles all tents on some accounts, the Rightline Gear model can be installed by placing the poles on the pole pins. On the other hand, if you ever feel like attaching it to your car again, you can do so by backing up the automobile and placing the upper sleeve over the hatch door. This model can be attached both using a roof rack and without a roof rack.

1.3 Rightline Gear 110907


Known issues


Some of the people who have bought this product claim that it is a little difficult for them to step in or out of the tent unless the door is unzipped all the way through.

According to some other buyers, the tent might not be the best choice available for a 4×4 Ford F250 as it isn’t tall enough.


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