Rightline Gear 110730 Review


Notable features


The Rightline Gear 110730 is one of the most appreciated pick-up truck tent models which you can currently buy. It certainly deserves its popularity because it can be ordered in a variety of sizes and configurations that allow it to match your vehicle’s bed as well as possible, thus providing a cozy sleeping space for two adults and sufficient storage room for their camping gear.

1.1 Rightline Gear 110730

The tent’s floorless design makes it easy for you to set it up without having to go through the trouble of removing gear from your truck’s bed. For a more comfortable experience, we recommend that you also put a mattress in the bed of the truck to go with the tent. This will ensure that you’ll get a perfect night’s sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for another outdoor adventure.

In addition to the water resistant fabric, the The Rightline Gear 110730 also comes with a durable rainfly that can cover the entirety of the tent, making it waterproof and well protected against heavy rains. Other included features are the carrying bag that makes is dead easy to store the tent when not in use and heavy duty straps that are designed to clamp onto the body of your vehicle without damaging the paint. In addition, the tent comes with a sewn it setup guide that should allow you to put it up in around 15 minutes without having to exert too much effort.

The interior is nice and roomy, with plenty of air and light flowing through the built in sky-view went. This is especially impressive when you’re camping in nice weather and you can look at the stars as you fall asleep. Other interior features include two storage pockets where you can keep your essential equipment and a hook for hanging your lantern. To further improve versatility in low light conditions, you also get the added benefit of glow in the dark zippers which will allow you to open and close the entry flap without having to use a flashlight.


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Intended use


The Rightline Gear 110730 is the perfect way to avoid having to sleep on the ground as it is designed to fit most truck beds, but you should definitely check your vehicle’s loading area before ordering. Once you do get the tent, you will find that installation is quite easy, even for inexperienced users. All you need to do is follow the instructions printed on the sewn-in setup guide and insert each pole in the right slot. This is very easy to do because both the poles and the pole pockets are color coded so this shouldn’t take much of your time. once the supporting structure is in place, you just need to attach the straps and buckles to the anchor points of your vehicle and the tent should be good to go.

1.2 Rightline Gear 110730


Known issues


Owner feedback for this model has been mostly positive, and the product is highly popular in the camping community but you should know that it can present some minor inconveniences. First of all, some users have found that the tent can’t handle strong winds that well so you should keep that in mind when choosing your camp spot. Secondly, some tents seem to have poorly built zippers that can fail when put under stress. However, these are minor issues that shouldn’t really put you off.


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