Review on Napier Sportz III for compact short bed trucks


Notable features


The Sportz Truck III is possibly the best truck tent for Tacoma, particularly if you have been looking for a reasonably priced alternative. This model works with any type of compact truck of which the bead measures between 72” and 74”. While it might not be the roomiest alternative you might browse through, the fact of the matter is that the Sportz Truck Tent III is still worth considering if you’re prospecting the market for a new model.

1.1 Napier Sportz III - For compact short bed trucks


The unit can be utilized by two individuals at a time which might not seem too much considering the myriad of other products that now exist on the market and that can accommodate as many as four people at a time. However, this model is definitely worth taking into account if you plan on doing your camping with your partner or with a friend.

The features of the Sportz Truck III are rather hard to say no to since it has two side vents and two large windows that can let owners benefit from as much ventilation as they might require at some point.

This unit is made of polyester and nylon taffeta and the pole has been constructed with fiberglass. The poles are made of steel, which means that the Sportz Truck Tent III might just as well be a winner in terms of durability. In fact, the product is so long-lasting that it has been highly spoken of on this account in the majority of positive user reviews we have consulted during our research.

Another reason you might feel tempted to purchase this alternative is that it’s considerably easier to set up compared to others. Since both the pole and the sleeve system are color coded, they make installation a breeze. Actually, many owners claim they’ve had no trouble setting up the tent right out of the box.

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Intended use


This tent is destined for cars of which the bed measures between 6’ and 6.2’. What’s more, the manufacturer of the product took the time to publish a legal disclaimer according to which this model does not fit a Honda Ridgeline and prospective buyers should be aware of this detail before they consider it a notable option in this sense. The main reason for which so many people order it for their Honda Ridgeline is that one customer decided to write a review at some point, according to which the model does fit this car model. It does not.

Two of the models that best work with the Sportz Truck Tent III are the Toyota Hilux and Tacoma. While it might work with several models of which the bed measurements are the ones we’ve previously mentioned, users have to pay attention to the dimensions of their truck beds and order their truck tents in accordance with them.

1.2 Napier Sportz III - For compact short bed trucks


Known issues


Some of the people who have bought the Sportz Truck Tent III claim they’ve had issues with the poles, as they wish they had been made of aluminum instead of steel. It seems that, when the wind is really strong, the tent folds automatically, which might be a nuisance for some owners.


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