Prepare for camping with your SUV rooftop tent


Stumbling upon obstacles when preparing for a trip to any place is a commonly encountered, and not at all unexpected business. Someone is not happy with the location, a couple is late, at least a person decides or is obligated to abort in the last minute, something or someone (at the minimum) is left behind and you realize you need to turn back and pick it up. If a trip to the seaside or a popular tourist location nevertheless, can go awfully wrong, imagine what would happen if you forgot your tent when going on a camping trip with your SUV rooftop tent and realize it only when you’re in the middle of nowhere, with no nearby stores to go buy one.

The point being, no matter how much effort you need to put into planning a regular trip, you need to put twice as much in preparing your camping gear. To avoid unhappy experiences, take time to plan your trip carefully.

1.How to prepare for a camping trip with your new SUV rooftop tent

  1.       The first thing to prepare, at the start point of your planning is a camping list. We advise you to include in your camping all the things that you believe you might need after a brainstorming session with the people accompanying you. The list should not, however, contain only items (1 tent, 2 pillows, 1 barbecue, etc.) but also questions that you can address on the spot or keep them in mind to search for a solution later.
  2.       Give special attention to your car, the wheels have to be in good shape to support the weight of the tent, so a visit to the mechanic may be a good idea.
  3.       Purchase a medical kit or evaluate your old one to fill what is now missing or to add other medical instruments and drugs necessary. After doing so, calculate with mathematical precision the dosage and quantity you have of each medical product. You may come back with most of them or they can save you from an unfortunate event.
  4.       Share crucial information with all the participating crew. For example, if someone has carsick, let everybody know. If you have received news that a climbing route has closed due to bad weather conditions, pass the info along, until it reaches each and every single person. Disinformation and poor communication between the campers is one of the main causes for accidents.
  5.       Organize your luggage in such a manner that items of the utmost importance are disposable at any moment. Make sure you put markers or etiquettes letting you know the content of the bag, That way, if you are carrying several similar bags, you won’t poke about to find what you are looking for, for minutes. Even so, store small items at the top and let the voluminous ones at the bottom.
  6.       Go once more through your gear, while checking your list, to see if you have all your gear prepared and all your questions answered. Once this operation finished, start packing.
  7.       Find reliable information on the destination you have chosen for the camping trip. This should not be a difficult thing to do, as blogs, forums and travel pages are at your disposal. These are filled with useful and/or futile information. Do not forget to check if the camps accommodate cars and what is their capacity.
  8.       Do not let yourself be driven into negativity, if you uncover a couple of less positive things about your destination. If possible, cover possible insufficiencies by gathering a party arsenal to have at hand and entertain you and your friends.
  9.       In the food sector, make sure you have food that doesn’t take long to cook. There will be tiring days when you won’t have the necessary energy to prepare long meals.


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