Ohuhu Instant Shelter Review


Notable features


Are you the type of person that enjoys spending time outdoors and you feel like you need a reliable device to keep you protected from the strong summer UV rays and the unexpected weather changes?  If so, the Ohuhu Instant Shelter might turn out to be the solution you have been looking for.

As user feedback shows, this canopy stands out, first of all, due to its sturdiness over time. The product is fabricated from 420D waterproof oxford fabric, a feature that makes it both durable and practical. As a result, the product protects its users from both water and UV rays. Moreover, thanks to the heavy duty fabric, this canopy is not likely to wear prematurely.

Secondly, you should also keep in mind that this is a really easy to assemble the product as no tools are required during the process. As many satisfied buyers have stated, the model can be pieced together even by only one person, although it is recommended that the product is assembled by two.

To put things into perspective for you, the process of setting it up consists of three simple steps: first, you have to set the frame, then, attach the roof and lastly, you have to secure it with straps and adjust its height.

Last but not least, the product comes equipped with an additional carrying and storing bag. Considering the fact that the model might be difficult to carry (the stainless steel frame is rather heavy), the bag is equipped with wheels, making the process more facile for the users. As a plus, the manufacturer provides an instructions manual that might come in handy and make things even more explicit for those having difficulties assembling the model or questions about specific features of the canopy.


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Intended use


The Ohuhu Instant Shelter was created as a means of providing shelter and for users who enjoy spending time outside and need protection against the sun. Amid the options that recommend it as a great investment are the facts that it can be easy to install, use and store. Furthermore, the frame is made out of steel, a feature that prevents it from chipping, peeling or rusting.

Since it was designed with the user’s needs in mind, this model was singled out by the users as one of the best-constructed equipment of such sort. Even more, another important aspect that should be considered by potential buyers is the fact that the height of the model is adjustable. As a result, the product can provide up to 100 square feet of shade to its users, making it an asset for everyone interested in such an acquisition.


Known issues


As some users have pointed out, the weight of the model (56.05 pounds) could be considered a minor inconvenient, as it could pose difficulties when it comes to carrying it. However, there have also been users that appreciated that the product is not as heavy as they had imagined.

As a way of correcting this drawback, the manufacturer attached wheels to the carrying bag, wheels that are designed to make transportation as easy as possible.


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