Napier Sportz Truck Tent III Review


Notable features


This truck tent provides a restful sleeping area for two people. It ensures comfort so couples can enjoy sleeping in a familiar space at any location their journey takes them. It eliminates the need to check into an inn or hotel since you can just set the truck tent up on any location along the way to your destination and save on lodging costs. Adding convenience and flexibility to your outdoor adventures, this truck tent also comes with a large interior area offering more than 5.6 feet of headroom so you won’t have to duck uncomfortably all the time while inside. There’s enough room plus a convenient 4-foot by 4-foot awning extending off the tailgate for shade.

1.1 Sportz Truck Tent III

This is the only truck tent with a patented sewn-in floor so you won’t have to sleep on the cold surface of the truck bed especially on chillier seasons. The two large windows with middle divider and the two side vents ensure maximum air circulation, so you can make use of natural air conditioning during the hotter months while being able to breathe comfortably while sleeping. The rear access door provides problem-free access to the truck cab to give you more storage options. The interior pocket keeps your travel gear organized and well off the floor, ensuring easy access to and protection for your essentials.


The truck tent is equipped with Durawrap fiberglass and steel poles for durability and strength, ensuring rigid support to keep you protected against the elements. The color-coded pole and sleeve system ensures effortless and quick setup, so you have a shelter up and ready after a tiring road trip. The full rainfly provides wet weather protection. The tent itself is made of polyester and nylon taffeta, which are lighter and cheaper than other materials while being more resistant to rips and mildew for less maintenance aside from offering quick drying out. The truck tent comes with its own expandable carrying bag for easy storage when not in use.

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Intended use


Designed for a truck bed size between 72 inches and 80 inches, or from 6 feet to 6.5 feet, this truck tent is available in seven different models to fit nearly every truck on the market. This specific model is a Dodge Ram model and built for installation on a Full Size Regular Bed Truck. It sets up easily in the back of an open-bed pick up, maximizing the space of your truck bed and ensuring that you won’t have to sleep on the cold ground during your outdoor adventures. This tent turns your pickup into a fantastic home away from home, offering a reliable and safe shelter when you find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere on your way home or to a destination. This model provides easy access to your cargo area so you won’t have to leave its shelter to get your things. You can even save space thanks to how it enables you to set up camp right in the cargo box of your pickup.

1.2 Sportz Truck Tent III


Known issues


When setting up the truck tent, you should handle the straps that hold the tent to the truck with care. This ensures that they no not tear off easily so you can enjoy problem-free assembly and setup every time. One user recommends that painters tape be used on the spot where the straps would rub to make sure there’s no abrasion against the truck’s body when attaching the tent.


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