Napier Sportz 57066 Review


Notable features


There can be many situations when you need to find sleeping arrangements fast, and the idea of cramping up inside your truck does not appeal to you. The best solution to this problem is this truck bed tent that allows you to easily set up a place for resting with ease and zero headaches. What users seem to love most about this model is that it is really easy to setup and use for various purposes. For instance, you can make a pop-up shop for selling goodies, organize a tailgate party, or camp overnight when you are out in the woods. Its great versatility makes it the best truck bed tent for many of those who have already tried it.

1.2 Napier Outdoor Sportz Truck Tent - Compact Bed

What you also need to know is that this tent is made of high quality materials so you can count on it for your outdoor adventures. The canvas is made of polyester taffeta that is highly durable, so you will be able to make a nice investment, if you decide to purchase this particular model. The tent unfolds to work as a dome, protecting you from the weather outside, and offering you some comfortable sleeping arrangements for you and another person. The model works with 5 foot truck beds and it is really easy to setup.

Easy to assemble, this truck bed tent is a solution for all the times when you need to be able to setup a sleeping area fast. Enjoying great positive reviews from users, this model from Napier is a recommended choice for anyone who is looking for a really easy to use solution, since these tents are much easier to setup compared to full fledge ground models. The ease of use and the convenience it brings are the main contributing factors to the great popularity this model enjoys among truck owners.

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Intended use


The first and most obvious benefit of owning a SUV bed tent is that you will never have to sleep on the ground ever again. Especially if you do not want any nasty critters to creep inside when you are sleeping, you will find these arrangements to be a much better choice. There are certain disadvantages to a ground tent that this model does not have. A ground tent will not keep you away from moisture, and you will also notice that any traveling companion you want to bring alone, especially women, will prefer the alternative of sleeping off the ground, instead of fighting off critters for the entire night.

Another great benefit is that no one will bother you while you are sleeping in your truck tent, as you will get full advantage of the alarm system installed on your vehicle. Rumor has it that larger animals lurking in the woods are no big fans of truck tents, either.

1.3 Napier Outdoor Sportz Truck Tent - Compact Bed


Known issues

Although many owners find the tent to be really easy to figure out, there are a few mentions of the fact that the number of poles to be used can be a little difficult to understand. Those who have found themselves in this situation searched for more information on how to install the tent on their vehicles and discovered easy ways to do it.


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