Napier Outdoors Sportz Camo Truck Tent Review


Notable features


Enabling you to set up camp anywhere your vehicle takes you, the Napier Outdoors Sportz is a nifty piece of gear that should always be part of your pickup truck equipment collection. You should never leave home without it, as it enables you to make your vehicle an instant camper when you are caught in the middle of nowhere with no apparent means of spending the night under a solid roof. You can spend the night under the stars while being sheltered from the elements in this truck bed tent. You can sleep high and dry elevated from the cold, lumpy ground where all sorts of creatures crawl, and pebbles and all sorts of things could hamper you from sleeping comfortably. This truck tent sets up easily.




As the only truck tent with a patented sewn-in floor, this model also ensures that you won’t have to feel the cold floor of the truck beneath you while sleeping. You can even put in a thin mattress for enhanced sleeping comfort. The large interior area gives you more than 5.5 feet of headroom so you can sit up straight and not have to curve your back in an awkward bent position. The sides of the tent extend over the bed of your truck so water doesn’t get the truck bed wet when it rains. This keeps the interior area dry. The included 4’ x 4’ awning needs no guide ropes of any kind while extending off the tailgate to provide shade.


This truck tent is outfitted with two side vents, a middle divider and two large windows, ensuring that you can breathe easily while sleeping inside. The windows, side vents and middle divider allow smooth flow of air throughout the interior, so you won’t have to struggle to breathe even when the weather is particularly warm. In addition, the rear access door enables you to have access to the cab of the truck so you can store camping gear there or retrieve items without having to leave the shelter of the tent. This tent boasts a polyester and nylon taffeta construction that ensures protection from the elements. The rainfly provides even more protection from the elements.


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Intended use


This model lets you turn your 4×4 vehicle into an instant outdoor camper. It allows you go on an outdoor adventure instantly even when you are just caught between places or in areas where there’s no immediate means of spending the night indoors. This model sleeps two, making it suitable for a getaway with your best pal, a family member or a spouse or partner.

There’s over 5.5 feet of headroom so you can sit up in a natural seated posture. It is also perfect for those who aren’t used to sleeping on the ground, as it enables you to sleep high off the uneven or wet surface of the ground below. It has dual side vents, two large windows plus a middle divider to ensure optimal ventilation for those who tend to sleep warm. The rear door enables easy in and out for every occupant.

This model fits comfortably into all truck beds measuring 5.7 to 5.8 feet, so your 4×4 truck becomes a convenient outdoor camper in a pinch. The Mossy Oak fabric pattern makes it suitable for those who love an authentic outdoor feel in their outdoor gear.



Known issues


A user noted that setting up the tent successfully will require two people working together to ensure that the configuration of the poles is correct. The instructions are not quite helpful in this respect, so to make sure that the tent is correctly erected, make sure to set it up with a partner, most especially when it’s windy.


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