Napier Outdoors Sportz Air Mattress Review


Notable features


Weight capacity

One of the most important advantages offered by this model consists of the fact that it has a weight capacity that enables buyers to use it for up to 450 pounds of body weight. What this means is that you can safely utilize it with somebody else or by yourself if you’re on the plump side. Regardless of what you end up deciding, the fact of the matter is that this is one of the most durable items in the line and won’t have you end up sleeping on the cold, hard floor of your SUV or truck because of a problem related to your mattress.

Ease of use

The fact of the matter is that sometimes when you buy a mattress intended for camping purposes, you have to look at how easy it is to inflate or install. Fortunately, this Napier Outdoors alternative will take the hassle out of any setup process as it comes with a built-in smart pump that does the job all on its own. In other words, all you have to do is place the mattress in the spot where you intend to spend your night in, and it will do all the work.


Flocked top

Slippery surfaces are a nuisance, particularly if you’re a heavy sleeper who tends to move a lot while you doze off and relax. Here’s where owning and using this model may come in handy as it has been outfitted with a flocked top that ensures you sit comfortably all throughout your nighttime routine. It stands to reason that this type of feature is what adds to the overall value offered by this alternative, and so you’re likely to enjoy the mattress even more.


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Intended use


One of the neatest things about this unit is that it is entirely compatible with most trucks and SUVs. Of course, there are several limitations to this item as you have to look at its dimensions and see whether 4 by 15 by 15.5 inches might not be too much for the amount of space you might have available in the back of your truck. Nonetheless, you’ll come to the conclusion that this size is the detail that makes this mattress compatible with the vast majority of SUVs and trucks that are now driven on the roads of the United States of America. Once you’ve inflated the mattress, you’ll see that it measures 75 inches by 47 inches by 5 inches.


Known issues


Some owners argue that, while the built-in pump does what it is supposed to do, it is not much of a selling point. Most campers already know how to handle the process of inflating a mattress. The air pressure decreases over time, as it does with other products in the same line. Most of the issues that have been reported by these reviewers aren’t deal-breakers especially as this model is one of the most affordable options out there and typically costs less than one hundred dollars.


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