Napier Backroadz Suv Tent Review


Notable features


An economical option

While there are many other affordable choices available for sale nowadays, the Napier Outdoors Backroadz 13044 is one of the budget-friendly models we have stumbled upon while wrapping up our research process. Most of the online retailers sell it for less than two hundred dollars, which is a fair price for a product in this line that’s as well-built as this one. What’s more, the high-quality construction of this option is what increases its overall value.

Easy to use

Another detail that’s worth mentioning about the Napier Outdoors Backroadz 13044 is that it is extremely easy to install and utilize. Furthermore, it comes with a sewn-in floor and a large interior that allows you to sit back and relax both comfortable and efficiently. In other words, you will not have to bend down a lot while entering the tent and it will even allow you to change clothes in a timely fashion. In addition to all of this, the unit features a storm flap in door that can give you the privacy you might require at some time or the other. Thanks to the four shock-corded fiberglass poles that you will find in the box, you will be able to set up this tent both promptly and efficiently.


Good protection from the elements

Unlike other units we have looked at, this particular truck tent has a full rain fly that will give you the shelter you might require when the weather is anything but friendly. What’s more, this product is made of polyester taffeta which enables it to withstand the test of time. As such, you won’t have to replace the product before you personally decide to choose a different model, what with it being entirely capable of lasting for a reasonable number of camping sessions.


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Intended use


This 6-in truck tent is primarily designed for users who own or use a Chevy Colorado produced between 2004 and 2016. The series contains a plethora of options that are destined for many types of vehicles, but you will find that the best fit is a Chevrolet Colorado manufactured during the previously noted years. If you have any trouble finding the right model for your specific type of vehicle, all you have to do is get in touch with the Napier representatives as they will surely assist you in discovering the perfect truck tent for your car.


Known issues


While there have been very few problems reported regarding the capabilities of this model, we did manage to track down several complaints coming from people who have purchased this option. For instance, most of the individuals who bought the Napier Backroadz tend to be bothered by the fact that it does not come with any access to the back window of a truck. This means that you will have to resort to finding a solution on your own but various DIY projects in this sense can be found online.


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