Napier Backroadz 13890 Review


Notable features


This model offered by Napier is one of the most appreciated truck tents currently available on the market as it can offer all of the protection of a regular tent with the added benefit of not having to sleep on the ground. The tent offers a roomy interior with around 5.5 feet of headroom so it should be comfortable enough even for very tall people.

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The NAPIER Backroadz offers full protection against bad weather thanks to the full rain fly that covers the entire tent and the included storm flap which ensures no rain can get through the main entrance. In spite of all this insulation, the tent is well ventilated thanks to the large windows and large door, all of which come with a mesh screen that can keep up bugs and other creepy crawlers.

What makes this model stand out from the others available on the market is the sewn in floor, a design feature that is specific to Napier. What this does is eliminate the need for you to clean up the bed of your truck before installing the tent. This is particularly useful if you’ve been traveling all day and dust or mud has gathered in the bed. You can just put up the tent and get some rest without having to worry about removing any debris.


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Intended use


This Napier tent has been designed to fit a variety of truck models (including Tacoma) and it needs to be installed in the bed of said trucks. The installation process is quite straightforward as you are provided with four shock corded poles made out of fiberglass which make up the supporting structure. Once that is installed, you just need to extend the canvas cover and secure it in place with the included straps. These attach to the underside and the tailgate of your vehicle to provide extra resistance against strong winds.

Most users have found that putting up the tent and taking it down generally takes around 10 minutes, and this is makes it perfect for people who are always on the move while exploring the great outdoors.

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Known issues


User feedback for this tent model is generally positive, but there are some issues which you should be aware of. Some owners have complained about the quality of the structure poles claiming that they’ve managed to snap one off. Others mentioned that the large windows, while being perfect for allowing light and air to enter the tent, also made it possible for the wind to blow in sand while they were camping on the beach.

Another thing which you should take into consideration is that while the tent can handle some fairly bad weather, it can’t be used in cold weather as it simply cannot provide enough insulation. This however isn’t really a huge setback as its design makes it perfect for summer camping trips when you can enjoy the breeze blowing through the tent.


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