Mopar OEM Camo Mossy Oak Review


Notable features


This truck tent is designed with a hunting-friendly Camo Mossy Oak pattern that enables you to do stealth observation of fidgety animals in the comfort of your pickup truck. The ingenious mossy oak design provides the perfect means of distant observation so you don’t scare animals away during a safari adventure. It offers a lovely complement to a rugged pickup truck designed for the ultimate outdoor adventure. It’s like owning a smart hunting blind that you can move anywhere you like and when you like. The simple camo pattern also complements the natural setting of any outdoor trip, making you feel one with nature.

1.1 2013-2014 Dodge Ram 1500

Providing a large interior with 5 ½ feet of headroom, this truck tent allows you to maintain a more-or-less erect posture while inside. With a full rainfly to protect you during the rainiest weather, this truck tent also comes with a sewn in floor so you can sleep in comfort away from the hard surface of the truck bed. The 4-foot by 4-foot awning secures nicely to the tailgate, creating extra space for shade. The patented removable sleeve transforms easily into a stand-alone ground tent in case you want to maximize every outdoor outing by sleeping on the ground or if you have guests tagging along. It can also double as a carrying case to provide easy storage.

This truck tent converts the vehicle cargo area into a nice sleeping space or storage area. It allows you to extend your stay in the wild or to set up camp hassle-free when you get stranded along the way. It’s perfect for a quick overnight on a rugged trail or a week-long trip in the wild. It offers you peace of mind when sleeping in the outdoors, so you won’t have to check in at motels or inns along the way just to get a restful night’s sleep. Able to hold up for years in the tough outdoors, this truck tent attaches directly to the bed of your pickup, creating enough sleeping space for you and a partner, or even guests who can use the patented removable sleeve as a stand alone ground tent.

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Intended use


Designed to be as rugged as your 1500, the Dodge Ram 1500 Camping Mopar OEM is built specifically for your 1500. Attaching directly to the bed of your pickup, it creates a convenient extra storage space when needed. Built for the Ram 5.7′ conventional and Rambox bed, this truck tent lets you enjoy the outdoors while camping, providing a safe and convenient sleeping area so you won’t have to sleep unprotected on the bug-infested and uncomfortable ground. It turns the bed of your pickup truck into a protected and comfortable sleeping space, away from the creepy crawlies down below. It provides a protective covering for outdoor sleeping fun or observation of the flora and fauna in your chosen location. Designed to keep you warm and dry when it’s raining outside, this truck tent is easy to set up, enabling you to spend more time exploring your surroundings. Since it sets up in the back of your truck, you won’t need to keep looking around for a larger campground.

1.2 2013-2014 Dodge Ram 1500


Known issues


This product has no known issues at this point. Suffice it to say that buyers are completely satisfied with the product and find nothing in particular to complain or comment about. This product is made of genuine MOPAR parts, which serves as your assurance of total quality and reliable craftsmanship.


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