Kodiak Canvas 7218 Review


Notable features


Now you can pitch your tent no matter where you are, as long as you have your pickup truck and the Kodiak Canvas that is made specifically for this type of vehicles. Forget about having to endure the moisture that comes off the ground when you are setting up your camp. This model has the form of a tunnel that is great for maximizing indoor space so you can have 5 feet of ceiling height. Especially if you are a tall person, you will appreciate having enough room to go around when you are setting up for the night or simply for the times when you want to take a break from your adventures.

1.1 Kodiak Canvas Long Truck Bed Full-size Tent

Comfort is what makes the Kodiak Canvas the best pickup truck tent in the eyes of many. The canvas is made of 100% cotton, which makes it highly breathable, while offering durability. The fabric is Hydra-Shield, which means it is watertight, for additional comfort and peace of mind. You will feel really welcome inside your tent and you will not have to pay extra for expensive accommodations. The tailgate down design allows you to expand the usable space, which means that you will increase the overall comfort, as well. There are five windows available with no-see-through mesh, so you can rest at ease without having unwanted eyes watching you when you are inside. At the same time, you get proper ventilation and breathable air.

How easy it is to set up a tent is a very important aspect for many pickup truck owners. This one comes with a sturdy steel tube frame and clamp-on rails for very easy installation. Basically, you will only have to clamp down the rails on the truck bed and you will achieve a secure fit for your tent.


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Intended use


Off the ground sleeping arrangements certainly have a lot of benefits. If you are traveling with your pickup truck, a tent like this one is a very comfortable option to having to sleep in a regular tent. On the ground tents do not do a great job at keeping moisture at bay, and you will surely feel colder if you are sleeping directly on the ground. Plus, you will have to deal with a lot of nasty critters that may crawl inside the tent, no matter how careful you are.

You will be able to use this model for pickup trucks in particular, so keep this aspect in mind. The tailgate will serve as the base on which you will pitch your tent. Due to its clamp-on rails, the installation is very easy and you will not have to spend a lot of time trying to figure it out.

1.3 Kodiak Canvas Long Truck Bed Full-size Tent


Known issues

People who own this pickup truck tent are very pleased with its sturdy construction, but there are a few who say that the canvas is a little difficult to dry out. While water cannot get inside at all, drying it out can be a bit of work, but if you do not mind this aspect, you can rest assured that this is a great tent.


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