Kodiak Canvas 7206 Review


Notable features


This truck tent model designed by Kodiak Canvas can be fitted to a variety of trucks like the Ford F Series, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado, Toyota Tundra, and Nissan Titan so you shouldn’t encounter any problems with the installation in your current vehicle. It was intended to match the your truck’s bed using a system of clamp on rails and a sturdy steel tube frame. This provides a tunnel shaped interior space that can offer up to 5 feet of headroom.

1.1 Kodiak Canvas 7206


The tent is made using a cotton duck canvas which also benefits from a Hydra-Shield finish. This finish makes the canvas extra strong and durable, watertight, yet still breathable so you should have any problems related to condensation and humidity build up. The tent can withstand strong winds, rain and even moderate snowfalls while keeping the occupants safe and dry.

In addition to all this protection against the elements, this truck tent is also designed to be very comfortable for its occupants. The interior space is well ventilated thanks to the 5 built in windows and the large door, all of which are fitted with mesh screens that can successfully keep all the bugs out. Furthermore, the tent also has an access hatch that can allow you to reach into your truck’s cab so you can quickly grab some equipment. As included accessories, you get two interior gear pockets where you can store your essentials and a convenient carrying bag where you can store the tent while it isn’t in use.


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Intended use


As mentioned before, this truck tent model from Kodiak Canvas is designed to fit the bed of a variety of trucks using a well thought out steel tube frame which connects to the truck’s sides through a clamp-on rail system and some straps which can be attached to the underside of the vehicle.. This design offers increased sturdiness, making the tent able to handle strong winds, while also making the interior space as roomy as possible.

The biggest advantage of truck tents such as this one is that you won’t have to sleep on the cold hard ground as your truck’s bed will provide all the protection you need. The higher up sleeping position also guarantees better ventilation and, thanks to the built in windows, a better view.

1.3 Kodiak Canvas 7206


Known issues


In terms of user feedback, this car tent model has received some minor complaints, most of which were about the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. Some people found them a bit unclear and somewhat confusing. Others claimed that the installation process was somewhat difficult for first time users and they advised others to practice setting up the tent in their backyard before attempting any outdoor adventures.


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