How to install a truck tent


The sports truck tent allows you to make a tent out of the bed of a pickup truck. Providing a versatile and useful means of expanding the use of your truck for camping, the truck tent is a better alternative to a camper top thanks to its light weight and ease of setup. It eliminates the need to transport a heavy load and also ensures less assembly time when you get to the perfect campsite.


Some things to consider before setup:

Make sure to select a level campsite. Ensure that the engine of the truck is switched off and the parking brakes are applied.



Setting up the truck tent

Lower the tailgate of the truck. Take the tent from the tent bag, unroll it and lay it out on the vehicle’s bed. Locate the front door of the tent and place this end inside the truck bed towards the open tailgate and the other end oriented towards the cab.

Find the side straps of the tent. Typically, there are three per side and they are at the door side of the tent. Stretch out and attach or hook each strap loosely to the bottom of the body or bumper of the truck. There are hooks on the end of each strap to facilitate this. The middle strap goes under the wheel, while the other two straps hook under the back and front sections of the vehicle, respectively.

Find the three tailgate straps located at the tent floor. Slide those components between the truck bed and the tailgate. Connect the straps to the corresponding strap located by the front of the tent.

Assemble the tent poles by unfolding each section. There will be 8 fiberglass poles along with four steel awning poles.

Insert the poles into the corresponding sleeves. Slide the first pole through the pole guide or sleeve. Typically, the sleeves and the poles are color coded to enable you to find which pole goes into which sleeve. Start with the corner to corner poles at the back corner of the truck, followed by the side to side pole and the short cab pole. The tailgate pole is the last to be inserted into its corresponding sleeve.

Insert the tent poles into the pole pockets at each end. Start with the side-to-side pole, and follow with the corner-to-corner pole into the pole pocket near the cab of the truck. Insert the other end into the pole pocket by the tailgate. Repeat with the other pole.

Insert the cab pole into the grommets located on the corresponding tab on each side of the tent. Insert the tailgate pole into the corresponding pole pockets on either side of the tailgate.

Insert the inside pole into the pole pocket inside the tent. There are velcro tabs through which the inside pole can be secured to the tent.

Secure the tent poles to the truck tent by using the pole clips for attachment.

Install the gear loft, place each corner of the component into the loop located on the tent’s ceiling. Once the tent is assembled, tighten the side straps of the tent accordingly.


For setting up the rainfly:

Locate the back of the rainfly. There will be a zipper for the rear access panel. Position the rainfly over the tent.

Secure the rainfly to the tent by attaching the clip on the rainfly to the matching clip on the tent.


To set up the awning:

You may or may not set the awning up.

If you choose not to, just roll this component up and secure with the toggles.

If you want it set up, slide the fiberglass awning poles through the pole sleeve into the roof of the awning. Insert the poles into the pole pockets of each quarter of the awning.


Assemble the awning poles by placing the top pole into the bottom one with the clasp. Make sure each pole is the same length and secure with the clasp. Place one end of the pole into the grommet hole at the corner of the awning. Place the other end into the grommet hole at the tailgate. Secure each pole with the strap provided for this purpose.


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