Guide Gear 6-by-6-Foot Compact Truck Tent Review


Notable features


As we all know it, going out camping is an equally risky and entertaining hobby to have. If you are a going into the wild enthusiast or simply the traveling type, a trunk tent might be the best solution out there for you.

Considering that it saves you the pain of sleeping on the ground, a trunk tent is one of the safest and comfortable options. Since it is designed to fit any unexpected situations one may encounter, this versatile model stands out due to the fact that it is made from a resistant, high-quality material that ensures the durability of the product.

As many have pointed it out, this compact sized model works very well even during unexpected bad weather situations thanks to the good anchorage to the vehicle and the water resistant coating.

You should also know that one of the outstanding features of the model, as users have indicated it, is the fact that it provides plenty of ventilation. The two mesh windows that this product is equipped with make it a good option for those who are looking for a trunk tent that provides more than enough airflow and caters for a good night sleep. Moreover, since it is designed with the users’ needs in mind, this model has two storage pockets that make organizing within a limited space no trouble.

The sewn-in floor is definitely a more practical alternative to the floorless design. Although such an option requires you to make additional preparations, like making sure your trunk is easy to empty, this feature is a must if you are aiming for a cosy adventure that does not involve dirty floors or sleeping among other camping attire, a situation you are sure to avoid if you opt for the sew in polyethylene floor. Furthermore, this is a fully enclosed model, a hallmark that protects its users from external factors.


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Intended use


As trunk tent campers have pointed out numerous times, using this alternative instead of the classical tent has plenty of advantages that lure more and more into this unique new brand of camping. By opting for this new trend, not only will you be kept away from the bugs in the grass but you will also be provided safety in case of unforeseen weather changes.

Given that this model is extremely feasible, the tent is designed so that it fits pickups from Chevy, Ford, GMC, Nissan, Toyota as well as other brands. Of course, there might be slight differences in the way the tent adapts itself to each vehicle. However, 6 by 6 foot in size, this tent is large enough to lodge up to two people and will most certainly be a perfect match to most trucks.

Known issues


Although some have reported the contrary, there have been users that have complained that the instructions for assembling the tent are a bit unclear or confusing. Those confronted with  this issue of installing it suggested two possible solutions: buyers could either try to set it up a few times at home, to make sure they get the grip of it, or to assemble it on the ground and not on the bed of the trunk, as the extra space might turn to be useful.


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