Front Runner Feather-Lite Review


Notable features


This car tent by Front Runner scores many positive points with those who are enthusiastic about taking trips into the wild with their trucks. Considered the best rooftop tent by owners and experts alike, this model is made to withstand the nastiest weather conditions. Especially its resistance to heavy winds is commendable, and the entire structure is built to ensure that you will not have your tent affected by such extreme weather. The fabric used for the canvas is Oxford 400D, which is extremely sturdy and it offers many other benefits, such as resistance to mold and moisture. The canvas still allows the air to pass through, so you will not feel the air getting stuffy inside. Because it is made of polyester and cotton coated with PVC, the canvas is resistant to rain.

1.1 Feather-Lite Roof Top Tent Car Top Camping

One thing that makes this particular model such a great hit with consumers is its very low weight. While most models you can find on the market easily pass the 200 pound mark, this one weighs only 88 pounds, which means you will be able to accommodate it in your truck, without having to give up on other necessary items. Its low weight recommends it for anyone who plans on traveling with just one other companion, as this model is very comfortable for two people.

Speaking of comfort, the roof top tent comes with all the needed comforts for sleeping well, while you are out in the woods. A mattress is readily available, and you can bring your own sleeping bags and pillows, so you can get a restful sleep at night, without a worry in the world. When you want to get out of the tent, you will find the retractable aluminum ladder a nice add-on. The foot friendly treads make sure you will not slip and injure yourself.

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Intended use


Getting this roof top tent will allow you to travel to areas where setting camp directly on the ground is not an option. Because the doors and windows on this model are screened, you will be able to get in and out of the tent without letting insects in, which is very important if you want to stay healthy while traveling to areas with a wet climate.

The canvas used is very breathable, which means that you can take the tent with you in areas where the weather is not only humid, but hot, as well. You will be able to enjoy a comfortable sleep at night and the insects will not bother you, while the air inside does not become stuffed and not suitable for breathing. The roof top tent allows you to bring all the comforts you have at home, meaning pillows and blankets, so you can thoroughly enjoy your vacation.

1.2 Feather-Lite Roof Top Tent Car Top Camping


Known issues

The only minor drawback mentioned by owners, although it applies to any other roof top tent in this price range, is that you need to get a special rack separately, or otherwise, you may have a hard time trying to mount the tent on your roll cage and have it properly leveled.


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