East Coast camping locations

1.The best destinations to visit on the US East coast

No matter with whom you go or what are you planning to do in your trip, the location you choose will provide half of the fun and good memories. There’s a lot to say about the perfect camping with your truck tent location, but you can check this list to get acquainted with one of the most appreciated camping locations on the East Coast.

A well-known, historical camp location on the East Coast is the Rhode Island’s Burlingame State Campground. The first park was opened here in 1909 and, since then, it offered many happy outdoor days to its visitors. Presently, inside the camp, you can enjoy various types of activities: its rocky woodland are marvelous for trips and bike rides, while the beach is perfect for swimming in the sea or to go fishing on a boat. But, make sure to make a reservation in time, to catch a spot. The camp can get particularly crowded in weekends.

If you love wildlife and beautiful landscapes, visit Anastasia State Park in Florida, where you can enjoy it at its fullest. The park’s surface is 1.600 acres and it is filled with wonders of nature. Take the self-guided maritime trail to admire the wonders of maritime views, visit the Amphitheatre to hear live music and participate in art shows, search the historic camp to visit the Coquina quarry or get married right here. All these activities and much more are available for camping addicts.

If you are not only a camping enthusiast, but also in love with golf, the Chester State Park is the place to go. Situated in South Carolina, the park offers a wide range of activities, so, if you travel with family or a large group, there will be plenty to do for everybody else, while you indulge in the pleasures of golf. Trails, boating, picnic shelters and playgrounds for kids are only a small part of what this park can offer. Besides, there is enough room for RV’s, trucks or other vehicles at the camp. Electricity, hookups and hot showers are to be found inside the camp as well.

2.The best destinations to visit on the US East coast

The Mahlon Dickerson Reservation is a natural reservation that offers great hiking trails and amazing places to visit and enjoy nature without a plan in your head or a specific purpose. There are a lot of opportunities for hiking and sightseeing, if you decide to visit the park. The entire area has a surface of 3.200 acres, 20 miles of trails and many, many places to accommodate campers.

If you want to find a good camp for your kids on the East Coast, the Hershey Highmeadow Campground should rank 1 on your list. The park can accommodate visitors in cabins or tents, but you can bring your RV here as well, with no difficulties. During the summer period, you can send your kids to spend part of the holidays here, where they’ll have the opportunity to meet animals from the zoo, or visit the museum of the camp, where they can hear the story of Milton S. Hershey and his chocolate factory.


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