DAC Explorer 2 Review


Notable features


The Explorer 2 SUV tent is among the most durable units we’ve come across during our research. It has been built using heavy-duty polyester which practically makes it impervious to water, fire, or mildew. If you’re looking for a durable alternative for your vehicle, you’ve just found the best car tent for the money. Aside from shielding you and your family from the elements, this product is well-known for keeping so-called ‘creepy crawlers’ as far away from the car as possible since you’ll be sleeping off the ground. What’s more, the outer door panels featured by this model allow you to enjoy both privacy and protection from the cold, the rain and the wind you might otherwise have to put up with when using another tent.

1.1 DAC Explorer 2


Ease of use is at the core of this product considering that you won’t need to use any types of stakes in order to set it up. This allows buyers to enjoy driving cross-country and making stops virtually anywhere they feel like it. The DAC Explorer 2 is very easy to deal with even if you decide to spend several nights at a campsite. It is quick to put away, and it is relatively small-sized, which means that it can be carried conveniently even by petite individuals.

This model comes with all the accessories one might ever require in order to set it up. What’s more, the package contains a storage bag that allows buyers to carry the tent and place it in their car without realizing it takes too much space. After it has been installed, owners might come to the conclusion that the tent gives them the freedom to use various items that can improve their camping experiences, such as strings of lantern lights and even a battery-operated fan.


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Intended use


Buyers are advised that the Explorer 2 SUV tent works with several car models and is not a universal truck tent that can be utilized for any type of automobile. Thus, this unit is compatible with any one of the following models: Chevrolet Lumina, Acura SLX, Chrysler Town, Chevrolet Venture, Chrysler Country, Ford Odyssey, Dodge Durango, Infinity XQ4, Jeep Cherokee, Dodge Caravan, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Ramcharger, Lexus LX and RX, Mitsubishi Montero, Lincoln Navigator, Mercury Mountaineer, Mazda Kiva, Mercury Villager, Mazda MPV, Mercedes-Benz ML, Mazda Navajo, Nissan Pathfinder, Plymouth Voyager, Pontiac TranSport, Oldsmobile Silhouette, Pontiac Montana, Toyota 4Runner, Volkswagen EuroVan, Toyota RAV4 and Sienna as well as a broad range of other car models. Generally, the model is destined for SUVs or minivans of which the liftgate rear panels don’t go over 67 inches in width.

This tent is designed to be installed in the truck bed. The tent should be draped over the vehicle and connected to the tire wells using bungee cords.

1.2 DAC Explorer 2


Known issues


Some of the people who have chosen the Explorer 2 SUV tent have mentioned that they needed to perform various modifications to the product depending on the car model they own. For example, some individuals had to add a window of clear mylar to see the stars at night and get rid of the claustrophobic feeling they were experiencing.  


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