Coleman North Rim Review


Notable features


With the Coleman North, you can engage in a comfortable sleeping experience even when the temperature outside is not quite friendly. This item will keep you warm even under 0° F due to its rip stop cover made of high-quality polyester and the practical lining made of the same material. Another beneficial item that will help keep you warm is the adjustable hood included in this professional sleeping bag. This item was specially designed to keep your entire body warm regardless of the outdoor conditions. Any potential cold spots are eliminated due to the special quilting instruction featured by this product.

This item features high-quality components that make it an option worth considering for those who wish to adventure into the wilderness even when the weather outside is not friendly. This product keeps you warm when the outdoor temperatures range from 0 to 10°F. Its polyester rip stop as well as the lining helps the sleeping bag keep you as warm as possible. Moreover, the entire construction is perfectly completed by the semi sculpted hood that is easy to adjust. These elements help preserve the heat inside, a feature which offers you the option of enjoying a comfortable experience in your sleeping bag wherever you go and under any weather circumstances.

If you wish to take the comfort level enabled by this item even further, you can do this by unzipping the bottom side of the bag to achieve extra ventilation when the weather outside allows you to do this. This means that you can enjoy the preserved warmth of this sleeping bag during cold nights and the fresh ventilation enabled by it on warmer nights. All potential cold spots are fully eliminated by the sturdy quilting construction considered for this item. You can enjoy using this product in any outdoor environment and under any weather conditions due to its wide range of professional features that make it an option that is worth considering.


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Intended use


The Coleman North sleeping bag can be installed near your car, directly on the ground because the high-quality materials used to create it will handle the job of keeping you warm and cozy regardless of the surface on which you intend to place this item. It was designed to fully accommodate people that feature a height range of up to 6 ft. The box-shaped foot it features offers you extra room to move inside the sleeping bag thus feel comfortable and cozy at any time.

This item comes equipped with a thermolock draft tube which helps keep the warmth inside through the featured zipper. This way, even if you place the sleeping bag on the ground, close to your car, you will not have any issues related to the temperature. You will feel warm while being in this bag because its adjustable hood helps preserve the heat inside even better.


Known issues


The Coleman North sleeping bag also seems to feature a downside, namely the fact that it is heavier than other products for sale in the same category. However, this slight difference in terms of weight comes from the abundance of extra beneficial features it has to offer for campers looking to feel warm and cozy regardless of the season in which they decide to go camping.


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