Why buy a truck tent?


A truck tent is a tent, designed to fit the back of your truck. It looks like a classical tent, only it can be fitted for a truck.

Impossible to conceal, the first advantage of being the owner of a truck tent is that they can be installed in your truck, meaning that you won’t be forced to sleep on the cold ground anymore, being exposed to colder temperatures or to the attacks of insects.

2.Why get a truck tent

The installation method is not as different from that of classical tents. Once you’ve inserted the poles into the color matching sleeves, thus setting the tent up, you need to attach the black strap on the lowered tailgate of the truck, and attach security outer straps on the ground with hooks. To anchor the tent to the truck bed, go inside it and fix the red and green straps to the cargo cleats. The installation process is quite simple, so it should be over in about 20 minutes, no more. You can even access the cab of the truck by a special zip up window, if by any chance you have forgotten something essential inside it.

For those buying a truck tent for the first time, keep in mind that most tents are designed to fit in a pre-designed shape – that of the truck. So, when you install it, you need to adapt it to your vehicle.

In case of bad weather: rainy or windy, you will have an extra advantage if you set the truck tent and not like all the others on the ground. At least the lower part will be given more protection against the wind, and thus will be more stable, being defended by the walls of the truck.

You can turn your truck into an even bigger advantage, if you set the tent with the entry facing the back of the truck, to prevent rain and wind to penetrate it. You will enjoy a more comfortable temperature and thus, your tent will become your cozy shelter, untouched by the harsh weather.

In case of strong rain, you can add to the security of your tent by attaching the rain fly, easily fixed at the base of the poles.

To make your night in the tent all the more pleasant, you can easily add an air mattress inside the tent.

Even if the number of the companies producing these tents is reduced compared to those fabricating classic tents, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to shape and characteristics.

Your tent can act as a semi-mobile house. Of course, you cannot drive your truck with the installed tent on the street, as the danger exists that you tear it down the tent and trees. But you can transport it on smaller distances, while completely prepared – all the more fun for the children.

And, if your time doesn’t allow you to go to a proper camping place or your backyard doesn’t provide you with enough space to set up a ground tent, you can always profit from the space your truck offers. In a hot summer night, you can give yourself the opportunity of camping at home.


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How to choose your next truck tent


The very definition of tent camping is simplicity but in order to get the right product, a prospective buyer should consider a number of details. Fortunately for you, we took the time to put together a list of factors that are most important when getting the right truck tent for your requirements.

1.1 How to choose your next truck tent

Sleeping capacity

The first question you need to ask yourself is how many campers does your new tent have to accommodate. The capacity of a truck tent also depends on its shape and not only on its size. Some of the most common models can cozily fit two average-sized adults. If you’re looking to have enough room for pets, gear, or sleeping cots, you have to look for larger units. Height is important as well, particularly if you want to use the tent to get dressed or change clothes.


Vehicle compatibility

Not all trucks are made the same, just like not all tents can be used with all types of automobiles. If you’re having trouble understanding whether or not the model of your choice can be adjusted to your car or truck, just sift through some of the owners’ reviews, as many of these buyers will undoubtedly correlate their rating with their vehicle model.



Why would you care where you plan to do your camping? Well, the fact of the matter is that tent materials differ from one product to the next. That’s why you should think ahead to know if you’ll set up your tent in a warm and humid place or a cold weather area.


Construction and materials

The roof and floor construction are crucial since nobody wants to sleep in a wet tent. What’s more, the lower the number of stitches in the fabric, the less likely it is for the unit to allow water to penetrate the interior. If you really can’t find a way around this issue, just make sure that you purchase a tent that comes with folded seams or double stitching. If possible, opt for a model of which the floor is made of a one-piece material. If the edges of the floor are slightly raised off the ground, you’ll rest assured that there’s a lower chance your tent and the ones inside it are affected by water, insects, or other nasty visitors such as snakes.

1.2 How to choose your next truck tent

Consider your budget

As is the case with any other product you might be interested in purchasing at some point, getting the right truck tent mainly depends on the money you can spare. Models that are manufactured by well-known brands such as Napier or Kodiak Canvas might be less affordable than various units belonging to shady manufacturers. A good tent is an investment in the long run, as it will allow you to spend precious moments in the middle of nature.


Do your research

In order for a prospective buyer to choose judiciously, he or she must spend several hours researching the market. If you have no time to read all the info you might come across, at least go through some truck tent reviews to find out what the owner feedback is all about.


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The best destinations you can visit with your truck tent


There’s a truly baffling number of destinations you might feel like going to with your new truck tent. The fact of the matter is that it might not be as simple as you’ve imagined it to be. Unless you like heavy rain or cold, you need to pick the place you want to go as judiciously as possible. If you’re no fan of snow in general, it might be a good idea to go somewhere where you don’t run into it. Having trouble with extreme heat? Some places might be off guard if you tend to suffer from extreme temperatures, and that goes both ways.

1.1 Best destinations to visit to visit with your truck tent

The first and utmost thing to consider is that the best destination is the one you afford. What’s more, you need to ask yourself whether or not the truck tent should accommodate two or more people. The more, the merrier, they say, but this isn’t a golden rule when the sun is shining up in the sky. Check out some of these destinations, as they are some of the most popular ones among campers who traditionally use truck tents.

The Zion National Park might not be the best in terms of electricity and other commodities, but it will sweep you off your feet if you’re looking for breathtakingly beautiful views. While it might be colder compared to other destinations, the park is still open throughout the year. If you’re a fan of trailing, this is the perfect place to go.

The Rancheros de Santa Fe campground may be a notable alternative for people who want to take their work everywhere they go. On this account, the campground has free Wi-Fi, so you needn’t worry about missing that important email. What’s more, the camp makes it possible for any adventurer to enjoy a bit of sun and free movies as well as some pet fun, considering that it’s cozy, roomy, and packed with anything you may desire. Plus, it even has a dog park.

How about the Appalachian Trail? If you ever feel like an adventure, you can camp at Pine Grove Furnace State Park, right down in Pennsylvania. These campgrounds open from April through the end of the year, and the neat thing about them is that they require no entrance fee. All one has to do is pay a backpacking fee that may range from four to five dollars.

1.3 Best destinations to visit to visit with your truck tent

Did you know that there are over ten extremely popular campgrounds scattered throughout the Yosemite National Park in California? If you’ve always dreamed about going to Yosemite, this is the time to do so, as the park is open year round. Sure, campgrounds may vary depending on the season, but it’s up to you to do your research.

It would have been impossible to leave out the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. If you’ve never been there, you need to start packing right away. Since some of the facilities located on the site might be closed by season, you probably need to visit the Grand Canyon from May to October.


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Top 5 truck tent accessories


Buying a new truck tent doesn’t have to be all that hard, but once you’ve purchased it, you might come to the realization that your buying journey doesn’t stop here. In order to make the most out of your chosen model, you should look into several truck tent accessories, depending on the car model you own and the type of tent you’ve recently bought. We’ve selected five of the best truck tent accessories that are available in today’s marketplace. Check them out below.

1.A mosquito net

A mosquito net

There’s a high chance that your tent already features a preinstalled mosquito net. If the model you own is designed to sit on the ground, you probably already have the convenience of some folded margins that keep you and your friends away from crawling bugs. However, an extra mosquito net comes in handy for a variety of reasons. One of the most important ones seems to be that, if you’ve decided to have a long trip all across the country, there’s a likelihood the preinstalled mosquito net breaks down when you need it the most. Our advice to you is to purchase an additional one just to be on the safe side because it is by far one of the least durable parts in a truck tent.

2.Rechargeable LED light

Rechargeable LED lights

Going camping all by yourself? It might not be such a bad idea to bring a set of batteries and some lights with you so that you can enjoy some night time reading or just be able to see the faces of the people you’re talking to. Instead of taking a flashlight, although it sure comes in handy, consider some rechargeable LED lights. Some of the models we’ve come across can be charged using direct sunlight, which practically means that you’ll be able to utilize them for a very long time.

3.Waterproof poly trap cover

Waterproof poly tarp cover

A tarpaulin cover is a vital accessory to take into account, particularly if you’re not keen on rain pouring down on your head in the middle of the night when you are sleeping. This type of product is very handy in a broad range of circumstances, and the size of many units can be customized. A tarp cover is durable and weatherproof and can withstand anything from water to mildew.

4.Tarp Hooks

Tarp hooks

A nice set of tarp hooks can’t compare with anything in the world. If you’re likely to use a tarp cover, some hooks are downright mandatory. While you’re at it, it sure wouldn’t hurt if you purchased some lobster clasps.

5.Tent window

Tent window

Many tents should be installed in the truck bed, but these come with a minor disadvantage compared to other kinds. They can leave the user feeling a bit claustrophobic as he or she might not have the luxury of watching the stars. Sure, one model differs from the next. However, if you plan on purchasing such a tent, it might be a good idea to look into some tent windows and decide whether or not you want to install one before going on the road.


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How to install a truck tent


The sports truck tent allows you to make a tent out of the bed of a pickup truck. Providing a versatile and useful means of expanding the use of your truck for camping, the truck tent is a better alternative to a camper top thanks to its light weight and ease of setup. It eliminates the need to transport a heavy load and also ensures less assembly time when you get to the perfect campsite.


Some things to consider before setup:

Make sure to select a level campsite. Ensure that the engine of the truck is switched off and the parking brakes are applied.



Setting up the truck tent

Lower the tailgate of the truck. Take the tent from the tent bag, unroll it and lay it out on the vehicle’s bed. Locate the front door of the tent and place this end inside the truck bed towards the open tailgate and the other end oriented towards the cab.

Find the side straps of the tent. Typically, there are three per side and they are at the door side of the tent. Stretch out and attach or hook each strap loosely to the bottom of the body or bumper of the truck. There are hooks on the end of each strap to facilitate this. The middle strap goes under the wheel, while the other two straps hook under the back and front sections of the vehicle, respectively.

Find the three tailgate straps located at the tent floor. Slide those components between the truck bed and the tailgate. Connect the straps to the corresponding strap located by the front of the tent.

Assemble the tent poles by unfolding each section. There will be 8 fiberglass poles along with four steel awning poles.

Insert the poles into the corresponding sleeves. Slide the first pole through the pole guide or sleeve. Typically, the sleeves and the poles are color coded to enable you to find which pole goes into which sleeve. Start with the corner to corner poles at the back corner of the truck, followed by the side to side pole and the short cab pole. The tailgate pole is the last to be inserted into its corresponding sleeve.

Insert the tent poles into the pole pockets at each end. Start with the side-to-side pole, and follow with the corner-to-corner pole into the pole pocket near the cab of the truck. Insert the other end into the pole pocket by the tailgate. Repeat with the other pole.

Insert the cab pole into the grommets located on the corresponding tab on each side of the tent. Insert the tailgate pole into the corresponding pole pockets on either side of the tailgate.

Insert the inside pole into the pole pocket inside the tent. There are velcro tabs through which the inside pole can be secured to the tent.

Secure the tent poles to the truck tent by using the pole clips for attachment.

Install the gear loft, place each corner of the component into the loop located on the tent’s ceiling. Once the tent is assembled, tighten the side straps of the tent accordingly.


For setting up the rainfly:

Locate the back of the rainfly. There will be a zipper for the rear access panel. Position the rainfly over the tent.

Secure the rainfly to the tent by attaching the clip on the rainfly to the matching clip on the tent.


To set up the awning:

You may or may not set the awning up.

If you choose not to, just roll this component up and secure with the toggles.

If you want it set up, slide the fiberglass awning poles through the pole sleeve into the roof of the awning. Insert the poles into the pole pockets of each quarter of the awning.


Assemble the awning poles by placing the top pole into the bottom one with the clasp. Make sure each pole is the same length and secure with the clasp. Place one end of the pole into the grommet hole at the corner of the awning. Place the other end into the grommet hole at the tailgate. Secure each pole with the strap provided for this purpose.


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Camping with a SUV tent


Providing a revolutionary way to set up a camping tent, the SUV tent offers convenience and versatility so you won’t have to sleep on the cold floor of the campsite or forest where you never know what could be crawling. The sports truck tent connects to the truck’s cargo area to provide an innovative camp dwelling that you can take anywhere you go. All you need is a level campsite so you can set up the shelter easily.


1All sports truck tents come with an awning, which provides a space where you can enjoy shade and comfort without fully going into the bed of the truck that comprises the tent floor. You can lie under the shade of the awning in a small cot or a camping chair when the weather is not so hot and do some reading or catch up on a few snoozes.

Find truck tents that feature detachable truck sleeves for versatility and a customized fit. The sleeve can also provide a means of access to the vehicle for sleeping, storage or getting your portable devices all juiced up.

Premium quality truck tents come with a full and adjustable rainfly that ensures hassle-free shade and added comfort while providing weather protection.

With color-coded pole systems, setup is not as difficult and complicated. The poles should preferably be made of fiberglass and steel to ensure strength and a solid structure once the truck tent is set up. With flexible poles, assembly of the tent is effortless.

You want a truck tent that provides enough interior space and a generous headroom as well. Easy entry and exit are facilitated by large front and back doors. Mesh windows provide protection from insects while providing adequate ventilation, and storm flaps help keep you safe and dry inside. For extra air circulation and natural lighting during the day, skylights are great elements.

Truck tents come with an expandable carrying bag for hassle-free storage and transport of the unit.

Truck tents that come with a detachable vehicle sleeve are convenient. The sleeves feature a pair of fabric flaps located on the inside that serves to seal off any small gaps that the vehicle sleeve can create because of the unique curve or shape of the truck or SUV. Some owners employ magnets on the flaps for total securing of the vehicle to the vehicle sleeve, but this is not even necessary.

For SUVs with tailgates or barn doors, there are appropriate truck tent models for this purpose. Those truck tents even come with a detachable screen room. When the occupant/s is/are sleeping, it is recommended that the doors be kept closed for safety.


SUV tents can also be connected to a truck with a camper cap or shell on it, as long as the height from the ground to the vehicle is no higher than 80 inches.

The SUV tent can be connected to a wide range of vehicle models, makes and brands. To make the most of this kind of outdoor gear, make sure that it is made of premium quality materials, manufactured with expert craftsmanship and comes with a reliable product warranty. Top Rated truck tents even provide ample storage with interior pockets, a gear loft and lantern holder in addition to the carrying bag.


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Rooftop tents – a cheaper way to travel


If you like connecting with people while staying in different places in your home on wheels, roof top tents make the best way to travel. Imagine being able to observe wild animals at close range as they gather around their water holes, while you stay virtually unseen or unobserved with the roof top tent’s mosquito netting and not have to sit outside to spook those lovely creatures in their natural setting. Yes, a rooftop tent is a great way to see the world without ever leaving home.

Before setting off on an endless outdoor adventure, one of your most important purchases is definitely a roof top tent.



What is a roof top tent?


A roof top tent is a collapsible tent fastened to the roof of a vehicle by a steel framework. Barely a foot high, this compact unit provides sleeping quarters for campers and tourists. It unfolds into a comfortable shelter with enough room for a specific number of sleepers. Steadied by the front frame, the roof top tent also uses the frame as a ladder used for entering and leaving the tent. To ensure sufficient ventilation, the front side of the typically canvas shelter features an adjustable flap. According to users, this type of shelter can be set up and ready for use in just minutes.



How to ensure that you are really traveling cheap with a roof top tent


Many entry-level models are made from 100 percent polyester. This material is lightweight but is not breathable. During the warmer months of the year, these types of tents tend to heat up. On the other hand, it is not true that the heavier or thicker the canvas is, the more waterproof the tent becomes. The thickness of the canvas doesn’t have anything to do with the shelter’s waterproofing capabilities. Just check out how perfectly waterproof ultra-thin umbrella material is. All the heavy canvas material adds to the tent is price– and extra weight, especially when wet. Since the roof top tent raises the center of gravity of your vehicle, and consequently, its handling, you will want to keep the weight on top of your vehicle to a minimum.

When buying rooftop tents, make sure the material is breathable, strong AND lightweight so as not to defeat the purpose of cheaper travel. This will ensure longevity for the vehicle and the shelter. Go for roof top tents of poly cotton canvas, which has the durability and breathability of cotton and the lightness of polyester.

Make sure the mattress you get has high density. Compare specifications first before parting with your hard-earned money. A top quality mattress can withstand years of usage while providing comfortable nights of sleep away from home, easily beating having to check into expensive hotels and lodging houses, if you can even find one.


This also beats setting up a tent on the ground, where all sorts of creatures could be crawling underneath the tent floor. With a roof top tent, you are high up in your vehicle and away from elements that could cause all sorts of diseases that could mean hospitals and medicines and all sorts of expenses.

With a roof top tent, you have the comfort of home and the natural breeze. When camping for extended periods, you won’t need to clean the mess up inside the vehicle every day in order to make room for the bed.

The roof top tent also provides a unique vantage point for observing wildlife, much better than having to sit outside amidst all the flying insects and bugs.


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The coolest ways to travel


Setting up camp in the wild top escape the urban life is a fantastic way to spend a hard-earned vacation. However, even if money’s no object but you just have no idea where to head out, knowing about the coolest ways to travel can make planning a bit easier.

Say you have a small car or even a motorcycle. Get yourself a compact gear trailer that makes those vehicles able to haul tools and sports gear. This type of gear offers the best overnighting capabilities when outfitted with a flip-top tent camper, which can feature underbody storage. If a tent is not needed, you simply have to remove the canvas sides and foam mattress in order to fashion a gear box out of the two-person clamshell structure. Premium models of the compact gear/camping trailer even have shower features plus solar power systems.


An aluminum trailer or international expedition vehicle can be in the 4×4 and 4×2 drive options. A modern exterior is created by the aluminum skin. The interior carries the warmth of mahogany wood material. This type of vehicle is designed without the RV’s liquid propane system and offers greater autonomy off-grid by employing an auxiliary diesel tank and roof-mounted solar panels. This type of vehicle features onboard equipment including a stove, refrigerator and lighting, or even air conditioning, and the amenities of comfortable living including a sink and shower plus a cassette toilet.

A penthouse trailer is a military-grade type featuring a small trailer form. A pop-up truck tent or roof top tent is located high above the cargo box. The shelter uses an elevated rack system to support it. If you need more space in the cargo box, the height can be adjusted easily to make way for an all-terrain vehicle. This setup also enables easy access to what is in the cargo box. This type of configuration is perfect for use in the warmer seasons. Just make sure to get a really heavy sleeping pad or mattress for the roof top or truck tent when the days are colder.

If you’d rather use leg power instead of motor, and you’d rather not buy a camping trailer, there’s a bicycle camper on the market that you could check out. Providing adequate sleeping space for two adults plus a child, this kind of gear features a basic yet functional interior. The interior comes with convertible bed/seats, a folding table and more than enough storage capacity for your camping and travel essentials on the go. You could augment the basic configuration with some more essentials such as a portable toilet and a propane stove to travel in style in a fully functioning mobile home that you simply latch onto your bike.


A car camper is an innovative fusion of a truck tent and a car in one product. Although some models feature inflatable tent technology, you can easily outfit your car with a truck tent.

No matter how you travel to escape your urban existence, it pays to know about the many excellent ways that even the top vehicle manufacturers are making it more convenient for people like you.


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