Best rain camping tent reviews


Learn how to find a new camping tent for rain


Camping outdoors has its perks. If you want to spend some time in nature but you feel uncertain about which are the best camping tents for rain, we want to assist you in your shopping decision. After reading various reviews given by customers as well as feedback provided by several experts, we’ve come to the conclusion that the top choice product is the BFULL Portable Tent. What caught our attention was the double layer construction that ensures a strong ventilation while staying indoors. Also, the rainfly of the unit can be used as a tarp. The interior of this waterproof tent is built-in a C shape design in order to accommodate up to 3 people. If the BFULL Portable Tent is not available, make sure to check the REDCAMP Automatic 3 Season, another great tent.


People enjoy camping for many reasons. It’s an excellent opportunity to get away from stress and worries while enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful scenery. But sometimes weather can be unstable, and the only option you have is to purchase a good camping tent for rain. With so many models for sale, you might have a tough time choosing one. However, we’ve done some research and managed to create this useful buying guide showcased below.


Type of tent

When in the market for best waterproof camping tents, you need to understand that this type divides into two categories, single wall, and double wall units.

Tents that are single-walled have only one layer or shell, and this makes sure that the water doesn’t get in and allows the moisture to escape from inside the unit. Because of this, single wall tents are a tad more pricey. They are manufactured from a durable material and using a special technology. Moreover, tents with a single layer are lightweight and come in handy for those who like to go hiking or hunting.

The second category is the double wall tents that are outfitted with two layers. One is a water repelling exterior shell and the other, an inner layer that ensures an optimum ventilation. Double wall units are more common and preferred by the majority of outdoor enthusiasts because they do a pretty job at keeping you dry during rain. The only drawback is that, due to the quantity of material and the stakes that are mandatory for securing the rainfly, the units are heavier than single wall ones.

Although they all have advantages and disadvantages, they are great a repelling water. Therefore, it all comes down to your own needs and personal preferences.


Hydrostatic head measurement

In order to measure a tent’s capacity to handle water, there’s a special method using the Hydrostatic Head or HH. The procedure is done by filling a tube with water and placing the fabric of the tent underneath. When the water begins to wet the material, the distance from the fabric to the top of the remaining water is measured in millimeters. This way, you can use a scientific formula to classify which tents are waterproof and which are not.

According to several camping tents reviews, you shouldn’t get a tent that has an HH rating of less than 1500. The thumb rule is that the higher the HH rating of a tent is, the longer the waterproof shell will be successful for.


Extra features

If possible, you should get waterproof tents that feature tub flooring. This is basically a solid floor bottom that is approximately 3 inches high on both sides. This way, you can rest assured your tent is dry and moisture free.


Our recommendations



BFULL Portable Tent


This waterproof can accommodate up to 3 people and features a double layer design which makes it ideal for all seasons usage.

Because the unit is a double wall tent, the inner and the outer layer enable an ample ventilation. This way, you can forget about moisture inside the tent.

The product is made of a durable polyester material that ensures a waterproof protection. In terms of hydrostatic head measurements, the tent is labeled 2000m/m. Therefore, it is indeed a camping tent intended for rain situations.

One aspect worth mentioning is related to the rain fly that can be used separately, as a tarp. Due to the specially C-shape interior design, the interior of the tent is quite spacious and comfortable. You have room for supplies, besides you and your personal belongings.

Because the product is outfitted with two entrances, you benefit from maximum ventilation, especially during the hot summer nights. Plus, there are two pop-up windows located on the flysheet that enables an increased airflow.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




REDCAMP Automatic 3 Season


If you need a reliable tent for your outdoor adventures, then you shouldn’t overlook this model that can accommodate up to three adults. Depending on your needs, you can use the unit for napping, sleeping or as a shaded area during sunny days.

Thanks to the spring pump design, you can assemble the tent without any help in just 3 seconds. Simply press and fix the top of the tent and the unit will automatically install.

Made from a durable material, the unit is equipped with fully taped seams that can withstand rain during a period of 24 hours without letting the tent get wet.

Also, the tent features a mesh mosquito curtain door that enables the ventilation and keeps the insects away from the interior.

Quite versatile, this tent can be used for a variety of purposes. You can set the tent while for creating a cool area while on the beach or use the rainfly as a side pavilion while fishing.

Buy from for ($59.99)




AUGYMER Automatic Backpacking Tent


Anyone knows what a hassle it is trying to set up a tent when the rain is about to start. So having a unit that comes with an automatic installation that sets up the tent in just 3 seconds is total bliss.

Once you press the end of the pole right when the poles have the yellow labels on, the tent will unfold.

The tent is completely waterproof and can provide UV protection up to a 50+ grade. Basically, it keeps the inside temperature at a cool level during hot days and prevents the water from entering inside the canopy.

This waterproof tent comes with a rainfly that can be used a wayside pavilion for other outdoor activities such as fishing.

Moreover, the unit has a D-shaped door that ensures fast and easy access. Also, it helps increase the airflow. There’s a mesh mosquito curtain that comes in handy for preventing insects from coming in.

Buy from for ($159.99)



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Best camping folding chair reviews


Learn how to find a new camping folding chair


In order to enjoy the beautiful landscapes while camping, you need the best camping folding chair that ensures plenty of comfort. If you lack time to do a proper research, we’ve done the job for you and have some interesting tips that you can read in this short paragraph. According to our findings, based on several customer reviews and sales figures, the best option is the Kijaro Dual Lock 80068. What caught our attention is the dual lock features of this camping chair that opens the lock for maximum seating comfort and locks it closed for safe portability. Moreover, the unit comes with a built-in carrying strap and bag that enable fast and easy transportation. If you can’t find the Kijaro Dual Lock 80068 in stock, you might want to check the Trekology YIZI GO.


Because you need camping chairs to sit outside next to your vehicle or tent during the day, it’s important to purchase items that are durable and can handle the weight. With so many models for sale, it might be a tad difficult deciding on a certain model. So we’ve gathered some information in order to deliver a useful buying guide that might help you with your shopping decision.


Types of camping chairs

Traditional camping chairs are comfortable because they provide good back support. Plus, they are a little higher off of the ground which makes it easier to get up and down without putting too much effort.

If you have extra space in your truck or RV, you won’t mind carrying an extra weight. These traditional chairs come in one piece and are able to collapse, so they don’t need more than a few seconds for setup. Generally, these chairs come with two opposing ends that need to be pulled apart and the unit will assemble by itself.

Another type of chairs is the portable camping units that are smaller and lightweight. However, they are lower to the ground and need more time for the setup process. Also, they tend to lack in the comfort department compared to traditional camping chairs and can be a little less stable.

If you’re traveling light or you need a tool that you can carry if you need to walk up until your camping location, you might find these more convenient.

The backpacking chairs are lighter and fit perfectly in your bag along with other supplies. If you plan on going hiking, hunting or fishing, you might find these a really good investment. Although the comfort is not the same, they offer many cool features and plenty of support.


Size and weight

Foldable chairs are light, but not all of them have the same weight. It’s better to check the product descriptions for details regarding their weight before you make the final purchase. Depending on your needs, you might look for a unit that allows you to walk and carry it for a certain period of time. Plus, a chair that is outfitted with corded legs and can collapse is a far better idea.

On the other hand, if you’re a hiking or hunting enthusiast, you should go with a compact option such as a tripod stool.


Weight capacity

Even though camping chairs look similar, not all of them can hold the same amount of weight so you’d better check the item’s limit prior to making a decision.

If you need a chair for an adult, make sure you choose a product that can hold between 225 pounds and 500. For children, you can rest assured anything that holds up to 225 pounds is more than enough.


Our recommendations



Kijaro Dual Lock 80068


If you need a reliable camping chair that provides optimum back support and portability, as well, you must check out this model. Outfitted with a dual lock experience, the unit provides a no-sag position. Basically, when the chai lock opens it ensures a maximum seating comfort and when the lock is closed, it stays firm, in order to safely carry the item with you.

Besides comfort, the chair comes with 2 cup holders where you can put your favorite beverage. Furthermore, there are an organizer and mesh pockets that close with zippers.  

As far as the transportation aspect, the product features a built-in carry strap and carry bags that allow you to take the chair in every journey you make, without putting too much effort.

The chair is made of a durable steel frame and a breathable mesh on the seat back. Also, there’s a cushion in the headrest and seat areas. The unit has a 300lbs weight capacity.


Buy from for ($37.7)




Trekology YIZI GO


Those that search for lightweight chairs that can fold up into a small package will be delighted to use this unit. The product comes with an adjustable height feature that enables the chair to sit at three different heights, making it suitable for people and children of all ages.

Besides this, the product offers great neck and back support while the side meshes ensure plenty of ventilation.

The best part is that the chair weighs only 2lbs so you can carry it with you in your backpack without worrying about occupying too much space. Plus, it fits even your plane luggage so you can take it with you even when traveling to a far destination.

On top of that, the chair is built with a heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame that ensures durability and supports up to 300 pounds. Also, the seat fabric is a high-quality polyester that can be put in the machine wash without worrying about damages.

Buy from for ($69.99)




Moon Lence Ultralight SP6016US02-LB


This top-notch chair features a sturdy aluminum alloy frame and can hold up to 242 pounds. Thanks to the ergonomic design, the seat is comfortable to use and the soft mesh ensures plenty of ventilation. In addition, the product is outfitted with well-structured joints and anti-slip feet.

Another important aspect is that both the mesh and the holders can be folded into small pieces. Because the chair is built to be portable and practical, it can fit easily into your backpack or luggage and leave room for your supplies or personal belongings.

Quite easy to handle and to set up, the chair can be assembled fast due to the foldable mesh and metal poles. Because the legs and the frame are on bungees, similar to a tent pole, you simply shake the plastic joints, and all falls into place. Then, add the mesh seat, apply force in order to ensure the top fabric is affixed to the frame, and your chair is ready to sit on it.

If you accidentally spill something on your chair, you can clean the stains using soap water.

Buy from for ($67.99)



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Best camping dinnerware reviews


Learn how to find a new camping dinnerware set


Besides finding the perfect tent, you need to get the best camping dinnerware if you want to be certain that your food is served with style even while being on the go. If you lack time to start a proper research, we’ve got some interesting tips that you can read in this short paragraph. After looking at the feedback given by experts and customers, we’ve determined that the best choice for camping dinnerware is the Barbeqa Camping Mess Kit 4 Person. This complete camping kit includes everything you need for an outdoor experience. Plus, all the utensils come in different shades which makes it easier for family and friends use. One aspect we need to pinpoint is that each tool is made of an eco-friendly and BPA-free polypropylene. If the Barbeqa Camping Mess Kit 4 Person is out of stock, don’t forget to check the Stansport Enamel Camping 11220.


There’s nothing better than enjoying a good meal with your friends and family while going on a camping holiday. Because it’s impossible to bring all of your house dinnerware, you need something less fragile and easy to clean. So, if you want to get the best dinnerware for camping available on the market, take a look at this buying guide presented below.


Type of material

When looking for the best camping plates, you need to pay attention to the type of material these are made of. One common option is the stainless steel because it is affordable and durable. Even though they are a tad heavier, they can be owned for several years before seeing any cracks or damages on their structure.

Over the last years, heat-resistant plastic tools have gained a lot of popularity and are being used both in the house kitchens and camp cookware. Because they are extremely lightweight, they come in handy for any backpacker who likes to go for a quick hike at the end of the weekend. They don’t need much space for storage and lots of cleaning afterward. Nevertheless, they aren’t so durable because cooking outside involves a lot of heat which can damage the plates and utensils after several usages. In addition, dinnerware made of plastics tends to retain the taste of food and smoke especially if you don’t have time to wash them immediately after eating.

Another option found among many camping items for sale is the enamel. This type of material is not heavy at all and has the capacity to conduct heat quite fast. It does have a major drawback of being too fragile. Sometimes, after only a couple of eating sessions, they might chip easily.

Depending on your budget, you can upgrade to titanium which is a sturdy material that withstands many camping trips without breaking.

A great choice that isn’t too pricey is aluminum. Even though they might cause problems relating to scratching due to handling they don’t weigh much and can be cleaned without efforts.


Sets or individual pieces

The majority of the camping dinnerware reviews recommend getting an entire set and not individual pieces. The main advantage of purchasing a camping dinnerware set is that it is less expensive and you get everything that you could possibly need on an outdoor trip.

Dinnerware sets are specially designed to be packed fast and in one place for safe storage and transportation.


Storage container

You probably never thought of this but having a storage container where you can neatly store the camping dishes is extremely useful. There are plenty of sets that are outfitted containers. Inside the container, there are separators for plates, cups, and utensils.


Our recommendations



Barbeqa Camping Mess Kit 4 Person


When packing for an outdoor camping trip, you’re busy making lists of the important items that you need. The last thing you want is to forget to pack enough cups, spoons or plates for the entire family. This is way, a camping dinnerware like this is a life savior.

The kit includes every type of tool that you need in order to enjoy your meals. Inside the package, you’ll find 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 bowls, and 4 sporks. Therefore, the set is suitable for camping, backpacking, and hiking activities.

One important aspect worth mentioning is that the utensils from this camping set come in four different colors, such as red, orange, green, and blue. So that each family member or friend can choose their favorite color and stick to that during the entire camping getaway.

Every piece is made of an eco-friendly BPA-free polypropylene which makes them safe to use even for children. Quite durable, the tools are stain and odor resistant and are suitable for the dishwasher.

Buy from for ($42.99)




Stansport Enamel Camping 11220


You can enjoy each meal with style with this enamel camping dinnerware set. Made of a highly durable steel, the pieces are outfitted with a blue enamel finish that provides a glossy and stylish look.

The tools are lightweight and don’t require much space for storage. Therefore, you can take them with you every time you plan to go on a little camping trip with your family or group of friends. Furthermore, each plate and utensil from this set features a double coated blue gaze that increases the durability no matter how many times you use them.

The set includes everything you could possibly need in order to eat your meals in proper conditions, such as cups, soup bowls, plates, knives, forks, and spoons. Plus, the kit is more than enough for 4 people without having to argue about spoons and forks.

Besides the fact that the pieces are easy to clean, you can use the dishwasher once you’re back home without having to worry about causing damages.

Buy from for ($23.99)




GSI Outdoors Infinity 75420


Because camping outside where resources are somewhat limited requires plenty of portability and functionality, you’ll appreciate this dinnerware camping set that features beautiful designed storage containers. This way, it’s impossible to forget an item at home.

The best part is that each piece is color coded so you can rest assured each of you gets his favorite meal in the color that he or she most likes. Plus, there won’t be any confusion regarding which cup of coffee belongs to whom.

Moreover, the storage container can serve as a protection storage unit while transportation or as a serving platter or bowl if you don’t have enough plates to put the food on.

The pieces are made of a durable resin that ensures many years of usage while the mugs boast insulated EVA sleeves and sip-it lids that prevents the beverages from getting colder or spilling. Besides the dinnerware, the set comes with a convenient mesh bag.  

Buy from for ($28.6)



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Best camping canopy reviews


Learn how to find a new camping canopy


If you want to purchase the best camping canopy but don’t feel certain about which option suits your needs best, we’ve got some piece of advice for you. Before reaching to a conclusion, we’ve looked at various reviews given by customers and experts. The top choice that caught our attention is the EZ – Up Sierra II SR9124BL. What we liked about this unit is the fact that it is lightweight and the setup takes only a minute. Moreover, the tent is made of a durable fabric that is able to block all UV rays and it is outfitted with a rust-resistant frame. Because of the folding steel frame, there’s no need to look for ropes or tools in order to assemble the canopy. If the EZ – Up Sierra II SR9124BL is out of stock, check the Quik Shade Expedition 160718, another great option.


Finding the best canopy for camping is not an easy task if you’re not sure of the features you should look for in products of this type. However, we want to give you helping hand so we’ve made a buying guide showcased below that teaches you about the most important aspects you must consider in your shopping decision.



When looking for a good outdoor canopy you must establish the size of it. Based on how many people are going to sleep in the tent on a regular basis you can determine the exact item you need to purchase.

There are several units for sale that have in their description the number of people the tent is intended for. If you want to be certain that suits your needs best but also allows you to store some food and other supplies, you should get a canopy suitable for the number of people you usually camp. For example, if the tent is described as a 4 tent people, then you’ll probably sit comfortably only 3 inside the canopy. Always go with a number up if you want to have room for a mattress and other personal items inside.



According to the majority of camping canopy reviews, it’s better to get a tent that you can carry it without putting too much effort.

Tents can be bought in different types, depending on the season they are made for. Four season tents are a tad heavier because they incorporate thicker materials or have extra pieces that increase their weight.

If you know the type of camping you usually like to engage in, then you’ll opt for a canopy that fits your preferences best. Also, a good product should provide some sort of wheels or a carrying bag that makes the transportation facile and faster.


Ease of setup

Another aspect that you shouldn’t overlook is the setup process. Once you get to your camping location, the last thing that you need is to spend hours trying to put the pieces together. Therefore, make sure to get a product that has a detailed user manual.

Aside from this, try to get a friend to help you through the process. Sometimes, the best camping shade canopy needs more than one hand for the assembly. It’s best to take advantage of all the features if you want to rest assured that you can enjoy a lovely time away in the shades.


Our recommendations



EZ – Up Sierra II SR9124BL


Spending quality time with your family and friends is extremely important. So is having a canopy that allows you to stay away from sun or rain when the weather is warm and you can’t stop the urge to stay outdoors as much as you can. Therefore, if you need a reliable unit that is lightweight and easy to install, you shouldn’t overlook this model.

The assembly of this shade canopy takes less than one minute because it is outfitted with a folding steel frame and has no loose parts that might get lost or need to be put together. Moreover, there’s no need for other tools or ropes to set up the product.

Thanks to the top made of a fire resistant fabric all the UV rays are blocked from entering the canopy. Plus, the item features an auto slider pull pin that enables fast and easy access inside and outside the tent.


Buy from for ($150.25)




Quik Shade Expedition 160718


No one wants to spend an eternity trying to set up a canopy when they need to stay in the shades. This is why this canopy unit is a great choice because is setup takes less than one minute.

All you have to do is to take the tent, follow the detailed instructions and you have a canopy ready for you and your family. Plus, you can store it safely in the carry bag provided because the product quickly folds into a compact shape.

The 10X10 feet base measurements provide an area of 64 sq ft that is ideal for a group of people that want to enjoy special moments in the outdoors.

Even if you leave the canopy outside you won’t have to worry about any damages due to the fully assembled corrosion resistant steel frame. Also, the canopy comes with patented latch sliders and push pin leg extenders that are specially designed to make the assembly easier and faster.

Buy from for ($107.59)




Coleman Instant Canopy Sunwall


Canopies are indispensable especially during the summer when you need an oasis of peace and tranquility away from the sun. Because weather can be unseated during this season, you’ll want a model that has a sidewall that keeps you protected and safe. This is the main reason you’ll be more than happy that this canopy has your back covered.

The unit is easy to assemble and needs only a few minutes for the setup. If you’re concerned about UV protection you should know that this unit is specially designed with a UV Guard technology that provides a 50+ UPF sun protection. Furthermore, the canopy is made of a durable material that is able to withstand wind and heavy rain.

The product provides compatibility with similar units that showcase a 10X10 straight leg construction. The combination of green and gray makes it easier to block the sun rays and to blend with the outdoor landscape your garden decor.


Buy from for ($20.67)



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Best dome tent reviews


Learn how to find a new dome tent


If you’re interested in finding a good dome tent for your next camping trip but aren’t all that keen on going through all the informational material available online, then we’re here to help. We’ve consulted dozens of dome tent reviews, consumer reports and product comparisons to arrive at a set of conclusions that might prove useful in your search. First things first, the model we recommend the most is the  Coleman Steel Creek 2000018059, which garnered a lot of positive feedback from specialists and owners alike due to its good waterproofing, large size, and not in the least, the mesh porch that provides for some extra comfort. For all its qualities, the Steel Creek comes at a relatively affordable price. If this product is unavailable in your region, you can go for the Core Equipment 40003 as a viable alternative.


There’s hardly a one-size-fits-all best tent for camping since not everyone values all product details the same way, and different people tend to have different needs. Dome tents are generally appreciated for the low effort it takes to set one up and for the spacious interior they provide, at least relative to their size when packed. What other things are there to consider when shopping for one?


Weather resistance

The best dome tent is supposed to offer enough comfort for a good night’s sleep while camping regardless of the weather outside. This means good rain protection, good ventilation so that the air doesn’t get stale, and if possible, some measure of thermal protection for cold winter nights.

Waterproofing is generally done by adding a special repellant coating to a polyester material.  Since this also helps retain heat, it might act as a liability during summer months, so most manufacturers choose to offer a removable tarp for rain protection, with only the floor of the tent itself being water repellant.

Some opt for a double layer design, with a thin inner layer encased in a resistant outer shell, but this might not be practical with larger tents due to cost and difficulties in setting one up.



This is mostly a matter of user preference and personal need, but we would remind you that larger units tend to provide more comfort, even if the number of people you expect to be using it doesn’t necessarily call for the extra space.

If you expect to spend any significant amount of time in the tent, then look for it to allow enough room for small everyday activities, like changing clothes or preparing food away from pesky insects.

Headroom is also something to look for. Even if people don’t usually stand inside a tent, having a low ceiling always makes for a very uncomfortable feeling.  



Small things, like a slit that allows you to run electrical cables inside the tent, reflective guy lines, so you don’t stumble upon them in low light, or proper ventilation, when it is raining, can make a lot of difference while out camping.

Also check that the tent is easy to set up and pack (which should be a given with a dome set-up) and all necessary pieces, such as guy lines or aluminum rods are provided for.    


Our recommendations



Coleman Steel Creek 2000018059


The element which brought this Coleman product the most praise from owners is its mesh covered porch, which easily fits three adults and three chairs to provide for a comfortable, bug-free resting area during the summer.

With a base of 10 x 9 ft, there’s plenty of room for up to five people to sleep comfortably, while 5.8 ft. of headspace at center point won’t make you feel like there’s constantly someone leaning over your shoulder.

As users who put it through the trials can attest, it provides good rain protection, with the sleeping area covered in a water resistant fly and the screen section featuring a mesh floor to prevent water from gathering.

The only complaint we found regarding this product is that the electrical cable access slit can’t be closed shut, but this can be easily remedied with some duct tape if bugs happen to find a way through (which only seems to have happened to one owner).

Buy from for ($147.97)




Core Equipment 40003


The people at Core Equipment have put a lot of thought into user comfort and convenience when designing this tent.

It features a number of inside pockets and a gear loft so you won’t have to leave your items lying around the tent. The mesh window on its door has its own covering for extra privacy, and the electric cable access port can be fully closed when not in use.  

Judging by customer experience, it holds very well to windy weather and rain, while it also features an innovative ground air ventilation system for summer months. Two air intakes placed near the bottom draw cool air from near the ground, while the mesh roof allows warm air to escape.

Its size is good, with 6 feet of maximum headroom and a base big enough to fit six adults in sleeping bags or two queen-sized mattresses.

Buy from for ($91.37)




YONOVO Easy Up Instant


For a couple or a solitary camper, small packing size and ease of installation might be more important than a roomy interior. This YONOVO instant set-up tent addresses just those needs, while also providing great air-flow during summer months at no expense to privacy.

Its rigid frame comes pre-installed, and you’ll only be required to unfold it in order to set it up. This makes it a great tent for short trips or for crowded areas, where you won’t risk annoying any of the other campers with your extensive preparations.

Cross-ventilation is provided through two doors and two mesh pockets, which you can cover with a rain fly if the need arises.

While it can hold its own through heavy rain, a number of users felt the need to mention that this tent is best fit for warm weather, since its outer covering doesn’t do a stellar job at keeping the air in.

Given its very affordable price, we consider that all weather functionality might be expecting too much from it.

Buy from for ($109.99)




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Best 2 man tent for car camping


Learn how to find a new two-man tent for car camping


If you’re looking for the best 2-man tent for car camping but don’t have the time or inclination to look through scores of reviews, compare products and read user feedback, then you’re in the right place, since we’ve already done all that for you. The product that received the most appreciation from reviewers and proved the most popular with owners is the Bfull Portable Dome. Its two-layer construction makes it truly all-weather, with the inner layer being basically a fine net that provides great ventilation during summer time, and the outer covering, made out of water and wind resistant polyester, acts as a barrier against the elements during cold months. The Bfull’s dome design makes it both remarkably light and compact, while still large enough to comfortably accommodate two persons. If this is unavailable, a good alternative would be the Alps Mountaineering 5222607.



Before setting out to find the best tent for car camping from what’s available for sale, you’ll need to know what specific characteristics will actually make such a product “good.” For example, weight won’t be such a big issue unless you plan on using the tent for hiking, but on the other hand, car camping tent reviews stress that the packed size might be important, so that the item doesn’t take much space in the trunk.


Size, shape, and weight

Design-wise, there are three main varieties of 2-man tents to choose from, the dome shape, tunnel shape and the ultralightweight backpacking tent. You won’t be looking at the last one if you’re camping out of a car since a dome tent will often be small and lightweight enough to be comfortably carried for a short hike, while also providing additional headspace when set.

The tunnel’s main advantage comes from its superior weather resistance, and it holds especially well to wind. But unless you’re participating in a 4X4 challenge in an extreme environment, you probably won’t need that. However, it will still take out a lot of room in your trunk.

Besides being particularly easy to install, the dome is the perfect balance between a small package and large interior space. Due to its square base, it can easily accommodate 2-3 people together with their belongings.



Besides size, comfort comes down to weather resistance and ventilation. In most tents, you will get a water-resistant covering, either as its main skin or a separate flysheet. Large doors and meshed windows which you can open or close provide air flow during warm months.

Arguably the most adaptable models come in two-ply. Also known as double skin tents, these feature a removable outer layer that extends fully to the ground, offering protection against rain, moisture, and superior insulation, since a cushion of air will be trapped between the two layers.

The interior layer is generally made out of a soft mesh, for superior air circulation during summer months. The only disadvantage of this layout comes from the fact that the mesh basically surrounds the occupants, offering little privacy when the outer layer is off.


Other things to consider

In double skin tents, ventilation during cold months is also a factor to have in mind, so look for models that feature appropriate slits for the air to go through when the outer skin is on.

Zippers are especially important for one-skin tents since they will most likely see a lot of use. While lightweight and easy to waterproof, small zippers will prove a handful to operate and they’re prone to breaking. Look for tents with large zippers!  


Our recommendations



Bfull Portable Dome


This Bfull tent is an all-around well-made product, designed with great care and consideration for the needs of the modern camper.

With a two-skin dome construction, it features a polyester outer layer with a 2000m/m water resistant coating. It has been reported that this will hold well to heavy rains for days on end, while it can also extend in front of the main entrance to cover more ground.

Two large, polyester covered slits near the roof ensure for proper airflow during rainy or cold weather, while ventilation won’t even begin to pose a problem in the summertime since its soft mesh will let the air in and keep the bugs out.  

As an interesting feature, the ropes holding this tent are covered in a reflective material, so they won’t pose a tripping hazard at night.

You get all this in an extremely compact package, which only weighs 4.4 pounds and comes with its own carrying bag.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Alps Mountaineering 5222607


Commonly known as the Alps Mountaineering Taurus, this product will prove attractive for those who prefer the privacy offered by an opaque tent with a fly-sheet covering.

While not as efficient as a fully meshed design, the mesh roof and a number of windows provide for adequate ventilation during summertime, while two openings near the upper section serve to regulate airflow when the polyester covering is on.

Held by two fiberglass poles, this extends to the ground and allows for a layer of air to be trapped between it and the interior section, which makes for superior thermal insulation during winter months. The water coating for the polyester fly is rated at 1500mm with the poly taffeta floor enjoying the same level of protection.

The fly also extends to provide a zippered vestibule-like storage area, which can prove great for holding on to extra gear in a dry place.

Buy from for ($71.93)




Weanas Professional Backpacking Tent


Don’t let the name fool you, while like any other dome design this Weanas Professional model can be carried on top a backpack, its larger versions are spacious enough to hold up to three people.

Another two-layered design, the interior tent surrounds you in nylon mesh the same way the Bfull does, allowing for near-perfect airflow during warm months.

If you care about your privacy, the polyester canopy allows for two large opening from opposite sides, so it can be used during summer without affecting the ventilation to a large extent.

However, some customers found that when the tent is fully enclosed, the two small slits in the outer layer don’t do a perfect job at letting fresh air in. This is somewhat resolved by that fact that you can extend the nylon covering into a sort of mini-veranda when it’s raining.


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Best tent for car camping


Learn how to find a new tent for car camping


Going camping with your car could prove a rewarding experience, especially because you have the possibility of seeing new exciting things every day and still benefit from the comfort of your own car. However, finding a suitable tent for your truck is a little bit more difficult because there are plenty of things you need to take into consideration. After reading plenty of online reviews, we made a list of the best products you will find on the market for a decent price. So, without further talking, we reckon that the Napier Sportz Cove 61500 is the perfect choice because it features a universal vehicle sleeve designed to fit all minivans regardless of their brand or size, it includes a lightweight carrying bag and is sold for a very attractive price. Should the Napier Sportz Cove 61500 not be available for purchase, we consider the ARB Series III Sand the next viable option in terms of quality and utility.


If you are looking to buy a car tent but you’re not sure which model will best suit your minivan and your needs, we might have found a way to help you. The following buying guide aims to provide you with all necessary information when looking for a car tent and tell you exactly which features you should take into consideration. So, before rushing into shopping, take a look at our ideas.



The most important feature to take into consideration when shopping for an item like this is its size. Most of the products are designed to fit a particular type of minivan or a certain size and width of a car, regardless of the brand.

While these products are cheaper, the chances to find one that will perfectly suit your car are minimum. We do encourage you to prospect the market before purchasing an item and always double-check the information provided by the vendor with your own car’s specifications to make sure the tent fits perfectly and won’t be too loose or too tight.

If the price is not a concern for you, we suggest taking a look at customizable items or products that were specifically designed to fit a certain car brand. They tend to be a tad more expensive but will certainly provide the stability and comfort you are looking for whenever you go camping.


Fabrics used

Another important feature to look for is the fabrics these tents are made of. Although you have your car as a viable waterproof alternative, a good tent for a car should provide similar features and allow you to enjoy a night under the stars even during pouring rain or heavy wind. Thus, we encourage you to look for items made with waterproof and windproof coatings, preferably made from high-quality and durable polyester fibers.


Proper ventilation

Last but not least, take a closer look at the way the tent helps you maintain a healthy and ventilated environment. You want your tent to be able to keep the moisture away, and the heat inside but a closed air could lead to breathing and other health problems.

Thus, it is extremely important that the tent features a good ventilation system to allow heat to maintain at an optimum level inside without damaging the quality of the air or the ability to breathe fresh air. This is extremely important, especially when facing harsh weather conditions that don’t allow you to sleep with the open zipper.


Our recommendations



Napier Sportz Cove 61500


Ranked as one of the best tents for car camping available for sale, this product will certainly deserve your attention thanks to its quality/ price ratio. It is a universal vehicle sleeve designed to meet the requirements of all SUVs and minivans, so you won’t have to worry about finding the right size or model to fit your own car.

This is obviously a great advantage, especially since you can borrow this item to your friends or from your friends whenever you want to have a camping experience with your car.

It features a mesh bug screen and built-in storm flat to resist harsh weather conditions and keep you safe from the world’s nastiest camping problem – insects. This is especially important if you plan on setting your tent on the ground or you have a low car.

The product also comes with a lightweight carrying bag to make sure you store it easily.


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ARB Series III Sand


This remarkable product is not your everyday tent for sure.

Voted as one of the best car camping tents by thousands of happy customers, this product is manufactured from high quality, poly-cotton fabric that will resist in time and won’t tear apart or break. It features a built-in rain fly as well as insect screened doors and windows for the ultimate camping experience without the unpleasant insects or weather conditions.

The numerous car camping tent reviews for this product promise you a highly qualitative item complete with a sturdy, aluminum retractable ladder for easy access to the upper sleeping areas.

It unfolds easily, in only a couple of minutes and doesn’t require too much experience to install it correctly. What we liked the most is that this roof tent provides the sleeping quarters off the ground, thus being protected against elements and insects ruining your journey.

It is spacious and comfortable, but you will have to be willing to pay the right price for it.


Buy from for ($1561)




Dac Explorer 2


If you are looking for a cheap tent for car camping, this item could be the answer to your prayers. Selling for under two hundred dollars, this tent provides an easy setup due to the bungee cord with plastic coated hooks that easily attach to your car’s underframe.

This item is able to offer you a proper ventilation thanks to the outer door panels that fold up and tie whenever you want. If you want more privacy during the sleeping hours, you can simply zip and tie the tent at its bottom corners.

Just like many other similar products, this one too is made from sturdy fabrics and features an efficient insect screen to fight against bugs, ants, spiders, and flies.

The access to and from this tent is easily made due to the two-way zippers that will provide an easy entry into the rear of the vehicle. This way you can enjoy both the inside of your car and a comfortable tent for an ultimate outdoor camping experience. All in all, this is a good tent for car camping that comes for a decent price.

Buy from for ($129.97)



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Best sleeping bag liner


Learn how to find a new sleeping bag liner


If you plan on spending your next getaway camping then you certainly are familiar with what such a trip implies. Apart from taking your close friends or family with you and set up the tent, you will also require plenty of special equipment, including a good sleeping bag liner.  Sleeping bags are the most comfortable items to take on a trip with you because they will provide a good night sleep and help you rest for a new day to face in the wild. However, if you don’t have the time to look for a liner yourself, this paragraph will hopefully help you out in the process.  After going through plenty sleeping bag liner reviews, we have concluded that the Friendly Swede Travel is the perfect item for you because of its generous size, the soft silky texture good for your skin, and because it keeps both you and your sleeping bag clean. If the Friendly Swede Travel is not available for sale, we recommend the Coleman Stratus Fleece as a viable alternative.


Choosing the right sleeping bag liner could prove quite a challenge, especially if you don’t know what to look for. There are plenty of aspects to take into consideration if you want to make sure you made the right choice. Our following comprehensive shopping guide will hopefully get you out of trouble and help you pick up the best item. So here is what you should be looking for.


Size does matter

When we are talking about sheets and bag liners, size does matter a lot. You want to buy a product that is a bit larger than your sleeping bag dimensions to have plenty of room to move during the night. However, you still need to guide through the sizes of your sleeping bag to make sure it properly fits and will provide you with enough room to keep you safe during the night.

The best way to ensure a good night sleep is to sleep inside a camping tent with plenty of room to move around. In this case, a large sleeping bag liner will provide you with the comfort and warmth of a true mattress and keep you away from bugs all night long.

Last but not least, you want to make sure the liner matches the shape and size of your body too to ensure you have your feet covered as well. We suggest looking carefully at the dimensions of the product, especially if you are an above-average tall person.


Fabrics used

A good sleeping bag liner should also be thick and warm enough to keep you through the night without feeling cold or itchy. Thus, we suggest taking a closer look to the fabrics used for manufacturing the product and even test it out a bit before purchasing.

Choosing liners made from soft polyester fibers with silky finishes can prove the best option available, especially if you have a sensitive skin. Most of these liners are hypoallergenic and will prevent you from getting itches, rashes, burns, blisters, or any other skin problems, while still warming you up during the night.


Other features to consider

Last but not least, we think it is important to always search for special features as well to ensure you made the right choice. For instance, it is always a plus when the liner is safe to use inside the washing machine because it will help keep you and your sleeping bag clean even in special camping conditions.

If you’re picky about the design, you can always check for alternative colors and patterns in your liner too.


Our recommendations



The Friendly Swede Travel


If you are looking for the best sleeping bag liner within a reasonable price, this product is definitely intended for you. Its generous size of 105.x220 cm will provide enough room to keep you safe and comfortable during the night, even if you tend to move around a lot. If you own a two-persons tent this could prove a good solution for you and your significant other too.

The lightweight design provides maximum portability as it can be easily folded and carried around as a practical packet whenever you don’t use it.

This travel sheet is made from 100% polyester fibers with a silky finish to provide maximum comfort to your skin while letting it probably breathe during the night. The hypoallergenic fabrics will also prevent your skin from rashes or itches.

Buy this product and you will receive a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.


Buy from for ($24.99)




Coleman Stratus Fleece


This cheap sleeping bag liner will definitely keep you warm and fuzzy during your next camp trip. It is made from 100% polyester fibers with fill 0 for added comfort and warmth even during low temperatures. The product is designed to keep you warm up to temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the perfect addition to your spring and summer camping sessions.

Designed for people up to 5 feet, 11 inch tall, it provides enough room for legs and arms to rest during the night. Even if you have an agitated sleep, this fleece liner will certainly stay in place and keep you warm.

The comfortable, soft fleece construction is 100% machine washable to allow an easy cleaning whenever you come back home from your trip.

If you use it to line a sleeping bag, this product is guaranteed to add up to 12 degrees Fahrenheit to keep you warm during the cold nights.

This good sleeping bag liner also comes available in three different colors, depending on your personal tastes.

Buy from for ($20.6)




ALPS Mountaineering


Available for international shipping, this is definitely one of the best lightweight sleeping bag liners you will find on the market for a decent price.

Keep yourself warm and cozy during your next camping trip by opting for this microfiber mummy-style liner suitable for all mummy sleeping bags, no matter the brand.

It is made from high-quality microfiber fabrics to ensure the best ventilation and thermal insulation for added comfort regardless the season.

It includes a standard stuff sack and its reduced dimensions and weight (weighs only 0.7 pounds) will make it extremely easy to carry around during your next mountain trip. This product is designed to extend the life of your sleeping bag and add a few more degrees if you are looking for a warmer place to sleep.

You can easily clean it with a regular washing machine and keep it fresh and clean until your next trip.

Buy from for ($27.34)



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Best sleeping bag for the money


Learn how to find a new sleeping bag


Going camping could prove a life changing experience, especially if you do it right and with the right people on your side. For some, it is a true lifestyle claiming it is one of the only activities that truly disconnect you from the outside world and gets you back in touch with the true values of life – nature, love, family, and friends. However, you can not have a good time camping if you don’t bring in the perfect gears and accessories, including a good sleeping bag. Finding the best sleeping bag especially when you are on a tight budget could prove a difficult task. After reading plenty of reviews, we have come to the conclusion that the Farland Lightweight Sleeping Bag is the best sleeping bag because it comes with an affordable price, it features a waterproof design and it has a lightweight and portable design. If the Farland Lightweight Sleeping Bag is not available for sale, we suggest taking the Abco Tech sleeping bag into consideration.


If you are looking for a good sleeping bag that also comes with a reasonable price tag, our following shopping guide will give you the right insights on how to purchase such an item without damaging your budget. Here is what we consider to be relevant if you want to buy such an item.



The most important aspect when buying a sleeping bag is to know exactly the size you are going to settle for. These items come in various dimensions, depending on what you are looking for and what are your standards. Most regular sleeping bags will offer enough room for persons an inch taller than 6 feet and around 200 pounds.

However, there are plenty of customizable items based on your own measurements and requirements. We do suggest taking into consideration your sleeping style also when searching for the perfect size of a sleeping bag. Some people will require more room to stretch their arms and legs while others will prefer a tighter fit, almost like a blanket hugging them.



Another important item to look after in a good sleeping bag is the quality of the fabrics. First of all, think about the average temperatures you are used to going camping in and what is your favorite season for camping. Then you should search for an item that will provide enough heat to keep you warm and comfortable during your trip.

The fabrics of your new sleeping bag should also be water and windproof to ensure a good night sleep and perfect insulation during challenging weather conditions. As for the thickness of the layers, it is up to you to decide which one will best suit your desires and future trips.

We do suggest opting for insulated sleeping bags with thick inner layers made of goose feathers or polyester fibers to keep you warm during the cold nights. If you are opting for a mummy fit bag we suggest buying one with extra thick layers of fabric as due to the close-cut body fit you won’t be able to add too many clothing layers on you or additional blankets if you are cold.


Single or double?

Camping alone solves most of the problems regarding the style of your sleeping bag but those who want to keep warm with their beloved ones on their side can also pick a double-sized sleeping bag.

Some of the models available on the market can be zipped together to create a double-sized sleeping bag from a normal one.


Our recommendations



Farland Lightweight


What we really like about this product is that, apart from the fact that it comes in a variety of vibrant colors and color combos, the zippers are attached both on the left side and on the right side, depending if you are a left-handed or a right-handed person.

This is one of the best sleeping bags for the money you will find available for sale that comes with a truly comfortable and lightweight design.the barrel-shaped design ensures extra width on the shoulders and a narrower part at the leg’s end for maximum comfort, freedom, and warmth during the night.

The double-filled high-quality nylon technology will ensure waterproof and weather-resistant conditions to face the bad weather and prevent you from feeling cold, chilly or wet.

Thanks to the lightweight design you will be able to easily carry around this sleeping bag anywhere you go and it will fit even in a medium-sized lady’s purse or a regular backpack.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Abco Tech Envelope


The main feature of these sleeping bags is that they are specifically designed to face extreme weathers. They are designed to offer shelter and warmth at near-freezing temperatures of only 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

The bags feature a waterproof and weather-resistant design to ensure a perfect and constant temperature inside the product, thanks to the double-filled technology and the S-shaped quilted design. In other words, this will keep you warm and offer you a good night sleep regardless of the unfriendly weather outside.

Another great feature about the best inexpensive sleeping bag is that it can be easily cleaned and carried around. The lightweight design is suitable for light traveling and camping while the fabrics used to create the sleeping bag can be easily cleaned inside a regular washing machine. This way you can ensure your portable bed is ready to go anytime you plan a new travel.

The 100% inside polyester lining features a smooth finish to let the skin breathe while still providing the necessary heat inside for a good night sleep. The high-quality and extra durable stitches will keep the heat inside throughout the night as well.

Buy from for ($35.97)




Semoo Comfort


After reading plenty of affordable sleeping bag reviews we have concluded that this item is amongst customers’ favorites and you should definitely give it a try. It is available for sale for a decent price and comes in two different colors – blue and green.

It is made from high-quality polyester on the outside and features a thick polyester lining to keep you warm at night. The lightweight design is easy to compress and, thanks to its reduced size, will easily fit into small backpacks for easy carrying anywhere you go.

The full zip open enables you to use the product as a quilt too during warm summer nights.

The 190T polyester fabric features a waterproof coating and helps reduces heat loss through the zipper, maintaining a constant temperature inside the bag.

This good sleeping bag is ideal for three seasons – spring, summer, and autumn but, depending on your location, you can even use it during mild winters as it provides a comfortable sleep on temperatures ranging between 43 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

Buy from for ($59.99)



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Sportz 82000 Review


Notable features


Many people love SUVs because of the great amount of space available, which can be used, when the need arises, as sleeping space. However, you do not have to cramp yourself, along with your spouse and kids in the back of the SUV. Now you have the option of greatly enhancing the sleeping area offered by your vehicle with the help of the Sportz, a model named the best SUV truck tent by many SUV owners who love long trips into the wild. The tent is very spacious and it ensures 9 by 9 feet of sleeping space, which is enough for 4 to 5 people who will also enjoy having 7 feet of headroom, ideal for taller individuals.

1.1 Sportz SUV Blue Tan Tent

Versatility is very important when getting such a tent. While many people use it as an SUV truck tent, there are some who still prefer having a regular on the ground tent. If you belong to a third category that prefers having both, you are in luck, as this specific model can be turned into a ground tent by simply removing the sleeve that connects it to the vehicle. It is really that simple to enjoy all the benefits of having a versatile tent that works both ways, no headaches required.

While you may think of this model as of a big tent, which is true, only one person is needed for setting it up. This may come as a surprise, but the truth is the Sportz comes with a steel and fiberglass pole structure that is easy to figure out, so there is no need for two or more adults to fumble with the frame in order to get it on the ground. Ease of installation is the third notable benefit of this tent that has to be mentioned.


Buy from for ($339.99)




Intended use


While this is a model created for SUVs, you should know that it works just fine with CUVs and minivans. Now you do not have to purchase an expensive RV so you can enjoy the benefits of having a roof above your head. This tent is versatile and it is quick to setup, so you will never want to part with it when you are going on a trip. The great part about it is that the vehicle sleeve it comes with is easy to adjust to fit different vehicles, so you do not have to call in advance and see if this is an option for your particular SUV or minivan.

The bathtub style floor will keep moisture away and the rain protection system it comes with will make sure that you will not have to care about bad weather. A car tent for the entire family, this one is a great choice.

1.3 Sportz SUV Blue Tan Tent


Known issues

The only notable complaint that must be mentioned here is that a few owners say that this model sets up on the driver’s part of the vehicle, which can be a bit inconvenient when you need to move around and get items needed for the setup that are located inside the vehicle.


Buy from for ($339.99)




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