Camping with a SUV tent


Providing a revolutionary way to set up a camping tent, the SUV tent offers convenience and versatility so you won’t have to sleep on the cold floor of the campsite or forest where you never know what could be crawling. The sports truck tent connects to the truck’s cargo area to provide an innovative camp dwelling that you can take anywhere you go. All you need is a level campsite so you can set up the shelter easily.


1All sports truck tents come with an awning, which provides a space where you can enjoy shade and comfort without fully going into the bed of the truck that comprises the tent floor. You can lie under the shade of the awning in a small cot or a camping chair when the weather is not so hot and do some reading or catch up on a few snoozes.

Find truck tents that feature detachable truck sleeves for versatility and a customized fit. The sleeve can also provide a means of access to the vehicle for sleeping, storage or getting your portable devices all juiced up.

Premium quality truck tents come with a full and adjustable rainfly that ensures hassle-free shade and added comfort while providing weather protection.

With color-coded pole systems, setup is not as difficult and complicated. The poles should preferably be made of fiberglass and steel to ensure strength and a solid structure once the truck tent is set up. With flexible poles, assembly of the tent is effortless.

You want a truck tent that provides enough interior space and a generous headroom as well. Easy entry and exit are facilitated by large front and back doors. Mesh windows provide protection from insects while providing adequate ventilation, and storm flaps help keep you safe and dry inside. For extra air circulation and natural lighting during the day, skylights are great elements.

Truck tents come with an expandable carrying bag for hassle-free storage and transport of the unit.

Truck tents that come with a detachable vehicle sleeve are convenient. The sleeves feature a pair of fabric flaps located on the inside that serves to seal off any small gaps that the vehicle sleeve can create because of the unique curve or shape of the truck or SUV. Some owners employ magnets on the flaps for total securing of the vehicle to the vehicle sleeve, but this is not even necessary.

For SUVs with tailgates or barn doors, there are appropriate truck tent models for this purpose. Those truck tents even come with a detachable screen room. When the occupant/s is/are sleeping, it is recommended that the doors be kept closed for safety.


SUV tents can also be connected to a truck with a camper cap or shell on it, as long as the height from the ground to the vehicle is no higher than 80 inches.

The SUV tent can be connected to a wide range of vehicle models, makes and brands. To make the most of this kind of outdoor gear, make sure that it is made of premium quality materials, manufactured with expert craftsmanship and comes with a reliable product warranty. Top Rated truck tents even provide ample storage with interior pockets, a gear loft and lantern holder in addition to the carrying bag.


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