Camping in Canada

1.The best camping grounds in Canada

Canada has a lot to offer for campers. For those in love with water, forests and natural landscape wonders, it is the ideal place to be. So, if you decide to go camping here, knowing what the available locations are, as well as what you can do there is crucial.

The western region of Canada, Alberta, is one of the major camping attractions in the country. Scattered all over the mountain zone, many camping areas are expecting visitors. A predominantly high-altitude area, filled with beautiful lakes, this region is fitted for those who love great heights, pure air and hiking trips. The most spectacular camps are located in: Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Waterton Lakes National Park, Jasper National Park and Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park. But these are only few of the places you can visit in the area with your truck tent. They offer spectacular views, hiking trails, fishing opportunities and lakes to admire.

But, if you want to go to Canada to admire the ocean, you need to head out to other places. A wonderful corner of the country, filled with spectacular views, great camping spots and, naturally, near the ocean is comprised between New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward’s Island (located not far from the shores of Nova Scotia). It is hard to pinpoint the best places to go on a camping trip here, but, if I were to choose some, I would definitely visit Prince Edward’s Island, for its wonderful beach and good to bath warm waters. In Nova Scotia, I wouldn’t miss the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, where you can admire the ocean from the high point of the campground and see the steep heights fall right into the water. You can camp at Point Wolfe campground in the Fundy National Park, New Brunswick if you want to see one of the highest tides in the world. However, you can also see whales, swim (in certain places) and go out in the ocean with a boat.

2.The best camping grounds in Canada

However, if interested in the Canadian Western coastline, take the time to visit the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, where you can camp whether you have your camping equipment with you or not. The administration of the reservation offers fully equipped slots, for those coming unprepared. However, you can take your truck tent as well. The wonderful spot offers three major possibilities to spend your time: go to Long Beach, a 10-mile beach along the Pacific, visit the Broken Group Islands (only reachable by boat) or take the west-trail, a hiking portion where you can find campsites on your way.


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