Bushwhacker Paws n Claws K9 Review


Notable features


Being able to take trips with your dog pet is one of the best adventures you can have with it. But, although this scenario may sound like a very good idea, all pet owners get a little nervous about the thought of having to transport their furry friend over long distances. However, the Bushwhacker Paws n Claws K9 might be the solution to your problems.

As many satisfied buyers have expressed, this product is extremely well built and designed. Constructed from durable 600 denier polyester and tear resistant mesh, the model is sustainable and comfortable.



The water resistant material ensures the safe transportation during unseasonable or only rainy weather while the well thought-engineering of the model yields protection against the wind. Moreover, the bottom bed the product is equipped with provides comfort to the pets by keeping them away from sitting directly on the bed of the truck.

You should also know that this model is easy to assemble and safe throughout long trips. Its sturdiness is assured by the fact that it can be secured to the bed of the truck by using four traps and gutter hooks.

As a plus, as a way to ensure your dog’s well-being, the tether is adjustable and is attached to the trucks tie-down brackets, a feature that should comfort any pet owner concerned with the safety of its tail-wagger.

The most notable feature of this product is the fact that it caters both for your pet’s comfort but also for the owner’s satisfaction. As a result, this model is not only good at accommodating pets but also practical to use and easy to maintain. Due to the foam used in constructing it, the device is corrosion proofed, so it can be cleaned even by only hosing dirt off.


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Intended use


The product is designed to ease the transportation of pets by owners using trucks. Although the model is constructed without a specific truck in mind, the dimensions (48″ Length x 32″ Width x 30″ Height) make it a good fit for a majority of such vehicles.

Furthermore, given its height, the product should not obstruct your view through the rear window. Installed in the back of the truck, this accessory serves as a comfortable place in which you can keep your dog during trips. Because it is so well-designed, the model offers both sufficient ventilation and shade, a feature that makes it highly recommendable during outings.

Additionally, we should mention that the Bushwhacker Paws n Claws K9 was not solely designed as a means of transportation but can also be used during camping or can just as easily be installed in your backyard or garage as a place of rest for your canine friend.


Known issues


Although not a reoccurring issue among users, it has been noted that the adjustable harness used to secure your dog could be made even more adjustable in length as some dogs were still able to pop their heads over the canopy top. However, this issue is directly linked to the size of each dog and should be addressed accordingly.


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