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If you are in the market for a truck tent for Tacoma but you don’t have enough time to compare models, read reviews and other buying advice, we have you covered. We have done this research for you by looking at user feedback, expert reviews and product popularity to get you the best truck tent for Tacoma. We have concluded that the Napier Backroadz 13890 is the absolute best you can find right now. For short outdoor adventures, you can hardly find a better model to fit the bed of your truck. Made of heavy duty polyester and nylon, this tent offers the best protection against rain and wind. Sturdily built, it will provide you with all the necessary protection, even when you have to camp in wet weather. Proper ventilation is a must when you camp overnight inside a tent and this model offers the best conditions. Two large windows and available side vents make sure that the air inside is maintained fresh and breathable, especially during warmer nights. If can’t get your hands on the Napier Sportz III, you should definitely check out the Napier Sportz III as it the best alternative



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If you’ve been wondering which is the best truck tent for a Tacoma pickup, you will find out all you need to know in our short guide. Here are some of the features you should keep an eye out for when selecting your next truck tent.


Number of people

If you’re looking for space for 2 people and your gear, consider opting for a 3-person tent. The floor area in a 2-person tent is generally set-up to accommodate 2 sleeping pads and 2 sleeping bags and not much else.

A 3-person tent can be perfect if you and your partner are anticipating less than ideal weather conditions as there’s enough room to pull your gear in, out of the wet weather. Having the extra space will prove to be extremely useful, even if you do need to spend some additional money.

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Tent configuration

Peak height is another aspect that you should take into consideration, so that you can sit comfortably and have enough room to change clothes. This is especially important for taller individuals as they generally require more space to feel comfortable.

A vestibule is a space created by the rain fly and it’s a great feature if you’re in need of more space, but don’t want to jump up to the next-sized tent. It can provide shelter against the rain or cool shade for the hot days. So, first and foremost, consider the space you actually need for spending the time in your truck tent.


Other features

In terms of included accessories and features, the more you get, the better it is as they will allow you to save some money. Look for tents that come with a carrying bag as that allow you to store them conveniently. Interior pockets are also important as they can help you organize your gear and keep the essentials close at hand.


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Now that you know a few things about truck tents, we can show you some of the best models that were designed especially to fit the tacoma series of vehicles so you can pick the one which best suits your needs.



Napier Backroadz 13890 full size crew


2.Napier Backroadz 13890 full size crewThis NAPIER truck tent is available for less than $200 and you even have the option of selecting the size which best suits your Tacoma.

It includes a NAPIER-exclusive sewn-in floor while its interior will allow plenty of headroom for you and your adventure partner depending on the size you get.

Putting up this tent is fairly easy even for inexperienced users as the designers have developed a basic system that relies on fiberglass poles. Once the tent is setup, you just need to cover it with the rain fly to enjoy excellent protection against foul weather.

Just like the previously mentioned model, you get large windows for extra ventilation and visibility and a large storm flap door that offers weather protection and privacy. These features will ensure you get plenty of rest so you’re ready for whatever adventure nature might throw at you.



The Napier Backroadz 13890 full-size crew is a modern tent that you can rely on during your outdoor camping experiences  when you would rather sleep off the ground.

This item can be easily set up without having to follow any complex steps that you might find difficult to understand. You just need to put everything together as shown in the guide and your tent will be ready in just a couple of minutes.

This tent provides sufficient privacy to its inhabitants due to is storm flap in door option.

In the package, you also receive a travel bag which is beneficial for you because it will help cover all your storage needs during your camping experience.



The Napier Backroadz 13890 full-size crew does not feature the highest quality poles which makes this item susceptible to collapse in the case of rough wind.

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Napier Sportz III with mid size quad cab trucks


3.Napier Sportz III with mid size quad cab trucksAlso designed especially for the Toyota Tacoma, this truck tent is all you need in terms of protection against the elements while you’re out adventuring in the great outdoors. It will provide you with a cozy place to rest and regain your strength so you can truly enjoy a camping trips as it should be enjoyed.

With this tent model, you get a perfect sleeping area for two adults for just under 260 dollars. You also get the benefit of a sewn-in floor and 5.6 feet of headroom so you can be as comfortable as possible while sleeping above the cold ground.

Just like the previous models mentioned by this article you get large windows and two access doors, one for getting in and out and the other for reaching into the cab of your vehicle. The tent also comes with a full rain fly that ensures you won’t get wet even in heavy rain and the added benefit of the awning above the entrance can provide you with some extra space for storing your adventure gear.

If you like to spend time outdoors but you have a limited budget, you should definitely consider investing in this great truck tent. It will allow you to get even more out of your reliable Tacoma.



The Napier Sportz III with mid-size quad cab trucks gives you the opportunity to feel more comfortable while camping because you set the tent right in the back of your truck instead of sleeping on the ground.

This item has been specially designed to protect you from the worst weather possible due to its full rain fly options.

Moreover, with this product you gain access to extra storage options thanks to the expandable carrying bag you receive in the package.

The high-quality materials that have been used for manufacturing this tent, namely polyester and nylon taffeta, enhance its overall quality and durability.



The Napier Sportz III with mid-size quad cab trucks will not stay seated in position if you do not install it correctly. Therefore, you need to spend some time to read the guidelines before it gets dark when you first spend time into the wilderness with this folded tent.

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Napier Sportz III – For compact short bed trucks


1.Napier Sportz III - For compact short bed trucksAs the name suggests, this truck tent model was designed to fit Tacoma and Hilux vehicles so you won’t have any issues with installation or fit. In terms of price, you can generally purchase this model for around 260 dollars, but you might even find it for less when retailers have a sale.

It can accommodate 2 people and store most of their gear in comfort so you should be fine for short trips out in the wild. Keep in mind that you can also store some of your camping equipment in the cab of your Tacoma so that you can reserve the interior space of the tent strictly for sleeping.

It offers around 5.6 feet of headroom and plenty of ventilation thanks to the two large windows and the additional side vents. The tent also has a rear access door that allows you to reach into the back of the cab if you need to quickly grab a piece of gear or clothing.

The tent is made using  Polyester and nylon taffeta which is covered by a full rain fly. This combination of materials can provide you with excellent protection even against the wettest weather. You also get the benefit of an included screen above the main entrance which you can use to take shelter from the rain or sun.

All in all, the Sportz Truck Tent III for Compact Short Bed Trucks is a great option if you are the proud owner or a Tacoma truck. Don’t miss out on all the great fun you can have with your truck while exploring the great outdoors.



The Napier Sportz III for compact short bed trucks is the only tent of this type on the market that features a patented sewn in the floor.

With this product, you will be able to enjoy sleeping in a larger interior area that will feature over 5,6 feet of headroom.

This product comes equipped with a rear access door that enables the users to enter the truck cab directly thus benefit from additional storage options.

This innovative tent is made of high-quality materials such as nylon taffeta and polyester which guarantee its durability over time.



The Napier Sportz III for compact short bed trucks is not a perfect match for any truck available on the market. Therefore, you need to check the specifications from this perspective before making a purchase so that you might be certain that you will be able to enjoy setting this tent at the back of your truck.

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