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Learn how to find a new truck tent for your Ford F150


If you are in the market for a Ford F150 truck tent but you don’t have enough time to compare models, read reviews, and other buying advice, we have you covered. We have done this research for you by looking at the user feedback, expert reviews, and product popularity to get you the best truck tent for Ford F150. We have concluded that the Kodiak Canvas is the top choice these days because it’s user-friendly, durable enough to withstand both the elements and the test of time, and above all, it’s made to be comfortable. Besides, this model has acquired the widespread appreciation of campers and hikers who have bought it in the past, and these people have also emphasized how easy it is to install. If you can’t get your hands on the Kodiak Canvas, you should definitely check out the Napier Backroadz as it is the next best alternative.



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If you’ve been looking to purchase a truck tent for your Ford F150 but have little to no idea which features are extremely important and which ones you can do without, perhaps we might be of assistance. The following buying guide has been put together with the needs of campers in mind, so you might need to have a look at it before making up your mind on a particular model.

Sleeping capacity

Your automobile has sizeable room in the back to accommodate a rather large truck tent. However, not all models are created the same, which is why they can be made for two or three people, at most. While doing our research on the matter, we’ve noticed that many manufacturing brands market their products for three people, when in fact, they can accommodate two adults and a child.

Since it’s hard to tell whether or not the unit you’re considering of buying is the right one for what you have in mind and for the number of people you’ll be going camping with, we suggest you take a look at the best Ford F150 truck tent reviews. Most online retailers have rating systems that they make available to other prospective buyers.

If any of the people who has bought the model you’re thinking of purchasing yourself has encountered a major issue, it’s very likely that he or she will detail it in a review.


Seasonality is critical

As we were saying, not all models are designed the same way, and as such, they’re not constructed using identical or even similar materials. Going camping during the cold season is entirely different from doing so in the summer, so you might have to assess your requirements before selecting such a tent.

Of course, you can always choose an all-season unit, but you might be either too hot during the summer or too cold in winter. Sometimes, it’s better to pick several budget-friendly models that work best for up to two seasons. The market now holds offers for tents that are best used in the spring and summer and for those that can be utilized efficiently in autumn and winter.


Ease of installation and overall convenience

Although camping is a rather exciting adventure in itself, you need to be prepared for everything beforehand. The last thing that you may want to experience is spending too much time setting up the tent once you have reached your location. While some pickup truck tents for Ford F150 come with color-coded components that enable you to install them with ease, others do not.


Our recommendations



Kodiak Canvas


The Kodiak Canvas has been one of the popular choices out there for quite a while, and we’ve noticed that many owners speak highly of its capabilities.

For one, it’s made with Hydra-Shield, an innovative material that has been designed to provide all the advantages of breathability, durability, and water resilience.

Second, the unit is a perfect fit for several automobile models ranging from the Toyota Tundra to the Ford F-Series. The 5-ft headroom seems to be more than enough for most buyers, and the fact that the unit has been outfitted with five windows ensures that you never feel like you run out of air.

Boasting a steel tube frame, this particular unit can be installed with ease as all you have to do is connect it to the clamp-on rails that can be mounted on your truck bed.

Since more than one hundred people have taken to the internet to express their satisfaction with respect to the performance and features of this unit, we say that it’s worth considering.

Buy from for ($349.99)




Napier Backroadz


Another model that can accommodate up to two people is this Napier Backroadz unit that has many owners raving about it.

First off, it’s significantly more affordable than other alternatives we have analyzed the quality of, including the one we have showcased above. Second, it features four windows, which means that you will be able to benefit from ample ventilation.

The neat thing about this model is that it offers a headroom of 5 feet 5 inches, which means that you’ll be able to use it conveniently even when you change clothes.

Made of polyester taffeta, this unit does a good job when it comes to protecting you from the elements. Also, the floor material is polyethylene, and the poles are constructed out of fiberglass to make sure that they’ll be as long lasting as possible.

Some owners say that putting this tent together was a bit difficult and they would have liked it if the instructions had been a tad more straightforward in this sense.

Buy from for ($177.74)




Sportz 57022


If you’re not into the whole idea of setting up your tent over a time span of more than an hour or so, perhaps you’d like to check out this option.

We’ve noticed that it scored high with customers, on this account, and that’s because it comes with a set of color-coded poles and a sleeve system that ensures that the setup process is quick.

The two mesh windows that the unit has been outfitted with appear to offer enough ventilation although breathability might be an issue for people who don’t like to spend their night in a cramped space.

Compared to the other two models we’ve analyzed, this particular unit comes with fewer side vents and windows.

Based on the user feedback that this model has received, it seems that it offers plenty of interior space and has a lot of headroom. Also, most owners think that it’s a well-made option.

Buy from for ($259.99)




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