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If you are in the market for a truck tent but you don’t have enough time to compare models, read reviews and other buying advice, we have you covered. We have done this research for you by looking at user feedback, expert reviews and product popularity to get you the best truck tent. We have concluded that the Kodiak Canvas 7206 is the best. Constructed of exceptional, marine-grade 100 percent Hydra-Shield cotton duck canvas, this truck tent has a double-fill design that ensures strength and durability. It is breathable and watertight thanks to the silicone, dry-finish treatment so you stay comfortable and dry even in the rainiest weather. The innovative tunnel-shaped design offers security and sufficient space in which you can enjoy a restful night’s sleep, keeping you high and dry and away from all the bugs and other creatures that could be crawling on the ground. If you can’t get your hands on the Kodiak Canvas, you should definitely check out the Napier Sportz Truck Tent III as it is the best alternative.


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Truck tents have changed the way outdoorsy people view camping thanks to how they have reshaped and merged the camping and automotive industries into a growing, albeit slow moving, single sector all its own. Providing the patent need for flexibility and convenience in enjoying outdoor activities, this type of product has been featured in its own best truck tent reviews that help people find the top rated ones on the market. As a first time or even seasoned camper, how will you know if a truck tent is worth investing in?


Offers the right type for your needs

Truck tent camping is a relatively new idea, which is why only a handful of companies produce the equipment for this purpose. The most notable names in truck tent camping are Napier and The Adventure Truck Tent. Rightline Gear has been building its own following, with truck tents marketed under the brand name CampRight. Basically, the majority of truck tents come with the same configuration, with a few variations between brands and models.

The truck tents marketed by Napier have completely enclosed structures. They comprise a layer of tent covering the bottom of the truck bed. On the other hand, CampRight and The Adventure Truck Tent products are distinct for their open and bare bottom structures. Truck tents from Napier also come with a small awning for shade or additional rain protection. The tunnel-shaped design is a Kodiak exclusive. This unique design is engineered to deliver more camping room owing to the shape.


Reliable construction

Fiberglass poles are common in truck tents but they tend to be fragile and likely to break. Replacements and repair kits are available in camping stores, but we don’t think campers would be rushing to buy those. Go for aluminum poles, which are stronger than fiberglass ones aside from being more durable.

Serving as your truck tent umbrella is the rainfly, so the bigger this component is, the better. Make sure the rainfly comes down the sides of the tent nicely and not just covers the top. You want the rainfly to be waterproof and the walls of the tent to be water repellent. Premium quality tents are made of nylon taffeta, polyester, canvas or laminates. Nylon and canvas are both durable and strong fabrics, with canvas being more so. Folded seams and double stitching protect from leaks.


Convenient extras for problem-free use

You want color-coded pole clips and corners and an adequate number of attachment straps to make setup easier and quicker. Aside from an adequate rain fly, the truck tent should preferably come with some mesh panels that help keep the nasty flying bugs away and also promote good ventilation. Keeping your camping gear organized is easy with interior pockets.


Our recommendations


There is a wide variety of models of truck tents you can choose from despite the fact that truck tent camping is fundamentally a novel idea. Check out the buying guide above for some helpful information about this kind of equipment. We have also showcased the best products below to help make your shopping journey smoother.



Kodiak Canvas 7206


1.Canvas Truck Tent 6 ft.Constructed of Hydra-Shield, 100% cotton duck canvas, the Kodiak Canvas 6 Ft. ensures breathable, durable and watertight camping shelter for those who love taking road trips. Offering compatibility with a variety of vehicles, this truck tent works nicely with models in the Ford F Series, the Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra, and Nissan Titan.

The tunnel-shaped design makes the most of interior space with its high 5-foot ceiling height. The usable space is made wider thanks to the unit’s tailgate down design. The tent is equipped with a sturdy ¾-inch steel tube frame that connects the clamp-on rails for easy mounting on the truck bed while ensuring a secure fit.

Enjoy excellent ventilation and open access to the outdoors with the five windows of the tent, which includes a cab access window so you won’t have to leave the shelter to get your things from the cab. Anywhere your truck goes, your shelter also goes. This is while keeping you off the ground high and dry and away from creepy crawlies while you sleep.

Buy from for ($349.99)




Napier Sportz Truck Tent III


2. Sportz Truck Tent IIINever again will you need to camp in a standard ground tent. You won’t even have to save up your whole life just to get an expensive RV. The Sportz Truck Tent III, one of the most popular truck tents for Dodge Ram, provides the best solution when you get stranded and have to spend a day on the road or perhaps even a week exploring the outdoors.

This piece of gear assembles in the back of your open-bed pickup and sleeps two. Made of polyester and nylon taffeta on both the rainfly and the tent, this model also boasts polyester Oxford floor material and has 6 shock-corded fiberglass poles, 2 fiberglass and 4 steel awning poles. The patented sewn-in floor is a nice means of keeping all your gear inside.

The rear access door enables you to have access to the cab for more storage options. The 2 large windows with middle divider and the 2 side vents promote good cross ventilation. The color-coded pole-and-sleeve system enables trouble-free set up. The full rainfly protects you from the rain. The 4-foot x 4-foot awning provides more shade by extending off the tailgate.

Buy from for ($259.99)




Mopar OEM Camo Mossy Oak


3. 2013-2014 Dodge Ram 1500Designed with an outdoor-friendly Camo Mossy Oak pattern, the 2013-2014 Dodge Ram 1500 Camping Mopar OEM makes a safari adventure truly worth taking.

The fantastic camo mossy oak design works well with the natural surroundings, making you feel closer to nature. With a large interior offering 5.5 feet of headroom, this truck tent allows you to rest comfortably with a large enough outdoor living space where you won’t have to continuously bend your back inside. The full rainfly shields you from the rain. The 4-foot by 4-foot awning offers secure attachment to the tailgate, providing additional shade.

The patented removable sleeve doubles as a stand alone ground tent while also providing a handy carrying case for truck tent storage. Easily converting the vehicle cargo area into a usable sleeping space or storage area, this truck tent offers durability for years of use. It’s a fantastic truck bed tent for Dodge Ram that will make any road trip or outdoor adventure more exciting and truly magical.

Buy from for ($465)





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