Best truck tent for Chevy Silverado


Learn how to find a new truck tent for your Chevy Silverado


If you are in the market for a truck tent but you don’t have enough time to compare models, read reviews, and other buying advice, we have you covered. We have done this research for you by looking at the user feedback, expert reviews, and product popularity to get you the best truck tent for Chevy Silverado. We have concluded that the Kodiak Canvas 7218 is the top choice these days because it’s comfortable, user-friendly, and durable enough to withstand the test of time. Since the fabric of this product has been constructed with the needs of campers in mind, it is lightweight and watertight, thus allowing you to rest assured that your trip and stay at the site will go exactly as planned. Since the unit has been outfitted with five windows, you’ll get more than enough ventilation. If you can’t get your hands on the Kodiak Canvas 7218, you should definitely check out the Sportz Truck Tent III as it’s the next best alternative.


Buying the best truck tent for Chevrolet Silverado is a daunting task as the market is packed with endless choices. If you’ve been having a bit of trouble with selecting the right one for your truck model and for your needs, we’re here to help. Check out our buyer’s guide as it can let you know what factors you have to give some thought to while you’re prospecting the market.


What is the sleeping capacity that you’re most comfortable with?

The first detail you have to take into account is your plan. If you intend to go camping with a friend, your partner, or even your large breed dog, you don’t need a 1-person tent. The same rule applies if you’re claustrophobic and find it hard to sleep in smaller spaces.

Unfortunately, many manufacturing brands market their products in such a way so as to tell people that they can actually fit into the truck tent as per the occupant number recommendation. Based on our experience and research, we can inform you that a 2-person truck tent usually accommodates one adult and one child. Two full-size or heavier adults might find such an option to be too cramped.

Otherwise said, you may be forced to choose a larger tent without even wanting to do so.



Going camping in winter is one thing, but doing the same in the summer is an entirely different situation. Depending on their seasonality, such tents can be split up into several categories. Some can be used from spring to fall, others can do well for all four seasons, and various models should only be used in the summertime.

According to the time of year you will go camping, you need to focus on several specific features. If the weather is hot, you probably require a model that comes with a minimum of three windows so that you don’t start sweating in the middle of the night and even find it hard to breathe. By contrast, a model intended for the cold season will have to be heavier and thicker compared to its summer counterpart.


Crucial features to focus on

Other factors that you ought to keep in mind include the peak height, the tent floor length, the doors, the poles, and whether or not the model has been outfitted with a rainfly. The number of pockets might also be of interest to you especially if you want to have enough room to store your equipment.


Our recommendations


Kodiak Canvas 7218


This Kodiak Canvas model has been designed to fit all models from the Ford F-Series to the Dodge Ram and Chevy Silverado.

You can also utilize it conveniently with other vehicles such as the Toyota Tundra, the GMC Sierra, as well as the Nissan Titan.

The neat thing about this unit is that it has been constructed using Hydra-Shield, a unique kind of material that renders the whole tend breathable, durable, as well as watertight. Besides, the product is intended for the needs of all types of users as the headroom is 5 feet tall.

Last but not least, it should be noted that this is one of the few tents that come with as many as five windows.

This makes it possible for you to benefit from enhanced ventilation. You won’t have to feel too hot when sleeping or resting in this tent, thus making sure that you’ll be relaxed on the following camping day.

Buy from for ($349.99)




Sportz Truck Tent III


Depending on the model that you will end up choosing, you have a high chance of spending close to three hundred dollars or more.

If your finances don’t allow you to make such expenses, perhaps you might want to consider the Sportz Truck Tent III as it is one of the most reasonably priced alternatives we have stumbled upon.

The neat thing about the unit is that it has been outfitted with a full rain fly and color coded poles, and these last additions make it possible for you to install it both conveniently and efficiently.

Having been constructed out of polyester and nylon taffeta, it goes without saying that this particular unit will be capable of withstanding the test of time.

Its 5.6-feet of headroom make it comfortable to use whether you’re going to change clothes or call it a night. Plus, the two side vents and two large windows can make sure that you benefit from proper ventilation.

Buy from for ($259.99)




Napier 57891


While getting the perfect truck bed tent for Chevy Silverado is a difficult task in itself, if you decide to choose this model you might not be bothered by so many inconvenience as you would if you were to select a different option.

The full rainfly and the full sewn-in floor are two of the features that you’ll find are most helpful with regard to the design of this product.

Since it has been made of heavy-duty fabric, it will be a friend in need for many years to come and for as many camping seasons as you’ll want to enjoy with a friend or a relative.

As is the case with the Sportz Truck Tent III, the Napier model has been designed for people who don’t like feeling too cramped.

That’s why you’re likely to enjoy the 5.6-ft headroom. Ventilation is ensured by the two available mesh windows and side vents.

Buy from




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