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If you are in the market for a truck tent but you don’t have enough time to compare models, read reviews and other buying advice, we have you covered. We have done this research for you by looking at user feedback, expert reviews and product popularity to get you the best truck tent. We have concluded that the Napier Outdoors Backroadz is the best because of its dependable 800mm Polyurethane polyester taffeta material that makes it lighter and less bulky compared to truck tents made of natural source fabrics. This ensures easy transport, greater resistance against rips and mildew, and quick drying out. This truck tent features a proprietary sewn-in floor from Napier, which enables you to sleep away from the cold steel floor of the truck bed. The sewn in floor also ensures a more watertight uni-structure to protect you from the elements. The large interior has a headroom of more than 5.5 inches so you can be in a comfortable position inside the truck tent. If you can’t get your hands on the Napier Outdoors Backroadz, you should definitely check out the Sportz 570 as it is the best alternative.


Providing a means for you to camp out on the bed of your truck in situations where you can’t find a decent place to spend the night in, a truck tent increases the versatility of your vehicle by making your truck a safe lodging space. These are the things to consider when making a choice among the products featured in the best camping truck tent reviews.


Occupant accommodation

When looking at the best truck tents for camping, your topmost consideration is how many people can sleep comfortably in the shelter. Truck tents are fundamentally designed to enable up to three occupants to fit inside. This specification is conservative since it does not include space considerations when sleeping bags are used by the tent occupants. In between places, you can stay in a truck tent to spend the night with a partner or alone, along with your travel essentials on the truck bed.


Suitability to your vehicle and preferred type

When studying the products presented in the best truck tent for camping reviews, you need to consider which one fits your vehicle’s model or make. In keeping with their functionality, truck tents attach to the bed of your truck so there will be required vehicle features that can ensure a customized fit. Choose from truck tents suitable for dropgates, liftgates, camper tops and long- or short-bed trucks. Some truck tents hook or strap in to various spots around a vehicle. You can also choose between truck tents with or without a floor. The truck bed has to be empty of your things before you can install a truck tent with a sewn-in floor. A tent with a sewn-in floor also ensures you don’t sleep on the cold floor of the truck bed. On the other hand, a tent without a floor is easier to set up since you won’t have to remove your things on the truck bed.


Hassle-free setup and installation

Look into how easy the truck tent is to install. Some manufacturers specify that your vehicle should be facing in a specific direction, such as downwind or in the direction the wind blows, to ensure protection against the rain for your tent and truck. Regardless of the manufacturer’s specifications on the installation of their products, you will have to ensure that the truck tent is sealed against water and is sturdy.

Examine the poles of the truck tent carefully. Most manufacturers ship their products with color-coded poles, which facilitate setup and installation. If the poles are not color coded, it could take some time for you to figure out how to setup the tent properly. That being said, you want the tent to become easier to install after the first two attempts or so. Make sure the tent provides a customized fit to make installation a lot easier. With some truck tents, you can even put in a mattress for a comfortable sleeping surface.


Our recommendations


We have showcased some of the best products in this category in the next paragraphs. You can be sure that the products we reviewed are of premium quality craftsmanship and can provide reliable functionality.



Napier Outdoors Backroadz


Enabling you to use your truck as your camp, the Napier Outdoors Backroadz provides an economical way for you to camp out while being safely off the ground. This truck tent accommodates two occupants. This product enables you to spend the night between locations especially when there’s nowhere to sleep in.

Made of 800mm polyurethane polyester taffeta, this truck tent keeps mildew, corrosion and moisture away with its quick drying out capability. The sewn-in floor ensures you sleep in comfort away from the cold truck bed. It also keeps moisture out during inclement weather. Equipped with four large windows, this truck tent ensures dependable ventilation inside so you can breathe easy as you rest. The large entrance door provides an efficient means of getting into and out of the truck tent.

This entrance door is outfitted with a storm flap to keep rain out and extend the tent’s coverage to the truck’s drop gate. You’ll love the shock-corded design of the included fiberglass poles as it ensures durability and strength while also ensuring easy transport of the tent. This is further enhanced with the supplied carrying bag that enables you to conveniently store the truck tent for problem-free transport.

This go-anywhere tent offers a fusion of dependable functionality and comfort and can be installed in most standard pickups and even vehicles of that type with accessories. You’re doing your part for Mother Earth when you buy this product because the manufacturer undertakes to plant a tree with every truck tent purchase.



This product provides good and bad weather resistance thanks to its polyester full rain fly that has an 800 mm proof water repellant coating.

It is very easy to set up by a single person due to its intuitive design. Four fiberglass poles of different lengths act as a frame, and it comes with its own strap cords to tie it to the truck.

The Napier patented sewn-in floor provides an extra layer of thermal insulation from the cold metal truck bed, ensuring it won’t cool the air inside the tent during cold months. The floor also helps prevent water and dust from seeping in.

The meshed entrance door has its own storm flap, for added protection in bad weather and extra privacy.

Five mesh sections — four windows and the door — allow for good air circulation during summer months.



This is a 3 season camping product, the insulation is not meant to keep warm air in during winter.  

Buy from for ($177.74)




Sportz 570


Roomy enough to accommodate two occupants, the Sportz 570 offers more than 5.6 feet of headroom to enable you to stay inside in a comfortable position without bending your back. Outfitted with a sewn-in floor, this model ensures protection for occupants from rain and the cold floor of the truck bed.

You can sleep inside without discomfort because the sewn-in floor keeps you virtually cocooned in security and safety. You can easily access the cab of your truck via the large rear access panel so you can store your things in the lockable area of your truck. For easy in and out, this model features a large entrance door.

For more comfort and problem-free airflow, this truck tent also comes with two mesh windows along with side vents so you can breathe easily while resting. This model works nicely without guide ropes thanks to the 4 feet by 4 feet awning that also provides shade under which you can read a book while seated in a camping chair. The awning attaches to the tailgate for easy setup.

This model also comes with an innovative color-coded pole-and-sleeve system to provide fast and easy assembly, setup and installation. This is especially important since you’d definitely want to rest after a tiring day of driving on endless stretches of roads. Your truck’s finish gets extra protection thanks to the provided set of strap protectors.



This tent is spacious enough to accommodate two people, and it provides 5.6 feet of headroom at its tallest point.

As a convenience feature, it has a rear access panel that allows you to get to your truck’s cab without having to leave the tent. This provides for some extra storage compartment in a relatively secure place.

It also features a sewn-in floor, to provide an extra layer of insulation from the cold bed of the truck, which will otherwise act as a heat sink during cold months.

A 4 x 4 foot awning extends past the tailgate to provide extra shade during summer and also a bit of rain protection.

This tent has very good cross-ventilation, provided by screen openings on either side.



The rain fly doesn’t allow for much air to circulate between it and the main tent. This keeps the tent warm during cold weather but can cause condensation.

Buy from for ($259.99)




Kodiak Canvas


The Kodiak Canvas tent is a perfect alternative for people passionate about camping experiences that keep them off the ground. This item allows you to enjoy a comfortable sleeping experience while keeping you high and dry and far away from insects. You can take the tent with you wherever you choose to travel by truck.

This item gets attached to the back of the truck and offers you a perfect sleeping experience in the most secure and comfortable conditions. It features a sturdy construction and comes equipped with a steel tube frame. Moreover, it works based on the Hydra-Shield technology, and it includes 100% cotton duck canvas.

This item is durable, breathable and waterproof which are all essential features to consider when you wish to be properly equipped for your outdoor camping experiences. It features a tunnel shaped design that helps maximize the overall interior space of the tent. It is 5 feet high which allows any person to feel comfortable while standing on his/ her feet inside the tent.

Finally, this item features five windows that provide excellent openness and ventilation. The access window comes as an extra benefit for users. Its entry is covered and you will also be able to find a carry bag inside the package.



The Kodiak 7218-Parent tent is a good option for people who adore the adventures they can engage in outdoors without being too far from their favorite truck. This item offers you a comfortable sleeping area in the back of the truck without having to go through complex steps for installing it.

This tent has been widely appreciated for its unique tailgate design which can easily expand the usable space in the tent.

This product features clamp-on rails that can get easily mounted on the truck bed and which manage to ensure a secure fit this way.

You get access to perfect openness and ventilation features due to the five windows that are included in the tent.



The Kodiak 7218-Parent will not work on any vehicle so you need to see the specifications from this perspective before purchasing this item.

Buy from for ($349.99)





Unavailable products



Guide Gear 6-by-6 ft


The Guide Gear transforms your truck into a mobile shelter instantly. You save on hotel bills since you can simply park your truck at a safe location and set up the truck tent to spend the night outdoors. It provides an awesomely thrilling outdoor experience for you and a partner. This truck tent assembles and sets up in minutes so you won’t have to be sleeping on the cold ground where all sorts of creeping and crawling creatures could be lurking.

Providing a fast yet comfortable shelter, this truck tent boasts an award winning construction and design. It ensures excellent ventilation so you can breathe effortlessly while sleeping. This truck tent is suitable for use on a variety of pickup trucks. It allows you to camp out whenever you are caught somewhere on the way to your destination. You won’t have to worry about where to spend the night because this truck tent makes any safe location a convenient campsite.

This truck tent is lightweight so you can always have it handy in your truck. Its large D-shaped door provides hassle-free entry and exit. You can rest in a fully enclosed space to keep the elements out. The included shock-corded fiberglass poles and tension straps ensure problem-free attachment to your vehicle. This product comes with its own weather-resilient, heavy-duty carrying bad for easy storage and transport.




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