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If you are in the market for a truck tent but you don’t have enough time to compare models, read reviews and other buying advice, we have you covered. We have done this research for you by looking at user feedback, expert reviews and product popularity to get you the best truck tent. We have concluded that the Bushwhacker Paws n Claws K9 is the best because of its durable construction using 600 denier polyester along with tear-resilient mesh. You’ll appreciate how the tough grey fabric reflects instead of absorbing sunlight so the inside of the tent feels comfortable for your dog throughout the day. The mesh material ensures dependable breathability to give your pet a cool ride every time. The closed cell foam that goes into the half-inch pad requires simple hosing off of dirt and messes while preventing corrosion. Attached to the tie-down brackets of the truck is the adjustable dog tether that ensures your pet is secure and safe during the ride. If you can’t get your hands on the Bushwhacker® Paws n Claws K9, you should definitely check out the Ohuhu Instant Shelter as it is the best alternative.


Offering a great way for couples, small families and pet owners and their pets to enjoy the outdoors without shelling out a lot of money, a truck tent provides functional shelter to suit the outdoorsy lifestyle. These are what to consider in the best truck tent canopy.


Functional Capacity

In conventional terms, truck tents basically accommodate from two to three people or occupants at a time. This means you can be inside a truck tent with your spouse or girlfriend while ensuring comfortable rest for both of you because you can sleep high off the ground during those times when driving to a hotel will be too wasteful of time and fuel.

With a truck tent, you can simply park in a safe location and spend the night between places. You may even share the truck tent with your pet, so it doesn’t have to spend the night unsheltered or directly under the stars. Some models are even designed to accommodate up to three occupants, so you can either have a partner and your luggage with you, or just your luggage and a pet. Make sure the capacity of the truck tent is enough for your regular purpose.

If you travel alone, a three-person truck tent can easily carry your on-the-go items while providing enough sleeping area for you to spend the night in. Some truck tents are meant for the use of your pet only so you can do other things in the campsite while your pet rests in the tent while guarding your vehicle.


Dependable design or type and vehicle compatibility

Truck tents are pretty much geared to be used with specific types of vehicles. They are designed to hook up to your truck bed so there may be vehicle features that will ensure an easy fit. Some models can be installed in vehicles with liftgates, while others can be setup with drop gate trucks to provide a truck canopy tent extension.

Others are suitable for either short bed or long bed trucks and there are some that can be used for camper top vehicles. You can select from models that strap in or hook into different spots around the vehicle.

In addition, you can go for truck tents with or without a floor. A model with a sewn-in floor will require you to take your things off the truck bed first prior to installation. A model without a floor lets you simply install it while eliminating the need to remove your gear from the truck bed.


Easy installation and setup plus comfortable use

Some manufacturers of truck tents design their units to be installed with the truck at a specific position. Typically, truck tents need to be setup with the vehicle downwind or facing the direction the wind is blowing to ensure that rain is kept off the tent and the truck. Look for models that are sturdy and watertight enough to eliminate the need to install the unit with the truck in a specific direction.

Do take note of the poles supplied with the truck tent. A number of truck tent companies supply color-coded poles for effortless installation. Non-color coded poles will require a learning curve for proper setup but the truck tent should become easier to install after the first two attempts. With a truck tent that has the proper fit, setup is relatively easy. Some models can accommodate a mattress for more comfortable sleeping away from the cold truck bed. Check out models with a zip up window that enables easy access to the cab for use on a truck with a rear window.


Our recommendations


The following paragraphs below showcase the best truck tents on the market. These top selling products have gotten the best canopy tent for truck reviews so you are assured of performance and quality.



Bushwhacker Paws n Claws K9


Perfect for those who consider their pets as family, the Bushwhacker® Paws n Claws K9 is designed to withstand the challenging conditions of the great outdoors.

Providing dependable shelter, this product is made using tough 600-denier polyester that is not only waterproof but also comes with a tear-resistant mesh for consistent ventilation, allowing your pet to rest comfortably inside. The tent’s grey fabric doesn’t soak sunlight in but reflects it instead to keep the interior cool for your pet.

The half-inch bottom pad comes with closed cell foam that enables simple hosing off to remove messes and dirt that your pet might leave in the tent. You won’t have to worry about corrosion because of the closed cell foam construction. The tent comes with an adjustable dog tether to ensure safety and security for your pet.

The tether attaches to the tie-down brackets of your truck to ensure your pet stays in the truck bed. This canopy is easy to assemble in minutes and also installs easily and quickly via gutter hooks and four straps. Offering versatility, this model can also be used during camping, in the backyard or garage or for any purpose that needs shade and a comfortable resting place for your dog.



The Bushwhacker Paws N Claws K9 canopy features a highly durable construction due to the tear resistant mesh and denier polyester elements it features.

The sunlight is reflected and not absorbed by the grey fabric used for manufacturing this tent. This benefit comes as a perfect match for the breathability of the mesh that manages to create a cool ride for your favorite pet.

In the case of this tent, you do not have to worry about corrosion because you can easily hose off the pad which features a closed cell foam.

The entire canopy can be assembled in just a couple of minutes which means that you will not have to waste too much time to set everything up for your camping experience.



The Bushwhacker Paws N Claws K9 does not provide sufficient space for shade.

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Ohuhu Instant Shelter


Boasting a durable all-in-one steel frame, the Ohuhu Instant Shelter is capable of withstanding the effects of the elements thanks to the rust-resistant powder coating used to enhance the frame structure.

You won’t need to worry about peeling, chipping, corrosion and rust. This model provides maximum coverage thanks to its legs that provide effortless adjustability via safety push adjustment buttons. The legs also allow you to adjust the canopy to different height options while delivering up to 100 square feet of shade with a maximum shelter height of 12 feet so you can easily stand and not have to bend or stoop underneath.

Easy to set up in seconds, this canopy needs no tools to assemble and install. Just open the frame and fix the roof with velcro straps at the corners. You can achieve your desired shade coverage by simply adjusting the height of the canopy. To facilitate easy carrying, this model comes with a wheeled carrying bag with a rubber handle and strong zipper for problem-free storage and transport.

Constructed using high quality 420D waterproof oxford fabric, this canopy delivers a fusion of style and durability while ensuring sufficient UV protection and fire resistance. Designed to stay strong against a light drizzle, this model is not recommended for use in heavy rain and strong winds. It provides adequate shelter during light showers when you can watch the rain falling softly on the ground.



The Ohuhu Instant Shelter comes equipped with a beneficial all in one steel frame that was built with the help of a resistant coating that enhances the overall durability of the system. Therefore, you will not have to worry about corrosion, peeling, rust or chipping risks with this item.

The product is highly adjustable so it manages to offer full coverage to its users. Its legs can be adjusted easily due to the push adjustment buttons it includes.

This might be the easiest tent to set up because no tools are required for this and you can get the job done in just a couple of seconds. All you have to do is open the frame, fix the roof with the special Velcro straps and adjust its height according to your requirements. Simple and fast!



The Ohuhu Instant Shelter is very large and heavy in comparison to other available products from the same category.

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Perfect for people who don’t care much for a standard-sized tent, the KingCamp COMPASS offers versatile functionality. Able to accommodate from 4 to 6 people under its protective shade, this canopy attaches with ease to most trucks, SUVs and cars using strong hooks plus an elastic bungee cord. It even serves as a low-design ground shelter.

It is able to provide shelter and protection thanks to its durable ripstop polyester construction enhanced with waterproof coating. This canopy shields you from inclement weather and the bright sun. It comes with 2 steel poles along with 3 shock-corded fiberglass poles to ensure stability once properly setup while making this overhead shelter easy to assemble and install.

This canopy comes with 84.6-inch wide and 124-inch long dimensions to extend your camping space and provide more than enough shelter for you and your friends.

The entire unit folds up into a compact package and fits easily into the supplied carry bag with handle, for problem-free transport and storage. Use this product on the road to address the need for an instant campsite. It can also be used at the beach or in the yard for shade. Take it with you in the car or have it handy at home, for use during those sudden-need situations.



The KingCamp COMPASS is a modern tent that offers its users the opportunity to enjoy a large shade area so that they might feel cozy and comfortable when it is really hot outside and they are out camping in the wilderness.

This product is highly durable due to the polyester fabric that was used for manufacturing it.

The pleasant air breezes will find their way into this tent due to the air vents included in the peak. Ample ventilation is enabled by the large side mesh window featured by this product.

In addition, this item can be considered a multifunctional one. You can use it as a tent in the back of your truck or as a ground shelter with the help of its steel poles.



The KingCamp COMPASS does not feature the best quality poles which means that there is always the risk of this tent being damaged by heavy winds.

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