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If you are in the market for a truck tent mattress but you don’t have enough time to compare models, read reviews and other buying advice, we have you covered. We have done this research for you by looking at user feedback, expert reviews and product popularity to get you the best mattress you can use with your truck tent. We have concluded that the AirBedz Lite is the best because it comes with an innovative coil system that is designed to evenly distribute your weight. There are even air coils that cover the wheel wells so you can sleep comfortably in the bed of your truck. Thanks to the portable air pump and 16’ cord inflating this air mattress is a breeze. If you can’t get your hands on the AirBedz Lite, you should definitely check out the AirBedz PPI 102 as it is the best alternative.





When you are looking for the best truck tent accessories you want to pay attention to the size. Not only do you want the truck tent to provide adequate coverage, you also want it to be large enough to accommodate your accessories. This often includes an air mattress, and this should be sized to fit in the bed of your truck. You also want to consider the number of people, and if they are children or adults.



You want to make sure that the truck tent and any accessories are constructed from durable materials or else it could end up being a waste of your hard earned money. Tents and air mattresses should be durable and able to withstand the rigors associated with outdoor use. Products made from PVC are usually tear and puncture resistant, and often have the advantage of being weatherproof. If you are considering an air mattress you might want to choose one with a flocked top since this will prevent it from sliding around when you are sleeping.


Other considerations

Truck bed tent accessories can come with an array of convenient features that should be considered. Whether it is a truck tent or air mattress you want it to be easy to set up or inflate. Air mattresses that come with pumps are always convenient, and some can be plugged into your truck. Others have a build in air pump so there is one less accessory for you to keep track off.  Models that cover your wheel wells will provide you with a larger sleeping space. You can also find air mattresses with coil systems that are designed to evenly distribute your weight. In some cases a truck tent air mattress can feel almost as comfortable as your bed back home.


Our recommendations



AirBedz Lite


1-airbedz-lite-ppi-pv203cIf you are looking for a truck camping mattress that is durable and comfortable, you might want to consider the Lite by AirBedz. Measuring 72” x 55” X 12” when it is inflated it is ideal for most mid size trucks with a short bed.

One of the advantages of this air mattress is its design. It will effectively cover your wheel wells so you don’t have to worry about rolling into the hard surfaces. This also provides you with a little extra room.

This air mattress uses a “Comfort Coil System” which is designed to evenly distribute your weight. This allows you to get a good night’s sleep so you are ready for the next day’s adventures.

It is constructed from a durable PVC material that is resistant to rips and punctures, and it is also designed to last for years. Thanks to the DC air pump and 16 foot cord inflating this truck tent air mattress is a breeze.



If you are looking for a truck tent accessory that is capable of increasing your comfort when you are gone camping then you might like this air mattress.

It is both durable and dependable because it is made of heavy-duty PVC material that is known to resist against rips and tears, being able to last for years.

The Airbedz Lite is perfectly designed to fit most mid-size trucks with a short bed and it comes with an innovative design that covers the wheel wells preventing you from getting bruised up from bumping into them.

It uses a “Comfort Coil System”, which means you can sleep comfortably and your back won’t feel sore the next day because your weight will be evenly distributed.

Inflating it won’t be a hassle because it comes with an air pump which you can connect to your truck’s DC outlet.



Some users felt that it doesn’t stay inflated for as long as they’d like it to.

Buy from for ($126.27)




AirBedz PPI 102


2-airbedz-ppi-102There is very little not to like about this truck bed air mattress from AirBedz. It is designed to fit most full size trucks with a short bed and measures 76” X 63.5” x 12”. This gives you plenty of room to stretch out for a good night’s sleep.

To ensure you sleep comfortably the air mattress comes with a “Comfort Coil System” that is designed to evenly distribute your weight, while also providing support. The air coils even cover the wheel wells so you can enjoy additional sleeping space.

Since this truck tent air mattress is constructed from durable cloth material it is resistant to punctures and tears so you can rest assured that it is a good value for your money.

Thanks to the built in pump inflating this air mattress is a breeze, and it is also easily rechargeable so it is always ready to go.



This air mattress is ideally designed to fit most full-sized trucks, giving plenty of room for you to stretch out and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

The comfort of this product is ensured by an innovative coil system that allows the weight to be evenly distributed, thus providing you with the necessary support to be able to sleep soundly.

For additional sleeping space and a bump-free environment, this mattress comes with air coils that cover the wheel wells.

It provides great value for its price because it’s made of durable cloth material that is guaranteed to withstand the test of time against rips and tears.

Thanks to its built-in pump this air mattress is very easy to inflate and because it is easily rechargeable it can always be ready to go.



A few customers experienced difficulties while trying to keep the mattress inflated, some of them even stated that it started to deflate within 30 minutes.

Buy from for ($215.99)




Napier Outdoors Sportz Mid-Size Air Mattress


3-napier-outdoorsWhether you need an air mattress for your truck tent or to fit in the back of a SUV, this model by Napier might be just what you are looking for.

Measuring 75” x 47” x 5” it is large enough to provide you with plenty of sleeping space, though it should be mentioned that it does not cover wheel wells. Instead this air mattress is designed to fit between them.

The built in hand pump makes inflating the air mattress a breeze, and you also don’t have to worry about keeping it charged.

There is also a large valve on the side for quick and easy deflation. What really sets this truck bed air mattress apart is the flocked top. This helps to prevent your sleeping bag from slipping around at night. Best of all this air mattress comes at a price that is designed to fit almost any budget.



This air mattress is ideally designed to fit either inside of a truck tent or in the back of a SUV and this means that it provides a good sleep environment when gone camping.

It fits perfectly between the wheel wells of most pickup trucks and because of that it offers both plenty of space for stretching while sleeping and additional gear storage room for things you wish to keep at hand.

Inflating it will be a breeze thanks to a hand pump that is built inside the mattress which also means that you won’t have to worry about keeping it charged.

Thanks to a large valve on the side this air mattress can be quickly deflated and stored to ensure a fast getaway.

This product also comes with a soft flocked top that will keep your sleeping bag safe of sliding off.



Because it doesn’t cover the wheel wells you might bump into them.

Buy from for ($89.99)




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