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Do you like outdoor activities and spending time in nature? Do you like taking long walks and sleep under the clear sky but still benefit from comfortable and lightweight products? If you enjoy camping but you’re not really a fan of sleeping directly on the ground, truck tents can prove to be the ideal solution for you and your family. Truck tents are a great alternative to the regular tents that are mounted on the ground because they offer you better-sleeping conditions without having to worry about bugs, ants, or any other insects or small reptiles that might ruin your night. Based on what people are saying about it, it seems that one of the best truck tailgate tents out there is the Sportz 570. This model boasts a sewn-in floor, a color-coded pole and sleeve system, and comes with an expandable carrying bag. It’s available in six sizes, so you have a good chance of finding the right one for your truck. If the Sportz 570 is no longer in stock, consider the Kodiak Canvas 7206 as it’s almost just as good.



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Truck tents are a great choice for campers that don’t want to sleep on the ground and its versatile design allows it to be used almost anywhere you park your vehicle. If you are interested in a truck tent but don’t know what to look for, this brief buying guide will help you get started.

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According to the best truck tailgate tent reviews one of the first factors to consider is whether it is compatible with your vehicle. This can be easily determined by simply checking the manufacturer’s website to see if your truck is listed. If the tent doesn’t fit your truck it can quickly become an expensive mistake.



The size of the truck tailgating tent will depend on the number of people you are trying to sleep, along with the amount of space in the bed of your vehicle. Most truck tents are dome shaped to ensure plenty of headroom, but the number of people that can fit comfortably inside will vary. You can find cosy tents that can sleep two up to two, along with larger models capable of accommodating up to 6.




You want the truck tailgating tent to be constructed from durable materials that are resistant to rips and tears. Most are constructed from sturdy PVC or nylon, and you might also want to consider one that is waterproof. The frame and poles should also be durable, and most are made from lightweight aluminum or heavier steel.


Ease of use

SInce you don’t want to waste time setting up or tearing down the tent you will probably want to choose one that is easy to assemble. Color coded sleeves and poles allow you to set up in minutes, and frames that simply snap together allow you to assemble the tent yourself.



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Sportz 570 


1. Sportz Truck Tent Blue-GreyIt is easy to see why this is often considered the best truck bed tent by camping enthusiasts. It comes with color coded sleeves and poles so you know exactly where everything goes, and you will appreciate the included covers that prevent the straps from rubbing and scratching against the truck. The straps are also easy to attach, and will keep the tent securely in the bed of your truck.

With 5.6 feet of headroom you can easily move around inside, and it is large enough to comfortably sleep two people.

This tent is also advertised as being the only one for sale that comes with the floor sewn in so you don’t have to worry about dirt and water getting inside the tent.

You will love the 4’ x 4’ awning that attaches to the tailgate without the use of guide ropes. This ensures that it is just as easy to take down when you are ready to move on to your next camping spot.



If you choose this product then you won’t have to guess about its assembly because it comes with color coded sleeves and poles which let you know where everything goes.

Don’t worry about ruining your truck’s finish because there are included covers that prevent the straps from scratching the paint.

Also, the straps offer enough stability by keeping your tent securely fixated to your truck’s bed, meaning that no gust of wind will leave you without a roof over your head.

The Sportz 570 offers plenty of space to stretch around, being able to accommodate two full-grown adults.

Thanks to the 4’ x 4’ awning that can be attached directly to the tailgate without guide ropes this tent can be easily taken down and placed aside for the next adventure.



If you are a small person you should know that the door zips open from the top so you might need a lift to help you.

Buy from for ($259.99)




Kodiak Canvas 7206


2.Canvas Truck Tent 6 ft.This lightweight and sturdy canvas truck tent is the perfect choice for the adventurous camper that doesn’t want to sleep on the ground.

Since it is manufactured by Kodiak Canvas you know that it is made to withstand the harshest camping conditions, and designed to last for years. It is constructed from Hydra-Shield 100 percent cotton canvas that will keep cold wind out, and it is water resistant.

The material is also designed to allow moisture to escape so the air inside the tent is never muggy or damp so you can stay comfortable even when it is miserable outside.

You will appreciate its “tunnel style” design that allows you to maximize space, and the tent can even cover the tailgate to give you even more room to stretch out and relax.

There are five mesh windows to ensure plenty of airflow, and even one by the cab so you can easily access the interior of the truck. This tent is also incredibly easy to set up, simply connect the steel frame to the rails that attach securely to your truck.



This truck tent is suitable for the adventurous types that like to venture into the wild and sleep off the ground.

The Kodiak Canvas 7206 is made of Hydra-Shield 100% cotton which ensures water and cold wind resistance and is durable as well, being able to withstand harsh conditions.

Also, you won’t have problems with muggy or damped air because the canvas is designed to allow moisture to escape leaving you feeling comfortable regardless of the outside temperature.

It maximizes space thanks to its “tunnel style” design and its ability to cover the tailgate providing more room to relax.

The air circulation is ensured by five mesh windows and another one gives access to the interior of the truck, being placed by the cab.



Some people thought that the instructions that came with this product were a bit unclear and confusing, thus leading to a difficult installation for first-time users.

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Rightline Gear 110765


If you wish to venture into the wild with your truck and stay dry at night, you’ll be happy to know that you can do just that with the Rightline Gear 100765. This truck tent has a floorless bottom design allowing easy setup and takedown, without you having to remove gear from the bed, also preventing the tent from picking up eventual debris from the truck bed.

It comes with protective heavy-duty straps and nylon buckles that won’t ruin your truck’s finish, so leave that out of your mind. It looks like rain, and you’ve yet to set up your tent? Well, this product comes with color coded poles and pole pockets that match each other, so you’ll know exactly what you’re doing in quick time.

Also, the tent has water resistant fabric with tape sealed seams, thus enabling you to remain dry and hear the soothing sound of rain droplets hitting the canvas. And if you are lucky enough to sleep under a cloudless sky, you can admire the stars through a sky view vent.

The Rightline Gear 100765 is big enough to accommodate two full-grown adults. It comes with two gear pockets, a hook to hang your lantern and you won’t have to fumble looking for the tent’s zipper as it has glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls.



It is a reliable truck tent regardless of the weather conditions, one customer saying that he was pleasantly surprised by how well it has managed to endure high winds, never caving in or collapsing.

This tent is relatively easy to set up as it has color coded poles and pole pockets, as well as a sewn-in setup guide, meaning that you won’t have to guess about the right way to connect the poles to their pockets.

The rainfly is optional, but you can easily add it on if it looks like rain, as it has simple instructions for its setting up. Otherwise, you can admire the night view through the sky vent.

The protective straps and buckles offer enough stability and grip, also they are guaranteed to not damage your truck’s finish.



One reviewer advised to not take this tent in places with hot temperatures as it tends to retain heat.

Buy from for ($153.47)




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Napier Sportz Avalanche III


3.Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent IIIEven if you have never set up a truck tailgating tent before, you won’t have any problems with the Sportz Avalanche by Napier.

The sleeves and poles are color coded so you know exactly where everything goes without having to read the directions. The sturdy poles are also constructed from lightweight fiberglass so you can easily move them by yourself. Even the 6’ x 6’ tailgate awning is designed to be simple to attach so you can get back to enjoying your camping trip.

It is designed to comfortably sleep two people, and with 5 ½ feet of headroom you can easily move around. The floor is also “sewn in” for added protection from dirt and water.

This is a feature that you will only find with Napier truck tents. There are also two doors, one at the tailgate and the other by the cab, along with several mesh windows to ensure continual airflow.



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