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Regardless of the places where you go truck camping, from national parks to forests or lakesides, you will need a trusty companion. The Sleepingo Double can be your trusty companion as it is considered the best truck sleeping bag for sale most of the people who have bought it; the majority of these consumers gave it 4- and 5-star ratings. It’s a dependable product that won’t rip or tear easily while allowing you to keep warm and sleep comfortably. If you’ve grown tired of low quality, hard to use sleeping bags and you want a durable and portable sleeping bag that is able to accommodate two adults then this product might be your choice. It is a product specially designed for traveling, hiking, and camping and its ability to keep you warm and safe even in cold weather proves to help you enjoy your trip. If you find that this product is out of stock then take a look at the Ohuhu Double as it is a nice alternative.


Do you want to buy a new sleeping bag but you don’t know what to look for or maybe the large number of possibilities has left you feeling baffled? Allow us to lend a hand in your looking process because we’ve gathered the available info and the best sleeping bag reviews to create this comprehensive buying guide.



There are two available types of sleeping bags: mummy and rectangular. Mummy bags sound kind of scary but they got that name because of their tapered shape that makes them look like mummies. While they do not give much room, they are lightweight, weighing up to 20% less than rectangular types and they also pack smaller. If you are the backpacker type who needs every inch of space you might prefer a mummy bag. They also tend to be more efficient at retaining heat because they have less dead air space to heat and they have incorporated insulated hoods and neck collars which you can draw snug as the cold appears. Rectangular types give you more room, ideal for those that tend to toss and turn in their sleep. A combination of two rectangular bags that zip together makes the Adam and Eve bags. This kind of bag is ideal for truck campers.



There are two main types of insulation: down and synthetic, each having their benefits. Down represents a soft material that acts as an extraordinary natural insulator since it’s made from the undercoating feathers of geese, trapping air as an insulator. It’s also a lightweight material for the warmth it’s capable of providing and can be easily compressed. Synthetic insulation is usually made from a long hollow-core fiber that is layered in order to trap air and provide insulation. Unlike down, synthetics don’t lose their insulating ability when wet because they absorb very little water and they dry quickly.



Mummy bags are to be preferred if you are looking for a lightweight sleeping bag that doesn’t occupy much space. But for truck camping, you will have plenty of space to use the rectangular types as well and remember to acquire an Adam and Eve type if you plan to bring a special someone with you. When it comes to length, sleeping bags come in two lengths – regular and long. The tipping point is at about 6ft. If you are taller than that you should purchase a long sleeping bag, but that hardly comes as a surprise.


Our recommendations



Sleepingo Double


If you are looking for a sleeping bag in which you can extend your limbs and sleep in any position you should take a look at this one.

It guarantees to keep you warm and comfortable without you having to suffer from being cold or being in a too tight bag

It is made of quality materials and is easily transportable, also being sturdy enough to endure. If you like to go truck camping then this might be the right choice for you because it is specially designed for this.

It offers plenty of space so you can use it either as a large queen size sleeping bag or as two individual sleeping bags.

Its outer shell is made from super strong waterproof polyester fabric that is also camping grade. Each square inch of fabric is made of plenty of threads allowing it to last a long time enduring severe conditions.

Buy from for ($99.99)




Ohuhu Double


If you are looking for a sleeping bag capable of accommodating two people then you can choose this product.

Providing both comfort and warmth even in cold temperatures, this sleeping bag is ideal for those who seek solitude with truck camping. You can separate it into two sleeping bags which helps with partners who keep moving around and you won’t have to buy another one.

Although it’s a pretty big sleeping bag it manages to be lightweight which means that it allows you to carry it around easily since it also comes with a personal carrying bag even when you are going backpacking.

It is quality built, being good enough for anybody to use. Its outdoor use is guaranteed by the fact that it’s waterproof, being able to resist some excess moisture. The inside material is able to keep you warm even in cold temperatures, allowing you to be comfortable and that is because it’s filled with cotton.

Buy from for ($99.99)




Abco Tech Envelope


This model represents a comfortable sleeping bag, ensuring that you can get a relaxing good night’s sleep even after a day of trekking, hiking or traveling. It is designed to keep warm even in near-freezing temperatures (minimum 20 degrees Fahrenheit).

Also, it has waterproof and weather resistant capabilities that will allow you to keep warm and away from dampness. This is because of its double-filled technology and a wide bottom S-shaped quilted design.

It is easy to clean as they resist to being machine-washed. Coming with a travel-friendly carry bag represented by a compression sack with straps this sleeping bag is easy to carry and convenient to store. It offers you extra comfort because it is generously wide without burdening you with many pounds.

Another benefit is that it’s skin-friendly thanks to 100% polyester lining. Its durability is ensured by high-quality polyester on the outer side and precisely done stitches.

Buy from for ($59.99)





Sleepingo Double Ohuhu Double Abco Tech Envelope
The good The generous size of this item will allow you to comfortably sleep under the clear sky.

It is big enough to accommodate two persons but you can also sleep alone for more space.

The Sleepingo Double is perfect for hiking, camping, traveling and more.

If you are a lonely rider and prefer sleeping in your truck but still have enough room to move, the Ohuhu Double sleeping bag is the perfect solution for you.

Its bulky dimensions don’t make it less lightweight, meaning it is suitable for backpack traveling.

Designed for extreme weather conditions, make sure to give this product a try.

The waterproof design and the soft interior lining determine the item to be amongst buyers’ preferences.

It is easy to clean and carry around.

The bad It is not available for international shipping, meaning you won’t get to buy this product outside the US. We also suggest bringing in another blanket or extra layer of clothing if you plan on camping during the cold season. The low price does justify to some degree the poorly made design and lower-quality features which doesn’t make the product run on the long term.

Some customers complained about the thickness of the bag and the size of the pillows provided.

Although advertised as portable and lightweight, plenty of the customers were unhappy about the large dimensions of the product and the fact that it is not suitable for backpacking.

Some other customers complained about the low quality of the stitches.

The bottom line For a more than affordable price, this product does a great job. It’s convenient, comfortable, and easy to use. The product is a good pick if you’re on a tight budget and travel around spring or summer. We suggest opting for this one if you are on a strict budget and don’t mind bringing in an extra blanket.


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