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If you are in the market for a truck bed tent but you don’t have enough time to compare models, read reviews and other buying advice, we have you covered. We have done this research for you by looking at user feedback, expert reviews and product popularity to get you the best truck bed tent. We have concluded that the Napier Sportz 57066 is the best. Besides being comfortable and spacious, this dome shaped tent comes with its own liners so that it can offer proper sleeping space for people who prefer having their tent mounted on their truck instead of directly on the ground, where humidity and all kinds of animals can prevent them from enjoying a nice trip to the great outdoors. Proper mesh ventilation is offered, so you will be able to enjoy fresh air inside the tent, while still keeping all the nasty bugs off. Offering the perfect shelter against both sun and rain, the tent reviewed here is equipped with a large screen installed above the door. If can’t get your hands on the Napier Sportz 57066, you should definitely check out the Sportz 570 as it the best alternative.



Comparison table


Tents we recommendNapier Sportz 57066Sportz 570Napier SportZ Avalanche III
Designed for2 adults2 adults2 adults
MaterialsPolyester taffetaPolyester and nylon taffetaPolyester and nylon taffeta
ExtrasEasy assembly, screened doorSewn in floor, rear access panel, side vents, strap protectorsSewn in floor, rear access door, awning, 2 interior pockets
Available sizes1 size, fits compact 5 ft. bed trucks1 size1 size
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If you’re wondering which the best truck bed tent in 2018 is, you should scroll down to find out more information, in this short but informative guide. This will allow you to purchase a great travel companion that can save you lots of money when traveling .


A.1 Best truck bed tents



Firstly, you have to decide whether you need a tent destined for one person or more. Also, another aspect that matters is how much gear you will be carrying with you, because this will occupy some space as well. Basically, a 4-people tent can host 2 adults and 2 children, to say the least, in a comfortable manner. The occupants’ height is also important, because they should feel comfortable even when sitting, not just lying so you should keep that in mind when choosing your next tent.


Tent shapes

Usually, tents are categorized by 3 shapes: dome, umbrella and A-shaped. The A-shaped ones are usually bigger, while the umbrella ones usually provide more space for standing, also displaying large windows that are usually screened against insects. Families usually prefer these umbrella-like tents. Dome shaped tents provide more storage space as you can gather all your equipment in the corners.


Tent material

The tent material is yet another fundamental aspect, as its material has to be sturdy, waterproof and rip-stop. Usually, we’re talking about polyester. Bear in mind that the ventilation system is also important, so you should probably choose one with windows as well.


Our recommendations


The next paragraphs showcase three of the best truck tent models that are currently available. All of them have gathered some of the best truck bed tent reviews so you can confidently choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.



Napier Sportz 57066


1.Napier Sportz 57066This Napier Sportz Truck Tent can be bought for a little over 250 dollars and it can be used for a variety of trucks that have a compact loading bed. The tent has a dome shape design and works well for trucks which have a 5 foot bed.

Its assembly couldn’t be easier and it works with prefabricated liners to form a perfect sleeping area for two people. While the interior space is somewhat limited, you can store some of your gear in the passenger area of the vehicle so you can have more sleeping room.

The tent has a large entrance which is equipped with a mesh screen that allows for excellent ventilation while also keeping out bugs. The occupants also benefit from large screen above the door which you can use to take shelter from the sun and rain.

In terms of owner feedback, the Napier Sportz Truck Tent has received some excellent reviews with some people even claiming they take it out every weekend.



The Napier Sportz 57066 is a roomy tent in which two people can enjoy a comfortable sleeping experience without worrying about not having sufficient space at their disposal. The product includes over 5.5 feet of headroom and a sewn in the floor which adds extra space for the user.

This item can be easily set up due to the shock-corded fiberglass poles it includes. Therefore, you do not have to waste a lot of time to install it when you feel like stopping your truck and simply camping someplace.

You can enter the truck cab directly through the tent because it features one large entrance door and one rear access door. Therefore, you will be able to gain access to extra storage space and even to power sources that you might need to recharge your accessories.



You should practice setting up the Napier Sportz 57066 before it gets dark if it is your first-time camping with it. Otherwise, you might find yourself spending hours for this.

Buy from for ($259.99)




Sportz 570


2.Sportz 570 (B004O733MC)A bit larger than the model showcased above, this Sportz Truck Tent can sleep two occupants in excellent comfort.

The best part about this particular model is that you can purchase the exact size that you need for your vehicle so you can make sure the fit is spot on. In terms of price, depending on the size you pick, you can expect to dish out something  between 200 and 350 dollars.

In terms of features, one which certainly stands out is the sewn in floor that is designed to cover the bed of your truck so you can use the tent even if it got dirty. The tent has 2 access panels, one for reaching into the cab of your truck and the other for simply getting in and out. These, together with the large windows will ensure plenty of airflow throughout the tent so you will be able to enjoy the fresh air constantly.

Just like the Napier model previously mentioned, this truck bed tent model has received excellent feedback from its users. All of the owners praised the easy setup and the excellent versatility that allowed them to spend wonderful moments with their friends and family.



The Sportz 570 offers sufficient room for two adults looking to enjoy a sleeping experience outdoors but not too far from their car.

This item includes a large rear access panel that allows you to enter the truck cab directly so that you might use the power sources found in there or access additional storage spaces when necessary.

The product also includes two mesh windows and a large entrance door that enable great ventilation for users.

You do not need to use any guide ropes to set this tent up or ensure its stability because it comes equipped with a 4 x 4 shade awning that gets properly secured to the tailgate.



The Sportz 570 features one major downside: its front door does not unzip at the bottom so you might find yourself constantly stepping on it. This way, the screen could easily get damaged.

Buy from for ($259.99)




Napier SportZ Avalanche III


3.Napier SportZ Avalanche IIIThis Sportz Avalanche model is available in the $260 price range but you can sometimes get it for less when online retailers have a sale. Just like the previously mentioned models, this tent is designed to sleep two people and offer 5.5 feet of headroom.

It also features a sewn in floor that is very useful in situations when your truck’s bed is dirty and it also offer some extra insulation against the elements. It’s easy to put up thanks to the fiberglass poles which are color coded so you should be able to manage even if you are inexperienced.

The tent has a large entrance door, making getting in and out very simple and an additional rear access door just in case you need to reach into the truck’s cab to grab some of your camping gear. In addition, you get large windows for excellent ventilation and a pair of storage pockets for your essentials.

All in all, the Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III is certainly an interesting option and it has been the choice for many camping enthusiasts. Some even consider it to be the best pick-up truck tent that you can buy these days.



The Napier SportZ Avalanche III is a perfect alternative for people who do not want to live the standard camping experience but would rather go for a personalized one right in the back of their Avalanche.

The greatest advantage of this item is that you can set it wherever you decide to stop your truck because there are no special requirements from this perspective.

The sleeping area in the tent is a comfortable one where you will be able to enjoy a restful experience outdoors.

The tailgate can be easily extended due to the 6 x 6 feet awning that features adjustable poles. This way, sufficient shade will be created to keep you safe and feeling cozy.



The Napier SportZ Avalanche III is not very easy to set up unless you carefully read the guidelines beforehand and make sure you do not miss any important step.

Buy from for ($259.99)




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