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Learn how to find a new truck bed mattress pad


You may say that one of the most important things to consider when you go truck camping is how comfortable you’ll be able to sleep. You might turn to the AmericanMade Full-Size as it has garnered some of the best truck bed mattress reviews, and that’s because it provides one four inch slab of firm conventional polyutherane foam that has the ability to reduce sagging, soft spots and pressure points, which ensures a good night’s sleep even in your truck tent. It also has a 4” layer of firm superior support foam that helps for proper spinal alignment and transitional support. If you choose this product, you can use it even at home because it allows you to enjoy the advantages of sleeping on a firm surface without having to buy another mattress. Simply add this firm topper over your existing spring, latex or even memory foam mattress. If you don’t find it in stock, look for the Integrity Bedding Tri-fold as it’s the next best truck bed pad.


It is common knowledge that if you’re looking to buy something in today’s market, you might get lost in the number of available choices. Don’t be alarmed because we’ve put together the following guide by acquiring the best truck mattress reviews so you can find the desired item.



Some say that the most important factor to look for in finding a new mattress pad is proper support. The mattress needs to push up against your body as a countermeasure to your bodyweight. That might lead you to think that the best mattress pad is made of stone, but it doesn’t work like that.

Your body isn’t straight, but more like a curvy mass regardless of your sleeping position and a mattress must be like a good shoe – it must support the arches of your body. In doing that it will allow your spine to be properly aligned while your shoulders and hips sink in the mattress. Look for one that contours to your body shape to allow its neutral alignment.



Even if truck camping may sound like it wouldn’t provide a convenient, good night’s sleep it doesn’t necessarily have to be like that. You can find mattress pads for sale that would provide enough comfort to have you sleeping like a baby. Look carefully because you wouldn’t want a mattress that is too hard since it may cause pressure to your body, cutting off circulation, pinching nerves – that’s what causes the arms to numb – and may lead to you waking up tired because it will cause you to change positions frequently.

When you are constantly moving it leads to a fragmented sleep which doesn’t have deep stages, thus you’re going to wake up feeling tired even after enough hours of sleep. How to test if a mattress pad is going to be comfortable? Simply lie down on it and if you can maintain that position for a few minutes then you know it’s a good mattress.


Other factors to consider

If you are not going alone on your trip you’re going to need a mattress pad that doesn’t allow much motion transfer. Why is that? Because when one of you gets out of bed the other one might get up to involuntarily as a result. So try the mattress in the store to make sure it won’t wake you up when you don’t want to.

Avoid mattress pads that have cheap memory foam if you don’t want that retains heat. Fortunately, today you can find ones that have features to help with heat retention – more advanced types of foam, phase change materials, ventilation and so on.


Our recommendations



AmericanMade Full Size


It seems that many people can get a good night’s sleep when using this mattress and one of the reasons may be the firm polyurethane foam’s ability to reduce sagging and soft spots which leads you to enjoy the benefits of a firmer sleep surface that is convenient even when you’ve gone truck camping.

It comes with four inches of conventional polyurethane foam that is specifically designed to provide enough support to wake up the next day without feeling tired.

Also, the open cell urethane foam is specially formulated to adjust to your body’s contour enabling your spine to keep its proper alignment regardless of your sleep position.

If you are the type of person that is concerned about the environment you might be pleased by the fact that this product is made with eco-friendly processes.

It has earned the PURGreen certification, meaning that it’s safe and free from harmful chemicals.

Buy from for ($359.99)




Integrity Bedding Tri-fold


This portable mat coming from Integrity Bedding is great for when you’re thinking about going on a camping trip in your truck and you can also use it for other activities such as yoga or overnight sleepovers.

When you are going truck camping you might lose your keys easily or you might hear scary noises at night and you don’t know where your flashlight is. This product comes to your help with a handy pocket that is sewn into its cover.

If you are wondering where are you going to store it, relax because it is very easy to place aside by folding it and securing it with Velcro closure and it also has attached handles for when you need to carry it elsewhere.

It provides enough space for an adult to fully enjoy a nice good night’s sleep even when gone truck camping which might otherwise be quite uncomfortable.

Buy from for ($89.88)




AmericanMade Foam Twin Size


This product has been specially designed to be installed exclusively in recreational vehicles or on the bed of a truck to provide enough support and comfort to allow its user to enjoy long trips.

As other AmericanMade products, this mattress bed cushion comes with the firm polyurethane foam’s ability to reduce sagging and soft spots, being one of the reasons why you might use it to get a proper good night’s sleep.

If you already have a mattress, this item can play as a topper which will add comfort, increase the firmness and the quality of sleep provided by your mattress.

While it can enhance the feel of your mattress, it can also provide additional support in areas where your mattress may be dipping or sagging.Its foam is environmentally friendly and the processes that made this product are earth friendly which made it possible to gain a PURGreen certificate.

Buy from for ($229.99)





AmericanMade Full Size Integrity Bedding Tri-fold AmericanMade Foam Twin Size
The good Just like the name advertises, this mattress is a full size one, suitable for large truck backs.

The conventional polyurethane foam reduces pressure points and allows a good night sleep without back problems.

You get to test this product for 30 days before deciding to buy it!

The main characteristic of this product is its portable design, which is easily foldable to occupy as less space as possible.

It comes with three important accessories – pad, free memory foam pillow and storing bag.

The item has various uses – sleepovers, camping, Yoga, etc.

Just like its name suggests, this full mattress provides a conventional polyurethane foam for reducing pressure points and delivering a good night sleep.

It comes with three-inch layers of Firm Superior Support to diminish and prevent back and neck problems.

The bad The product is advertised as not being suitable for home or mobile home use.

It doesn’t come with a memory foam.

Also, some customers rated the mattress as being too soft, while others as being too hard for their backs.

Some customers claimed there was a strong chemical scent emanating from the black dye.

Others consider it a great product but with short lifetime span of only a couple of uses with moderate wearing.

We are not talking about a memory foam mattress, but only a polyurethane filling which offers enough support for your back and neck during sleeping. Therefore, some users might find it less comfortable than their mattress at home.
The bottom line All in all, this is a great product for a decent price. With this full-size mattress, your camping truck trips will become extremely enjoyable. This mattress can be used in many situations and is even compatible with boats, RVs, and trucks, meaning you can benefit from it anywhere. We suggest you give this one a try. This product comes for an affordable price although it lacks flexibility. It offers a good back support to diminish health problems and can be successfully used inside RVs or truck backs.


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