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Learn how to find a new truck bed foam pad


Are you looking to find the elusive optimal sleeping pad that would increase your comfort in your truck camping? We recommend the AmericanMade Full Size 4 as it has got the best truck foam bed reviews. You might wonder why that is. Well, that’s because it provides one four inch slab of firm conventional polyuretherane foam that has the ability to reduce sagging, soft spots and pressure points and that is a great thing, believe us because it guarantees a good night’s sleep even when placed directly on your truck’s bed. Featuring the 4” layer of firm superior support foam also helps for proper spinal alignment and transitional support. Another nice quirk that it possesses is the fact that you can take this pad from your truck and throw it over your bedroom mattress as it can improve its quality as well. If you find that this product is out of stock you should look at the AmericanMade Full Size 3, as it is the next good product for sale.


Because of the crazy amount of choices available and all the intricate details they offer, looking for the best truck bed foam pad available may become quite a hassle. Worry no more because help has arrived in the form of an informative guide based on available information and reviews.


Firmness or softness?

Deciding on whether a firm mattress pad is better than a soft mattress pad depends on you finding out what works for you. What can be said in favor of either type? Firmness supports the back while softness has the ability to follow your body’s contours. Both are important in fighting to avoid back pain. In general, it’s thought that if you are a back sleeper, you should buy a firm mattress, while if you are a side sleeper you should look into acquiring the softer one. If you suffered any kind of back injury you need to find something firmer and with a higher density rating.



We live in a day and age that provides choices for every taste. For example, if you prefer a mattress pad that would keep you cool, there are some that are made from a type of gel material that is capable of cooling the body at night. This may come as great news for those who tend to sweat a lot or have high body temperature. Another interesting feature is memory foam that is both durable and comfortable because it provides excellent support. If you like to go to colder places for camping, then you’d probably prefer a mattress pad that is either electric or can be heated.



There are many types from which you can choose the best mattress pad. There are pillow top ones that while being less firm in general, they tend to cost less than other products. Latex pads are very versatile and are considered a green product. They also offer extra support because they are firm. Toppers made from goose feathers are soft and the support they offer is variable. Fiber mattress pads have the benefit of mimicking the feel of feathers while being more modern and hypoallergenic. They are both supportive and affordable. Wool helps with durability and keeping cool on hot days and warm in cold ones. There are also mattresses that use fans to blow cold air up or use a liquid system for cooling. Because of their lower costs, you won’t worry too much about damaging the item and losing its warranty.


Our recommendations



AmericanMade Full Size 4


It seems that most of the people who have purchased this model gave it 4 and 5-star reviews as they can get a good night’s sleep when using this mattress and one of the reasons why may be the firm polyurethane foam’s ability to reduce sagging and soft spots which leads to you enjoying your truck camping trip because it offers a firmer sleep surface that ensures a nice rest.

It comes with four inches of conventional polyurethane foam that is specifically designed to provide enough support to wake up the next day without you feeling tired or experiencing back pain.

The latter thanks to the open cell urethane foam that is specially designed to adjust to your body’s shape, enabling your spine to keep its proper alignment regardless of your sleep position.

If you are the type of person that is concerned about the environment you might be pleased by the fact that this product is made with eco-friendly processes.

It has earned a PURGreen certification, meaning that it’s safe and free from harmful chemicals.

Buy from for ($359.99)




AmericanMade Full Size 3


This product has been specially designed to be installed exclusively in recreational vehicles or on the bed of a truck to provide enough support and comfort to allow its user to enjoy long trips.

As other AmericanMade products, this mattress bed cushion comes with the firm polyurethane foam’s ability to reduce sagging and soft spots, being one of the reasons why you might use it to get a proper good night’s sleep.

Besides it being suitable for placing over your truck bed, this product helps even with your mattress at home since it can act as a topper which will add comfort and increase the firmness and the quality of sleep provided by your regular mattress.

While it can enhance the feel of your mattress, it can also provide additional support in areas where your mattress may be dipping or sagging.Its foam is environmentally friendly and the processes that made this product are earth friendly which made it possible to gain a PURGreen certificate.

Buy from for ($299.99)




AmericanMade Full Size 2


This is another mattress pad that is provided by the AmericanMade company, and it has also proven to be able to satisfy a large percentage of its users.

The fact that its 2” layer of firm superior support foam helps in aligning and transitional support helps your sleep improve. That is because it allows you to spend enough time in a position where you can fall into a deep stage sleep to fully rest, unlike other models who would have you toss and turn and wake up already tired.

Forget about waking up with numb arms or feet because this support firm works well even against pressure points that would otherwise pinch nerves and lead to that ‘pins and needles’ unpleasant feeling.

Don’t worry about it being made with environmental harm because, as other AmericanMade products it comes with a PURGreen certificate which means that it was made with earth friendly processes and even the support foam is made with safe materials.

Buy from for ($169.99)




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