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Learn how to find a new tent for car camping


Going camping with your car could prove a rewarding experience, especially because you have the possibility of seeing new exciting things every day and still benefit from the comfort of your own car. However, finding a suitable tent for your truck is a little bit more difficult because there are plenty of things you need to take into consideration. After reading plenty of online reviews, we made a list of the best products you will find on the market for a decent price. So, without further talking, we reckon that the Napier Sportz Cove 61500 is the perfect choice because it features a universal vehicle sleeve designed to fit all minivans regardless of their brand or size, it includes a lightweight carrying bag and is sold for a very attractive price. Should the Napier Sportz Cove 61500 not be available for purchase, we consider the ARB Series III Sand the next viable option in terms of quality and utility.


If you are looking to buy a car tent but you’re not sure which model will best suit your minivan and your needs, we might have found a way to help you. The following buying guide aims to provide you with all necessary information when looking for a car tent and tell you exactly which features you should take into consideration. So, before rushing into shopping, take a look at our ideas.



The most important feature to take into consideration when shopping for an item like this is its size. Most of the products are designed to fit a particular type of minivan or a certain size and width of a car, regardless of the brand.

While these products are cheaper, the chances to find one that will perfectly suit your car are minimum. We do encourage you to prospect the market before purchasing an item and always double-check the information provided by the vendor with your own car’s specifications to make sure the tent fits perfectly and won’t be too loose or too tight.

If the price is not a concern for you, we suggest taking a look at customizable items or products that were specifically designed to fit a certain car brand. They tend to be a tad more expensive but will certainly provide the stability and comfort you are looking for whenever you go camping.


Fabrics used

Another important feature to look for is the fabrics these tents are made of. Although you have your car as a viable waterproof alternative, a good tent for a car should provide similar features and allow you to enjoy a night under the stars even during pouring rain or heavy wind. Thus, we encourage you to look for items made with waterproof and windproof coatings, preferably made from high-quality and durable polyester fibers.


Proper ventilation

Last but not least, take a closer look at the way the tent helps you maintain a healthy and ventilated environment. You want your tent to be able to keep the moisture away, and the heat inside but a closed air could lead to breathing and other health problems.

Thus, it is extremely important that the tent features a good ventilation system to allow heat to maintain at an optimum level inside without damaging the quality of the air or the ability to breathe fresh air. This is extremely important, especially when facing harsh weather conditions that don’t allow you to sleep with the open zipper.


Our recommendations



Napier Sportz Cove 61500


Ranked as one of the best tents for car camping available for sale, this product will certainly deserve your attention thanks to its quality/ price ratio. It is a universal vehicle sleeve designed to meet the requirements of all SUVs and minivans, so you won’t have to worry about finding the right size or model to fit your own car.

This is obviously a great advantage, especially since you can borrow this item to your friends or from your friends whenever you want to have a camping experience with your car.

It features a mesh bug screen and built-in storm flat to resist harsh weather conditions and keep you safe from the world’s nastiest camping problem – insects. This is especially important if you plan on setting your tent on the ground or you have a low car.

The product also comes with a lightweight carrying bag to make sure you store it easily.


Buy from for ($129.99)




ARB Series III Sand


This remarkable product is not your everyday tent for sure.

Voted as one of the best car camping tents by thousands of happy customers, this product is manufactured from high quality, poly-cotton fabric that will resist in time and won’t tear apart or break. It features a built-in rain fly as well as insect screened doors and windows for the ultimate camping experience without the unpleasant insects or weather conditions.

The numerous car camping tent reviews for this product promise you a highly qualitative item complete with a sturdy, aluminum retractable ladder for easy access to the upper sleeping areas.

It unfolds easily, in only a couple of minutes and doesn’t require too much experience to install it correctly. What we liked the most is that this roof tent provides the sleeping quarters off the ground, thus being protected against elements and insects ruining your journey.

It is spacious and comfortable, but you will have to be willing to pay the right price for it.


Buy from for ($1561)




Dac Explorer 2


If you are looking for a cheap tent for car camping, this item could be the answer to your prayers. Selling for under two hundred dollars, this tent provides an easy setup due to the bungee cord with plastic coated hooks that easily attach to your car’s underframe.

This item is able to offer you a proper ventilation thanks to the outer door panels that fold up and tie whenever you want. If you want more privacy during the sleeping hours, you can simply zip and tie the tent at its bottom corners.

Just like many other similar products, this one too is made from sturdy fabrics and features an efficient insect screen to fight against bugs, ants, spiders, and flies.

The access to and from this tent is easily made due to the two-way zippers that will provide an easy entry into the rear of the vehicle. This way you can enjoy both the inside of your car and a comfortable tent for an ultimate outdoor camping experience. All in all, this is a good tent for car camping that comes for a decent price.

Buy from for ($149.95)



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