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If you are in the market for the best tailgate pad, rest assured because we have you covered. After several weeks of going through sales figures, owner reviews, and various other reports and reliability surveys, we’ve reached the conclusion that the model you should give some thought to is the Thule Gate Mate. Probably the most important feature of this product is its durability as it is manufactured from a highly durable heavy-duty vinyl that enables the unit to withstand the test of time. Besides, the choice is fitted with a foam padding that will protect both your truck tailgate and your bicycle. Last, but not least, the Thule alternative has been outfitted with a convenient handle that enables users to grasp everything they need in as little time as possible. If the Thule Gate Mate is out of stock, we suggest considering the Yakima Crashpad, another good tailgate pad worthy of your consideration.


If you have little to no time go through hundreds of reviews of tailgate pads, we’re here to assist you in finding the right product for your needs. Given the wide array of products available for sale nowadays, it’s safe to say that you might end up feeling a tad confused as to which one you should pick.

To find out more about tailgate pads in general, and to make sure you will be able to make the right decision, just read our buyer’s guide below.


The size and shape matter

One of the first factors that you have to bear in mind is getting the right size. For one, the product has to fit your vehicle in a perfect manner so as to ensure that you are able to set it up properly and correctly.

Secondly, the shape also has to be given some thought to as buying the wrong one will make it impossible for you to store either your bike or your surfboard in the pad, depending on what you wish to use it for. It is a good idea to set out with a purpose before deciding to opt for one product or the next, so as to ensure that you are making a rash decision.

Fortunately, the size of the unit will most likely be specified by the manufacturing brand, thus giving you the opportunity to measure out the item you intend to use the pad for and then match the figures to the size of the choice you want to make.


Focus on usability and comfort

It goes without saying that you don’t want your pad to be cumbersome, hard to work with, or even harder to install. Many tailgate pad reviews note that this factor should also be among those you ought to keep in mind. Because it is somewhat difficult to tell whether the unit you might want to choose is easy to use or not, we suggest going through as many reports from customers like yourself as your time allows you to.



There’s a broad variety of materials and fabrics that can be used in the manufacture of tailgate pads, and there’s no way of telling which one’s better than the other. Nylon and polyester are among the most resilient choices, however, so it might pay off to choose a product made from one of these two.

Look at the seams, if you have the means to go out and visualize the pad, or even touch it. Sometimes, these are the first pieces that wear out, and if a big seam breaks down, it might ruin the entire thing.



Our recommendations



Thule Gate Mate


Everything about this choice lives and breathes sturdiness. For one, the Thule model is made from heavy-duty vinyl, and best of all, it features a well-designed foam padding layer that will not only protect your bike but also your truck tailgate.

The unit has been outfitted with knock blocks so as to ensure that your bicycle remains in place and that it does not slide off the edge of the tailgate, especially as the impact might damage either the bike per se or your automobile.

What’s more, the Thule has been named one of the easiest to install choices out there, with many reviewers claiming that it’s a winner in terms of usability.

It has nylon straps with the help of which you can secure it to the tailgate, and its strap anchors will ensure that your belongings remain safe and in place.

Buy from for ($97.04)




Yakima Crashpad


With the help of this model, you will be able to load your bicycle onto your tailgate with as little effort as possible. As with the Thule model we have mentioned in this selection, this Yakima one is made from sturdy materials that enable you to use the pad for as long as possible. Besides, the high-density foam and nylon construction is a reassuring detail to consider.

While this product is not available in a universal size, its foam makes it possible for the pad to conform to the shape of most tailgate of vehicles used in the US. The padding is resilient and convenient and is entirely capable of ensuring protection for your truck and your bike, too.

Some of those who have purchased this unit say that it is somewhat hard to clean. It seems to have been died with a paint that might absorb a bit of debris. If that doesn’t bother you, though, feel free to check it out.

Buy from for ($74.96)




Race Face Tailgate


The Race Face unit is available in two sizes, one of which is designed for small to medium trucks and the other is intended for larger choices as it measures sixty-one inches.

While it might not be the cheapest alternative ever to have seen the light of day, this unit comes with an inner lining that does a particularly good job when it comes to protecting your tailgate.

Something else that might interest you about this product is that it comes with raised square pads that have been placed along the outer tailgate, and what this means for you is that this choice is able to provide extra security when it comes to holding the forks of your bikes.

It appears that there aren’t any complaints regarding the build or the functionality of this choice.

However, some buyers do note that it might not be a particularly excellent choice for thick tailgates.

Buy from for ($139)




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